Yep…She Got In The Trunk!!

This first post is a story one have told more than a thousands of times. But it’s probably one of the funniest stories that has ever happened to me in my life. If you have heard it or read it before from me….Oh well…

I was sitting around thinking and what not about all the shit from college. The good, the bad, the ugly or what not.

This probably is the funniest thing that happen to me in college and maybe my life I am going to tell you all.

Aight well frosh year in college my girlfriend at the time Latrisha and all of her friends from Drake used to come up to ISU and kick it some weekends. Ok this particular weekend they came up two cars deep with girls. Maybe 8 of them or so. So I had a nice crew of homies and what not so we decided to throw a few dorm parties. The first one was in my boy Tricky tre room in Stanton. So after we got kicked out his area fro fuckin up during quiet hours. Trish and a few of her friends came back to my room in Pearson

Now if anyone knew me while I stayed on campus know I had one of the dopest room setups on the campus. I had a big ass room a triple as a double them later on my roommate Chris moved out and it became real gangsta then. But anyway, I had two pull out couches and a love seat. I had X mas lights all over the place so it can be lit up a little bit in the dark. Aight this is where the story real starts…

In my room from Drake was Gabby, Kim, Trish, Ebony, Tammy, and their friend we will call her “Tara”. From my crew was myself(Swizz…yeah Swizz Beatz was my nickname), T-bone aka Terrell, Boogie aka Elliott, Shonny B aka Rashon Long, Quis aka Larry Brown, and finally Double DD aka David D.

Now we were all chilling talkin and listen to much among the Xmas light effect I had poppin and Double D decides to go chill with Tara on the loveseat in the corner of my dorm room. And the loveseat got a lot of loving that night because Double D was doing the damn thing on my fuckin loveseat…lol!! I didn’t notice what was poppin till Gabby whole was sitting next to my cpu turns off the screen saver on accident and the light illuminates the room more and Boogie yells I think I see a titi…lol!! There it was Double D was grinding on my loveseat of my dorm room and was grinding on my Source magazines I had laid out earlier. These were classic Source Magazines ruined from Double D grinding on the couch.

Now one thing i forgot to mention about “Tara” was not the most attractive girl…lol!! And this is probably the most attention she had received in a bout ever in her life…lol!!! Ok so they all leave or what not. But I didn’t know what i was gonna be in store with the next night

Ok since everyone had a great time the night before in Ames. Trish and some of the Drake crew decided to come back up to Ames again and kick it. But there was one problem. One of the girls who drove wasn’t driving so they were only going to have one car.

So the girls come on up to Ames and everyone is hanging out or what not and Trish tells me she has to tell me something. So, she pulls me over to the side and proceeds to tell me that “Tara” has rode up to Ames from Des Moines in the trunk of Gabby’s car…lol!! I could not believe it. She wanted to see Double DD so bad again that she said since there was no more room in the car that she would ride in the trunk…LMFAO!!!!

I fell on the floor…She had got in the trunk and rode to Ames in the snow from Des Moines. Now that ride if you know anything is a half an hour in perfect condition so think about it in snow…lol.

I just couldn’t keep this a secret so i told my boy Quis. And me and him decided we had to see this chick get in the trunk to ride back to des Moines and he ran with it. We called up people like we trying to get people to register to vote…lol. We had mad people coming out of there dorm rooms to see this shit. So Tara saw the spectacle that was brewing outside of Friley and decided she wasn’t gonna ride in the trunk. And tried to get big and bad. All the girls started to get on her ass (especially Trish) saying we riding the way we came down here. So eventually she conceded and climbed into the trunk. Then to top it all off all the girls throw there coats on top of her…LMAO!!! and close the trunk. I fell in the snowed and damned near caught pneumonia from seeing that shit…lol

To make matters worse Double D the one she came to see…never came to see her he was kickin it with another chick…lol!!!

Epilogue and addition facts

*Quis finds her email on the Drake website and emails her and lets her know that she was involved in the funniest incident in his life and has inspired him to stay in college. The funny part is Quis dropped out the next semester after that…lol!! But I also heard she became a Lesbian and was a fuckin loner. So me being an asshole may have fucked up her life…uhhh I doubt…lol

*Nate and Daron were actually pulling up to Friley when the incident happen. They were coming from the third earth aka Ferndale….That spot has some stories too!! I have always thrown good parties and it started all there!!!

*DD has now turned the pimp down and works for FEMA

*Rebel X was doing the Quiet Storm Radio(which I took over the nest semester and held down till graduation!!)

*Jeff came the next semester but laughs like he was there

*Jerone says the C-Store will never be the same and he had a slice of pizza for the festivities

*Tony King is actually trying to develop this into a short film

*I finally talked to Trish and she confirmed the lesbian thing

*Boogie wants to make this a T-Shirt

*Matt still laughs hysterical on any mention of it

*RIP Deon Sampson

And that is all….

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5 responses to “Yep…She Got In The Trunk!!

  1. i WAS NOT IN THE c STORE even though freshman year that was the spot but anyway i was in the radio studio thats the reason i was not in your room and it was quis and I show slot during the time and it was a small car that she got in the trunk i want to say a Nissan sentra, it was 2 girls in the front 3 in the back seat and 1 in the trunk and i have never laughed so hard in my life cause the girls started arguing about who was going to ride back in the trunk and I have also wondered what Double D said to the girl to make her get in the trunk for 30+ miles each way to come see him. But for all the nonbelievers this story is true and will NEVER be FORGOTTEN

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