The Night Bishop Don Juan Taught Me Somethings About Love

I know you are looking at the title of this like what in the hell are you talking about? What could you have learned from the Bishop Don Magic Juan? I mean he is an ex-pimp/ordained bishop right?The thing was there were a few jewels “The Bishop” as I like to call him dropped on me on a chance encounter in 2005. Now I will tell you I have always figured that I was put on this earth for a higher purpose because I have always found myself in the peculiar yet funny situations…


I was in Las Vegas for work and was staying at the Luxor Hotel. Some co-workers and I were tearing it up on a Thursday night at Club Ra. Somehow during the night in my semi-drunken state I ended up choppin it up with four girls from Portland who were in town for the weekend. I was sitting there at the bar with them drinking some Incredible Hulks(remember those?). The next thing I know I am driving a brand new Range Rover with one of the girls half way sitting on my lap and the other girls yelling out the window as I am zooming down Las Vegas Blvd. The girls had invited me to a small after party after the club closed. I know you like hold up how did you get from the bar to driving some random girls car down Las Vegas Blvd. All I can say I had more than a few Incredible Hulks. The girls are dancing to Petey Pablo‘s “Freak a Leak” and the girl on my lap is grinding to the beat a little. I am thinking to myself what any heterosexual man is thinking at the time…”What Happens in Vegas….”

The girls have me taking twists and turns throughout Vegas. We end up driving about 15 mins from the strip and suddenly a part of me is starting to get worried. Maybe these chicks are trying to set a playa up? Looking to hog tie me up and rob me. We keep driving and I am starting to see we are getting into a real nice neighborhood(I found out later I was in Henderson). We finally pull up at a pretty dope looking mansion. We all pile out the  out the Range Rover and one of the girls opens the door to the crib and we walk in. The crib is laid out like no other; marble floors, wood furnishings, the whole-nine.

I ask the girl who opened up the crib lets call her Lisa “Is this your spot?”

She responds “Naw its a close friend of mines though. He should be down in a bit!”

The girl who was giving me a semi lap dance in the Range Rover lets call her Kendra brings me over a bottle of Cristal and some champagne glasses for everyone. After a little while the doorbell rings and five guys and three more ladies have arrived. Lisa turns on a the music and folks start dancing throughout the living room area.

Kendra and I are playing pool when I hear an eerily familiar voice. “If you in this piece you better be having a damn good time.”

The mysterious voice kept continuously talking from the upstairs area. I couldn’t put my finger on who the hell this was. Then suddenly the mysteriously voiced man walks around the corner with a money green robe with matching slippers trimmed in gold. It was him and I couldn’t believe it! Yes, I had randomly ended up at the Bishop Magic Don Juan’s home! I sat there holding the cue stick in awe looking at him for a few minutes until Kendra got my attention that it was my turn.”The Bishop” made his rounds around the room greeting people and being a hospitable person. “As The Bishop” walked around he would remind his guests that the green in his robe is for the money and the gold is for the honeys. He gets over to me and we dap each other up and I thank him for letting me hang out at his spot. I let him know I was from Chicago so we start choppin it up about the Windy City. I don’t know how or why but he said he wanted to play pool with me.

Now this is where “The Bishop” taught me two things that wouldn’t understand till years later in my life but the words were ever so poignant. Keep in mind my tone and vernacular can give no justice to the way “The Bishop” relayed this “game” to me:

“If You Love Her You Can’t Be Scared to Let Her Go”

This jewel maybe sound ass backwards in a sense but at the same time it makes the most sense in the world. The concept is that if you love someone you have to be willing to let them go. This is because if you love them so much wouldn’t want them to be happy even if them being the most happy was not being with you? He also went on to say that the only way you will know if she is yours is by letting her go and seeing if she really loves you and wants to come back. You can’t have a fear of losing them because you are working on a fear of loss instead of true love.

“Most Men Aren’t In Love Their Pride is Hurt”

When he said this idea to me he was pouring him so Hennessy into the “Chalice”(Chhhhhurch) and I was barely paying attention to our game of pool at this point. When he began to breakdown this ideal. He basically felt most men aren’t truly in love with a woman when he says he does. He said most men get their egos confused for love. A man’s ego is their worst enemy and he has to decipher the difference between his love for a woman and his ego for a woman. He would go on to give me an example of how a man can be tired of a woman. This man is ready to just about move on and even cheating on his woman. Even after all this posturing by the man, if his woman were to leave him for another man he may feel the woman broke his heart. When in actuality his pride was just hurt that she had the audacity of wanting another man. It was his pride and not him being in love that was effect this said man.

These few nuggets of knowledge from this ex-pimp affect me even to this day. My Granny used to always tell me you can learn something from every man. But, who would have thought I was to learn a bit about love from the Bishop Magic Don Juan though? I ended up staying at his home till the early morning hours. I knew I had to be at work in the morning but, the alcohol, women and the Pimpulation( shout and R.I.P to Pimp C for the made up word) I was getting from “The Bishop” kept me there. Kendra would finally drop me back off at the Luxor around 5 am. The funny thing is I never learned what the relation all the girls were to Bishop Magic Don Juan. Maybe they were apart of his Congregation? *Kanye shrug*

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24 responses to “The Night Bishop Don Juan Taught Me Somethings About Love

  1. Awesome story!!! You really have some interesting moments in your life. I need to hang out with you to pick up on all this excitment and knowledge. What a boring life i

  2. Dude!! What a funny night that was. Who would have thought Don Juan would be kinda deep…lol

  3. Excellent article Darryl, kinda of reminds me of blog post myself I wrote a few years back. If you do love somebody, love’em enough to let them go.

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