Oscar Grant…Who? Please, Change the Channel to Lebron

Last week we had two captivating incidents happen in America. The one we all know about is Lebron James’ “The Decision” press conference where Lebron went forth and sh—-ed on the city Cleveland on national TV. I was also like many Chicago fans somewhat jaded that he didn’t become a Chicago Bull but not as much as Cleveland Cavaliers fans. I’m not going to get into all of that in this post. I want to talk about the other incident and why is it that many people do not know about this occurrence.  During this occurrence  many of you(myself included) was watching Lebron saying he was going to go play for the Miami Heat as the verdict for the murder of Oscar Grant was being handed down.

Who is Oscar Grant?

Oscar Grant is a young African-American killed by BART officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, California, in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009. Responding to reports of a fight on a crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train returning from San Francisco. BART Police officers detained Oscar Grant and several other passengers on the platform at the Fruitvale BART Station. Officer Johannes Mehserle and another officer were restraining Grant, who was prostrate and allegedly resisting arrest.Officer Mehserle stood, drew his gun and shot Grant once in the back. During his court testimony, Mehserle said that Grant then exclaimed, “You shot me!”.[3][4][7] Grant was pronounced dead the next morning at Highland Hospital in Oakland. The events were captured on multiple digital video and cell phone cameras. The footage was disseminated to media outlets and to various websites, where it was watched hundreds of thousands of times(source)

The Oscar Grant trial was very important in terms that it was the very first police officer to be charged with murder in the state of California and also the first officer to be charged with murder in the nation in over 30 years. Oscar Grants killer, Johannes Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday evening. Oscar Grant’s trial has had Oakland in an uproar and why don’t we know about this? Ohhh yeah that’s right!! Lebron is making his “decision”.

I am not writing this to discuss the case’s verdict( I will say that I wholeheartedly disagree with the verdict and say he at least should have gotten manslaughter) but more of our awareness of this case even going on. Checkout this good post on Oscar Grant here.

I sat at Hooters to watch Lebron’s “The Decision”( which I know I have continuously was one of the biggest wastes of time but I can’t front made for must see TV) and I was constantly BBM, texting, and twittering about the Lebron situation but not too much about Oscar Grant. Over the next few days I saw a bombardment about Lebron but once again very few dialogues about the trial. Lebron was definitely more of a newsworthy incident than Oscar Grant because of the sensationalism of it but, I saw few articles, blogs, or statements about the trial. You know what I did see a lot of posts and comments about how black men/black women aren’t shit or people up and arms about Chad “OchcoCinco” Johnson and his white women.  I had a debate with someone who was trying to say Muhammad Ali’s braggadociousness was equal to Lebron’s “The Decision” press conference. Really? Ali and Lebron should not even be talked about in the same breath. Ali used his bravado not only for his ego but also to start social change. What did Lebron’s “The Decision” do? Or what social change has Lebron really effected? And do not give me the bs about the Boys and Girls Club either? (I am not saying Lebron may not give to charity or mentor just saying to compare him to Ali is crazy) Do we really in this society not able to know the difference between this two sports figures?

I understand that sports and entertainment are a way for us to escape from the mundane, hard stricken, and disappointments of life. I am admittedly a sports junkie and know I have done some crazy things in my sports fandom(i.e. driving 5 hours at the last-minute to K-State for a football game) but where does the game begin and end? What I mean by this is how far do we allow sports and entertainment to engulf our lives that we do not even know about the changing world around us. I am not arguing that people should have necessarily protested or been up in arms about the Oscar Grant trial because that is a personal opinion. But to not even know about the case is more of a travesty in itself.

I just wonder how much more will sports and entertainment continually cloud our vision of what’s going on around us? I am cool with us being entertained and the world doesn’t have to always be so serious but I ask: When do we get serious then? When do we quit wanting to live in fantasy dreams and look at the real world around us? When will we take notice of the things that will affect our  lives in the future instead of worrying about the white girls Chad Ochocinco picks for a dating show or how big Amber Rose ass is?…But, I aint gonna front I have looked that up before though…smh!


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18 responses to “Oscar Grant…Who? Please, Change the Channel to Lebron

  1. *standing in the corner doing the slow clap* D if you didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one? I won’t lie I get caught up in the Real Housewives series & forget what’s more important. I remember the incident & moreover how enraged I was. The rage has simmered & now boiled over about the injustices of the justice system. The officer will receive his true judgement when the time is necessary.

  2. What’s the famous saying that we’ve all heard? “The best way to hide something from a black man is to put it in a book” Sad, but to an extent true. You’re right D, we knew about Lebron’s “tv show” I shall say & I’m no true sports fan. All on facebook we go back & forth about who he’s going with, or the Hip Hop awards, n other useless convos yet during this day & trial conviction I read NOTHING about it. I heard about on the Michael Baisden talk show driving home, but that was it. Today we care about too many meaningless things and as a whole (myself included) we gotta do better. Great post, great awareness!

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  4. We did this child a disservice.

    The sad thing was during all the Lebron madness there were bits of the Oscar Grant trial being discussed on Twitter and no one wanted to talk about it. My Facebook was all basketball rather than something as important as this child’s life. Another irony is that I’m from LA and 95% of the people on my page remember Rodney King, the riots, but most importantly HOW that verdict made us feel as citizens of LA…just like the people of Oakland felt/are feeling.

    We really need to do better. There are tons of ways to get news to our community and yet we still chose to ignore the important stories for issues that won’t make a bit of difference in our lives.

  5. Playboy!! This one is real right here! I didn’t even know much about Oscar Grant until reading a scrolling new headline online. Its crazy how we will not stand up or take notice of anything. They stand if you stand of nothing you will fall for anything

  6. 3rd times a charm.

    I was sitting with a friend and wondering “what are they going to slip under our noses during the press conference. And now we have our answer. Think of how often this happens. We have had a FIVE year oil spill in Nigeria…. Shell is responsible. Why haven’t we heart about it? It’s because we as a society are used to be sedated by reality TV and things that dont matter. They cater to what we want, so whose responsible?

  7. Damn! I am slippin! I didn’t know a thing about this! I can’t even lie I was posted to ESPN to see Lebrons decision. Why didn’t I find out about this? If it wasn’t for your blog I still would be thinkn about the Lebron situation

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  9. Thanks! We need more said about Oscar Grant. I live in Cleveland and all we hear about is Lebron this, Lebron that. Life is a lot more than basketball. This man lost his. For what? And the cop might get 4 years? Really? Damn… It’s sad that the media in cleveland and regionally are not even reporting this. You have to turn to cnn to find out what is going on in this country. sad.

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  12. Well chiming in EXTRA late, I didn´t know about this either. I am finding this post as a link from a more recent post (Between Oscar Grant and the 2010 Election…We Some Apathetic S.O.B.’s) !!! I’m so mad! I also didn’t care much about LaBron either, but I DID see all about it on FB. Super OUCH Kristil on the “…just put it in a book…” quote. I’ve heard that before too, but bringin it up now reading these posts it just stings even more. For those who feel infromed what is your news source? Really the main thing I read as far as current events is BBC World News. My issues are many. One is that the “news” sometimes seems so screwed and I wonder if I am getting any truth anyway. So I don’t check in I guess as much as I should. I also am studying other things, like metaphysics, religion, ancient civlizations. Who can keep up with the past, present to be the effective leaders of the future?

      • Love you! I knew you’d respond :) Yeah being in the 2/3rds world, I don’t have internet all the time like that. I’ll just keep on with my sites and my books, but you know I enjoy my time in the cosmos and stars as well :)

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  15. I did not know about this either until now! The current state of journalism make me not even turn my t.v. on. I l
    Appreciate your blogs!

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