War of the Beauty: Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

This post is a part of a continuous series on Woman and Beauty you can see others you have missed here. Throughout this series on woman and beauty I have looked not only into myself but the world around me. I have went on a journey of deconstructing and then reconstructing my idea of beauty.

There is a new phenomenon that has swept the nation the last five years. This craze has become the toast of the plastic surgery industry. What is this craze?….DA BUTT!! Yep, DA BUTT! (In the Leon Phelps Voice). The big ass is the thing now that many women are earning for. Women are yearning for a bigger ass to the point that they are willing to get but implants and butt injections.

America has developed a new fixation on the butt the last 10 years. It basically dates back to the days of Jennifer Lopez when she wore that revealing green dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Jennifer Lopez made the idea of a round shapely butt acceptable as a form of beauty. The African-American culture has always deemed a shapely butt as an attribute of beauty. From the days of Pam Grier and Vonetta McGee in the blaxploitation era to the era of the hip hop vixen with Esther Baxter and Buffie the Body the ass has always been in the mix when it comes to measuring beauty. Now not only is the United States culture it has spread all over the globe. There is even a recent case of an Argentinean model, Solange Magnano dying from complications of a butt augmentation process (see here)

Mainstream society has always had an obsession with big butts and big breasts in some form or fashion (see Sara Baartman). It is just now over the last 10 years where everyone wants to have the butt. Before it was the all about women getting breast implants now everyone is all about the butt injections and implants. We have strippers, nurses, teachers, and porn stars doing whatever they can to get a little extra butt to add to their beauty repertoire. We have conveyed the idea to women that one of the ways to become beautiful is to get their ass and tits as big as possible.

We have women who base their whole beauty on their ass just like women in the past have based their whole beauty on their breasts. Women such as Nicki Minaj, Ice-T’s wife Coko, and Kim Kardashian have received more praise for their butts than the talent they have (Ok remind me again what ARE Kim Kardashian and Coko’s talents again?). I mean the ATHs (The Ass to Hip ratio) today are crazy big.

We cannot deny that beauty has always been always been a driving force in the male’s primal nature of attraction. In my earlier post “Girl, You Ain’t Fly but it’s Something About Your Noncie” I write about how most men are driving by women and sex. With that being said the idea of focusing on the butt has become more over processed and accepted within our culture. We as men have let the gauge of having a big butt contaminate our general life decisions. For instance all of these men who continuously get caught up with some big butt chick (insert any big butt video model or woman here). Brothas somehow forget to look more into the women’s beauty than what is behind them. We don’t think about the outlying factors of this “big butt” woman. How can you trust a woman who leans totally on the premise that she has a big butt? Now, I aint hating on a man’s hustle if he is just looking to have sex but impregnating a woman who you were only feeling because she had a big butt and a nice smile is a recipe for disaster.

I love a nice butt like any other man but I am starting to see that the idea of a great butt has taken own a whole mantra of its own. We are now directly and indirectly teaching young women that to be considered beautiful that they have to get the longest weave, the biggest breasts, and the biggest butt to be considered beautiful. Then if the women doesn’t have any of those things that she needs to go out and buy them if need be.

The ideology of living authentically as possible is a notion I believe holds true in many situations. I am the first to tell a person if they are feeling unhappy about how their body looks to do what they have to do to get it to where they want it to be. I understand there are situations where plastic surgery is needed to correct some problems to a person’s body. But, a woman just get butt injections to get a little more attention from men raises a red flag to me.

One thing I tend to question is: Why are you getting butt implants or any implants? Is it really to make you feel good or is it because you want some form of validation by fitting into a societal template? How much of your soul are you willing to sell for the sake of beauty? A man then has to wonder if said woman can even be authentic with him when a woman can even be authentic with her beauty.

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26 responses to “War of the Beauty: Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

  1. Never trust a big butt and a smile…lmfao!! I dig it! This deep right here! I found your blog through a friend. I need to check out some more of your posts! You have some very thought provoking ideas here!

  2. This is a very good post!! Its crazy how we have made ASSests as one of the the overall baramoters of beauty! But this is great like I said many kudos!!

  3. I never trusted a chick who was always trying to toot up the ass. A lot of those chicks doing that only have the Ass asthe only way of getting somewhere in life

  4. You make a good point. But why not also question those who continue to glorify and celebrate these physically accomodating women? It is a societal dillema that tells black girls they aren’t enough if they don’t have a big butt. As a 90’s girl, I felt firsthand the rejection that came with being a girl who didn’t have a “big butt and a smile” for all the boys in school or on the streets. And I’m not playing any violins or asking for sympathy, I’m just saying I’d be interested in hearing if men will ever attempt to address this cultural expression of accepting women of all shapes and sizes, or if they’ll continue to do the Reggie Bush/Kanye West-jig of praising only the big booty Judys of the world.

    I would also like to add that as young adults, we should be looking out for the young girls in our lives so that they know a person is more than their physical attributes, whether that be a big ass, huge breasts or pretty face. At the same time, we should be schooling the young boys on the importance of not just chasing skirts, but learning to get to know girls and respect them for who they are, not how they fill out a dress. Kanye, clearly, still has this to learn. And this is all out of L.O.V.E.

  5. Good read, as usual.

    Nowadays, there does appear to be a strong obsession with bug butts than I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. I mean, it’s one thing for a woman to consider implants to enhance her figure, but it’s taken on a whole ‘nother level when those implants are abnormal-sized and OBVIOUSLY implants.

    It then becomes a turn-off.

  6. I must add that age & wisdom probably plays an important part in the brothers eventually realizing what is and what isn’t THE most integral part of a woman.

    Until then, a brother is most likely too busy enjoying himself.

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  9. So true, D. I wish more men/women would think about this regarding what a person presents on the surface and understand that a human being is deeper than what they appear to be. It’s only natural for a person to want to make a great impression, it’s the other person’s job to dig deeper and find out what the person’s qualities and intentions are with them. It’s sad that alot of women fall to wanting what society portrays as beautiful on the surface, but have no idea or guidance on what’s considered beauty beyond the surface.

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  12. This is one of those “be comfortable with who you are” post…televison, internet, radio are all forms of media making it seem like you need a big butt to get somewhere and the reality of it is…YOU DON’T. I’m very petite and pretty sure I always will be lol and also been faced with dudes shying away because they couldn’t see my ass from the front *inside joke* but I was unmoved by that because it only let me know this person won’t be in my life for the right reasons so no use wasting my time…Mr. Right will always look past the physical aspect of a woman…if they don’t…consider them Mr. Wrong

  13. I promise I been sleeping on your blog. I need to visit more often. Anyhoo, here goes:

    – Why are you getting butt implants or any implants? –

    I would never do that. I’m not super curvy but I’m happy w/ what God gave me. Growing up in the Virgin Islands bigger was better so it’s amazing my lanky self didn’t have a complex LOL

    – Is it really to make you feel good or is it because you want some form of validation by fitting into a societal template? –

    I’ve never consider the butt augmentation but I joke about potentially having other plastic surgery done when I get older. Don’t know if I’d actually do it, but if I did it would be so I look like me (if that makes sense). Most of what I’d have done would be to put stuff back where it was as opposed to adding more than was there LOL!!

    – How much of your soul are you willing to sell for the sake of beauty? –

    43% :-|

    I’m joking.

    – A man then has to wonder if said woman can even be authentic with him when a woman can even be authentic with her beauty. –

    That’s totally valid and for some women very true (inability to be authentic). Ultimately you have to go case-by-case basis. My husband laughs at me when I say “if my boobs go south i’m paying someone to put them back where they were!” HA! but he also knows I’m serious(ish) and I’m not gonna pop up all DDD on the man. *yikes* I can say I don’t understand adding stuff on (like boobs, butts, chins, cheeks etc.)

    • Oh its no problem!! I have cut my hair since the conference but I still am trying to get femsdown with the natural hair movement…

      But I agree with the boob augmentation when you get older not gonna front on that…lol!

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  17. I belive it starts with teaching little girls (or boys) that they shouldn’t allow their self- esteem to be based soley on the way that others treat them. Wheter that be good or bad. When women feel the need to alter their bodies by way of surgery to feel better about themselves, it always amazes me that they never see the women with bodies that they admire and realize that there is something they dislike about themselves as well.

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