The Marcus Graham Chronicles: The Gerard Effect (Learning from Beta Males)

The Marcus Graham Chronicles is my personal journey of dealing with love and relationships. It is called the Marcus Graham Chronicles because of my affinity for the movie “Boomerang” and how the main character of Marcus Graham relates to me as the “black professional” man. You can check out earlier posts in this series here.

Gerard Jackson (played by David Alan Grier) is one of Marcus Graham’s close friends and co-workers. Gerard is the nice guy that many women say that they want but always evade to get at a man like Marcus. Gerard is the classic antithesis of the alpha male (Marcus). It is the classic thing displayed in the animal kingdom that is also displayed in life.

What is an alpha male?

In human societies alpha male can mean very different things. Some use the term to mean the guy who seems most at ease with women and can essentially marry or date any woman of his choice. In this sense the alpha male is often good-looking, has a great build, and may have a relatively high socioeconomic status. These distinctions may be less noticed in human groups like high school settings. Generally the alpha male (or a group of alpha males) are the cutest guys, usually muscle-bound, sometimes the “jocks,” while beta males may be less assured around females and may participate in less “male” activities. (Source)

What is a beta male?

The opposite of Alpha male. In modern society an Alpha male not only requires physical prowess, but also confidence and attitude. The Beta male of modern society usually, only has one of these traits, if any. The Beta male tends to be smart, quiet and unconfrontational.

Gerard in Boomerang always wanted to be the guy who was able to be strong and confident but couldn’t necessarily do so.   If you haven’t seen the film there is a scene at the beginning where Marcus is having lunch with Gerard and Tyler (Martin Lawrence) and you can see how much Gerard is enamored with the lifestyle of Marcus. He constantly comments on how Marcus life is so dope and so great. Gerard also doesn’t seem to be as motivated career wise as Marcus which may show his discomfort being around women.

To go even further I think about the workout scene where Marcus is talking to Tyler and Gerard on why he hadn’t slept with Jacqueline yet. During this scene Tyler first shouts “I don’t know how you shooting blanks you ain’t shooting nothing”. Then he taunts Gerard by saying, “At least my woman didn’t leave me for no damn Guardian Angel”.  Gerard goes into a fit while working out where Marcus has to settle him down from Tyler’s comment about him losing his wife.

Gerard is the beta male guy who is nice, caring, loving, attentive, over-accommodating, too accessible, and unaggressive. Gerard loses not only his wife but later loses Angela to Marcus even though Angela seemed to maybe want a guy like Gerard. Gerard couldn’t close the deal and really display to Angela they he wanted to be more than just “friends”. Beta males like Gerard are notoriously being put into the friend zone by women over and over. This many times comes from most women deep down inside really want a “man’s man” not another girlfriend or BFF. Gerard wished to get the finer women but he never went forth and did what he had to do to get the better caliber woman (the caliber of woman is all relative). Gerard like many beta males end up settling for the chick who wants to be with them.

You may be asking yourself what the hell does “The Jarrod Effect” have on the idea of “The Marcus Graham Condition”. The reason it has a lot to do with “The Marcus Graham Chronicles” is because I can learn a lot from the beta male. Yeah I know I just clowned the many aspects of the beta male above but they are many key things to be learned from the beta male that I could use in my own relationships.

I was reading a post the other day “Several Shades of Asshole” and at first I laughed at the title and the post itself because of its wittiness and comedy. But, as I sat back and thought of it am I really one of these assholes. I have always said to women “I am the nicest asshole you will ever meet.” I have always felt that guy who can balance his inner asshole with humility will get the farthest and feel the most fulfilled in life.

Many people also assume that beta males aren’t generally strong-willed and this is not true either. Just like in my post “Why do I Love Jacqueline’s” where I talked about how aggressiveness in women does not necessarily mean strength. This same principle can be applied to Gerard and some beta Males. Gerard towards the end of the film was able to show his strength to Marcus by checking him for his doggish manner throughout life.

The key it seems to find a happy balance and medium of the being an alpha male and just taking some of the ideals from the beta male to begin to make your relationships stronger. A man needs to display confidence, vigor, courage, not being a pushover(for men and women) and strength. But, at the same time there is nothing wrong with being more emotional with a woman, a little but more accommodating sometimes, or a little less HOish, Now I am not condoning simpin’ or trickin’ behavior by any means but maybe I can taper the inner assholeness inside of my skinny frame…

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13 responses to “The Marcus Graham Chronicles: The Gerard Effect (Learning from Beta Males)

  1. Love this: “The key it seems to find a happy balance and medium of the being an alpha male and just taking some of the ideals from the beta male to begin to make your relationships stronger.”

    That’s exactly it. Both men and women need to be able to transition seamlessly from alpha to beta when the situation dictates. I love me an alpha male a lot of the time, but sometimes I need a beta to get all emo with me.

    And thanks for the linkage!

  2. Attitude, confidence,- call it whatyou like; that is what it is all about. Walk with your head held high; walk in to a room as if you owmit; talk to a woman as if you know she finds you attractive.Real Men don’t need to show off, Real men don’t need to use violence.Derek

  3. Great post! I love this! Men and Women both need to learn how to balance our male and female energy…or for the guys the alpha/beta balance…definitely! I know many who could take some hints from this as well. It’s like meeting a guy who says he’s ready for a wife, but his actions do not portray that…same goes for women…saying their ready for a Husband, yet not valuing the aspect of yielding or submitting is also an oxymoron. We can all learn some balance like you said in order to get the best of both worlds. And I know some betas who could take a few hints from the alphas too! :-)

  4. hmmmm…the key is balance but not necessarily 50/50…I heard on the Steve Harvey Morning Show where they were teaching this man to take control of his wife running all over him…women don’t want that…what we do want is a man to have a voice and a backbone and vice versa…if you yes all the time that’s an issue…if you play hard and say no all the time that’s also an issue…I would say 80% alpha 20%beta

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  6. good post
    “Gerard is the beta male guy who is nice, caring, loving, attentive, over-accommodating, too accessible, and unaggressive.”

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