Getting Called Nigger in a Cab

I am always told that wild things happen to me and that my stories are always one of a kind. There is always some underlying life lesson I learn from these crazy situations I find myself in. You can checkout other true story incidences here.

One of my closest friends is a woman. In general most people have a problem with their mate being close friends with someone of the opposite sex. In my case my friend is not only a woman but she is a very attractive woman at that so that’s basically damn near two strikes off the top. It was because of this dynamic that my ex-girlfriend and her had an invisible air of beef with each other. But, I will admit I contributed to this beef in many ways.

A certain Saturday night my female bff had a guy she was dating in town and wanted me to go out with them one night. She had a small get together with some of her friends at her house before we left to go out. This night I had decided to drink a lot of patron shots and that’s always the beginning of bad business for the kid. In the middle of drinking shots my friend asks how my girlfriend was doing. I tell her that she is cool when she doesn’t think we are rabbit dancin’…

Damn! Why did I say that? The liquor and my internal thoughts had definitely come out…

She looks at me with a look of …”This bitch can’t be serious.”

Her guy looks at both of us kind of side eye as well. She then begins to go on a tirade about my girlfriend and how she is crazy and starts bringing up the bad stuff from our relationship that she didn’t like about her. I told her that it’s not like that and to hold all that down. Everyone is kind of sitting there just looking. I finally say…”Whelp ya’ll ready to hit this bar.”

She wanted us all to ride together for some reason so I was like cool…I guess. We get to the sports bar and get settled in and have another drink when my girlfriend texts me asking where I was at. I tell her and ask her if she wanted to come up to the bar…drunken wrong move.

My girlfriend shows up with like three of her friends and I go over and greet her. I turn around and my bff is giving a gangsta ass scowl at my girlfriend. Keep in mind a lot of these thoughts are in hindsight because I didn’t know the shit I was going to end up in this night. I am feeling good after this night. One of my boys came up to the bar with a female as well. I am entertaining both groups of people not knowing it’s getting ready to go down like Celly Cell.

Unbeknownst to me every time I would go back over to the bar where my bff, her guy, and friends are she is making it look like she is flirting with me to fuck with my girlfriend…I know really messed up. I didn’t know what was happening. I guess my girlfriend had to say something so the next time I go up there to get a drink she comes over too and asks my bff what’s up with me and her.

My bff drunkenly says, “I’m not fucking your dude if that’s what you think”

I see what is getting ready to go down and I intervene and grab her up and take her over in another area to talk. She addresses the bitchy move my bff did and I assure her that its nothing poppin. Even more I point out the other guy is dating my bff. She puts her hands on her hips and asks me did I ride with them. I couldn’t think that fast on my feet and tell her no I rode with my other homeboy.

My bff comes over and asks am I ready. I play it off and say you know I am cool I rode with…”Carl”. She looks at me strange and leaves. My girlfriend still upset just leaves with her friends a little after. I then look around for my homeboy and realize he has left as well…Hold up I really don’t have a ride now!

Now, I am standing outside the spot thinking about some sort of escape from this predicament. So I say fuck it I might as well take a cab to my car it won’t be that big of a deal five dollars…Big deal right a smooth ride to the crib right? This where a fucked up night turns into being even more fucked up.

So, I flag down a cab/van. You know the cab that is a minivan too. I get in and there was a middle eastern driving the cab. We are riding through the heavy traffic when a group of white girls run up on the driver’s side of the van and ask him can they go to hotel. So the driver looks at me and asks if it is cool and I am like go ahead and get your paper there is mad room in here.

This is where the story gets even more interesting…

Four white girls jump into the van and what not and the driver is talking to them and I am just staring out of the window. And one of the girls says this:

White Girl 1: “What is up with all the traffic down here?”

White Girl 2: “I think it is because of all the NIGGERS down here.”

Now I don’t know if they saw me in the front seat or not. I know I aint the biggest cat in the world so I am gonna give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t see me. I turn around and say:

Myself: “That is one of the most disrespectful things you can say.”

So all the girls look like aweeee shit! Now I was pissed but I was already upset from my earlier argument. So, I was willing to let it ride after checking them about the shit not being cool. I let them know that  another black person may have slapped the shit out of her, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The girl who says it wants to talk to me and apologize to me and justify to me why she said it. Now I am getting pissed off highly!! And she was trying to tell me why it was ok to call people nigger because it was the same as redneck. I told her to get the fuck out my face and sit in the back of the van (She has come up to the passenger aisle of the front of the van and is laying in the aisle trying to plead her case.)  I am getting even more pissed now cause I am telling her to sit down and get away from me and her other drunken friend is telling me to be quiet and let her apologize…

No the Kings James Language wasn’t even close to being used at this point. I started to call all of them bitches and hoes and any word I could come up with:

“Shut up you bitch, you bitch, you bitch, and you bitch”- I pointed at each one of them as I was doing this

“BITCH, I am talking to you BITCH. I have worked too hard to let you call me or anyone of my race a nigger…BITCH!!!”

Now in mind all this is going on while we are riding through traffic…lol! So, during this time one of the other girls got so drunk that she opens up the door and tries to get out the van and falls out and….WE KEEP GOING…lol! We finally get to their hotel and we have shouted back and forth and the one girl is pleading with me to forgive her. And the other girl is telling me to shut the fuck up and listen and I continue to call all of them bitches and hoes…

This is no way a racist comment coming up here but the next phase of this has happen too many black men throughout time when dealing with white women upset with them. Guess what they did when they jump out the van….GO to the Jakes aka the Cops

Wow right!! So I see two of the girls in a police car talking to some cops and the other girl is sitting in the van still trying to plead with me and apologize. I continue to call her a bitch and a whore and tell her to get out the van…lol! So, one of the cops come over to the van and asks me what’s up and I break it down to him what happen. The policemen ironically is a brotha so I break it down to him what happened and he says man just keep rolling don’t trip off it. So, me and him continue to talk about how fucked up it is while the other cop is giving them public-intoxication tickets…lol

So, during this whole time the Arab/Indian driver is trying to calm everything down but I finally get to where my car is and he apologizes to me and then says this for the killer…YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS…

I guess I shouldn’t have lied to my lady huh?

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25 responses to “Getting Called Nigger in a Cab

  1. “…one of the other girls got so drunk that she opens up the door and tries to get out the van and falls out and….WE KEEP GOING…” Bwahahahaha. LMAO! I remember this story. Hilarious! SMH. You have had some crazy times D.

  2. “So, during this time one of the other girls got so drunk that she opens up the door and tries to get out the van and falls out and….WE KEEP GOING…lol!” KEEEP ROLLLIN!!! LMAO!!!! That’s definitely the crowd pleaser. Damn my dude…thanks for sharing.

  3. So the moral of the story is: it’s OK to be sexist to a racist.


  4. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Take the higher ground: compassion, empathy, enlightenment.

  5. lol, funny yet,sad story. I would be upset too, however I was called a nigger to directly to in c.a because an hispanic young girl thought i was driving too close to her gigantic van. she was already snearing at me before i was near thier vehicle so she probly was getting ready to start some stuff out of her pure hatred for black people. To top it off there was a older hispanic in the car backing her up, Now i was alone in the car and im a small girl I have a feeling if it was a black male or a car full of black girls she woulda just kept her mouth shut or said nigger under her breath and not to me. she said ” you f’n nigger!” It has not left my mind since I heard it just a few days ago. First time hearing such racism in person purposely directed at me. It was a shocker. Of course I acted like you and begin to use the b-word but theres nothing you can really say to top nigger, and no matter what you say shes still gona be a racist when she goes home. I doubt saying, “peace be with you,” “ill pray for you” could change a persons who is so evil thought process. She was probably brain-washed into thinking that way for her whole life, and a 5 min chat in a cab or on the st. will not change them.

  6. Reagan, I had a similar situation happen to me yesterday while I too was driving. White people in a van yelled nigger at me because I wouldn’t let them barrel into me as they were coming out of a gas station. Since yesterday, that scene has been playing over and over in my mind as I can’t even begin to understand the mindset that would make a person think it’s okay to yell that out of car window in heavy traffic. I did flick them off though. But you’re right, there’s no topping nigger. It’s one of the lowest words in the English language that shows just how gross a person’s soul is (I was called Buckwheat a few years ago by some obnoxious Persian kids in LA, but nigger just bothers me way more). I decided though that I will not be a victim. I will be a victor by being the best me I can possibly be in my lifetime and by raising black children who will respect people of all races, sexual orientation, etc., just like my parents did with me. The story was hilarious though. I wish I could have seen my verbal attacker issued some sort of ticket LOL.

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  10. Wow. FUNNY that homegilr got out of cab to hurl & you all KEPT GOING.
    Sad that te girls think nigger=redneck. Nigger is a racial slur. redneck describes southern anglo farmers who neck got tanned(red) from farming.

    & ppl tryna call the USA post racial jsut bc Obama is president. PPLEASE!

  11. The word nigger has truely openly made a come back now that the president is Black…. sad… it was never gone in the first place. Now, they just can’t help but to show their true colors. The acceptance of having him lead has really had an effect on all races of people. Sorry, ppl still have to go through this treatment. But I would have loved to be there to hear her justify it “to you” !HIlarious! Your face was, I’m sure …priceless. I would’ve been appalled at her excuses, but the dicussion afterwards… just plain comedy.

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  13. Technically, no one called you a nigger. I’m not condoning the young lady’s actions, just pointing out the difference between “being called a nigger” and “being a black person within earshot of a ‘nigger’ utterance”

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  16. YooooOooooo…that was mad childish/disrespectful of your friend to act that way towards your girl. And when white folks slip with the racism, I never get irate. I usually say something witty or ironic and they feel worse than they would have if I had gotten worked up about it.

    And yes, the girl fallin out the van was my favorite part too.

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  18. I’m in the military so I have to deal with a LOT of racism from small town white people. There is a chance I’ve become numb to it but I never deal with it in anger. The best way to deal with situations like that is to tell them not to use the word. Even while she was apologizing just tell her, “I don’t want to hear it, you disgust me.” and leave it at that. Getting angry and calling them names validate their perception of black men.

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