Open Forum: Marsha Ambrosius’ “Far Away” and Homosexuality

Everyone has been a buzz about the Marsha Ambrosius video that has recently come out. Don’t know who Marsha Ambrosius is I featured her in a previous post “10 Underrated R&B/Soul Arists You Should Know About”. She has new video for her second single “Far Away” where she explores suicide and homosexuality and suicide. The video kind of takes you on a mental and emotional rollercoaster. Check out the video above and if you can’t see it go to here.

How do you feel about homosexuality displayed in this video? Let Your Voice be heard!!!

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23 responses to “Open Forum: Marsha Ambrosius’ “Far Away” and Homosexuality

  1. I will be the first to go…
    I honestly on the real appreciated the video on an artistic level and a socially conscious level. The video took a chance artistically and you gotta give kudos for Marsha Ambrosius for going out on a limb like that. We can have whatever opinion we want on homosexuals but the fact is they love and get hurt the same as us in a heterosexual relationship. Live and Let Live. The suicide angle was dope considering the different incidents with homosexuality and suicide. But, It seems artist really don’t make much of a socially conscious stand in their music anymore.

    Big ups to her on this!

  2. I saw the video this morning. Very well done. One of the things that I like about it is she ventured to an “outside-of-the-box” thought. She could have made some seductive video with half naked women sitting on cars with 24 inch spinning rims. But she did something different. The video doesn’t overshadow the song. And vice versa. You gotta love it when artists aren’t afraid to be different

  3. The video made a stand but is it the right one? I believe our society haas made it more accessible and conveient to be homosexual. Women having to be more like me to get by and Men needing to be more feminine to not look asa threatening. I don’t know how I feel about it. But bashing someone and downgrading them is wrong I agree

    • “I believe our society haas made it more accessible and conveient to be homosexual.”

      ummmmm…huh? This video depicts the complete opposite. How is homosexuality something to be accessible? You either are, or you’re not (or you would be bi). But I don’t see not one part of society making ANYTHING easy on homosexuals. Which planet is this?

      by the by I need whatever wig she has on in that video. -Thanks management.

  4. I loved the video! She really showed her range creatively as a musician! I wonder will BET play it? Great comment by you asa well Dig!

  5. Im not sure if i agree with The Pounders comment, maybe he can clarify… How has society made it more “Accessible and convenient” to be homosexual…and when did it become “convenient” to be a homosexual is what stopped me in my tracks….maybe its your choice of words that took me.

    Until you go through what this young man and what other GBLT individuals go through , one may change their minds to ever use the words “convenient”…it is never convenient to be taunted and neglected bc you are deemed different… I see it every day in my life and the kids i work with. Ive personally had to live this life and given my profession it is something that is brought up DAILY…. but I chose to take a different path , bc i value my life and know that there are other ways to handle such. but not everyone does.

    Its a tough subject and i commend Marsha AMbrosius for touching on it… in an eye opening forum such as a music video and to use people WHO LOOK LIKE US…. was incredible…. too often we forget that homosexuality effects all races, genders, ages groups ect… anyway, i give her a standing O for her efforts…. even as the criticism rolls in ….

    • I am speaking about how society makes SOME black males transition into being more feminine to surivive since its easier for a black male today to be feminie to surivive than a being very masculine.

      For instance look at how many overly game men we have getting access to certain parts of the industry and the same goes for overtly male females as well.

      I am saying its all good if you are gay but damn it seem like everyone is gay particularly black males now

  6. I am so glad you put me on this!!! This almost made me cry! My cousin committed suicide a few years ago after he came out as transexual

  7. The Pounder’s comments makes it seem like LGBT folks SHOULDN’T be comfortable. They have as much right to move about the world as anyone else. Who they choose to have sex with and enter into a relationship with does not make them less of a person, male or female.

    I’m glad she went this way with the video. For one thing, artists don’t make videos that tell stories anymore. And the fact that this is the story about her best friend makes it more human. This happens on a regular basis and somebody needs to shine a light on it.

    I doubt seriously that this video will get any play on BET. It may play on Centric once in a blue moon, maybe even VH1 Soul, but it will never be mainstream. Sad really.

    • I agree Smarty P Jones… Im still confused on your idealogy of how you feel that Men in general , gay or not in society…. and to say that its societs fault or soceity allows that….ehhh i beg to differ and research may actually support that as well….i sopppose that is a whole different forum topic!!!…………………

  8. Shut the front door…. since when has OUR SOCIETY ever “historically” made it easier for the “american” man to ease into society with a feministic approach….. when we were so clearly founded with ever changing principals that Men are to be strong, take care of the household, thier family, children, home and work place…as that is ever changing ( praise God) ……but when has society ever flipped it and said other wise… i beg to differ and say it is 10x harder for a man to even be excepted for his feminine ways then the latter…. *ehhh*

    “I am speaking about how society makes SOME black males transition into being more feminine to surivive since its easier for a black male today to be feminie to surivive than a being very masculine.- Pounder”

    • Ok! let’s see for society who is it easier for white male society to accept a strong aggressive black man? Or a man who is feminine like a woman? Think about it! its a very deep process! The gay aspect is whatever it is but the feminie nature is the thing to me. Be gay thats cool but why be like a woman…be MAN and be Gay. But this is is apart of a bigger conspiracy to corrupt the black male species

      • I knew that was where you were leaning toward…. just took you several post to clearly articulate it :-) trust me bro i agree with you on that end….but…. id take back possibly the comment about the conspiracy and corrupting the black man…
        that’s a stretch and we can problem conclude that PTSS ( post traumatic Slave syndrome) has alot to do with any so called “corruption of the BLACK MAN is Facing!!! A whole different forum………….*sigh*

        but i can dig it…..
        once again Great topic D :-)

  9. I love the song and Masha’s vocal talent. Her voice is exquisite. As far as the video goes, the concept was cool. I’m not a big lover of videos anymore. But when I watch one, I’d rather watch something like this; one with a real message, than one with half naked women and sagging men.

  10. I had read so many thoughts about this video on twitter without watching it, that my idea of what the video and song were about was totally wrong. I originally thought Marsha and the guy were a couple, but once I realized that he was gay black man everything made more sense.

    I appreciate this video because I think artists are somewhat afraid to touch on the topic of homosexuality in their music. This also touches on a main reason of why some people in the LGBT community decide to commit suicide. I just hope someone’s thoughts and views were changed by watching the video. Gays are not just gay. They’re people first. Just like heterosexuals.

    but that’s my piece.

  11. I love Marsha Ambrosius! I truly appreciate her artistry and am sooooo glad she is back! The song is beautiful and the video is risky, but I’m glad she was willing to take it musically! Although many people have an issue with the homosexual lifestyle, I think its important to have dialogue about it and what better way to initiate such dialogue than through music which touches everyone!

  12. I just watched the video and I think it is pretty good. The message was on point too. It’s great to see videos that steer from the norm of what’s deemed hot. Touching on the subject matter in the video took some guts and I salute her for that. Its diffinently a conversation starter for those who choose to speak on suicide and homosexualility and how society treats those that choose make the two part of their lifestyle.

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  14. She is a phenomenal talent that I am not sure will ever be recognized by the masses because of that same phenom, kind of sad, but she’s hard to niche and market. Hard to be boxed. American Music doesn’t like much that they can’t box and especially things that doesn’t seem like it can be boxed. But her style of singing and voice isn’t like any other, actually, not even close. It’s hard to compare her in so many ways to a previous artist and/or artist of the past. Nevertheless, they are making a great run at it. Her image is ok, people will like it (particularly the young, that seems like who they’re trying to grab) But her sound is great for all ages. She’s just fabulous. Anyways, on to the video, beautiful tragedy. I, as well, love to see an artist take risks. This is even better because it is personal so you can feel it. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I understand what The Pounder is saying/trying to say, but most peoples’ minds aren’t open to the thought of his words, but they definitely want you (as in him “The Pounder”) to hear what they are saying and understand it, which he clearly does. He isn’t gay bashing, but that’s all they see/hear when they are reading what you’ve written, because they were already closed to the idea and they already know what they believe is right. And you clearly aren’t saying what any of the ladies have said is wrong about their views of homosexuality being a struggle, everyone has the right to be comfortable, and to be accepted just as much as anyone else, but since you say convient they’re focusing on the lifestyle of it when being open into society and how there’s no convience in that. And I could go on and on, but I’m not trying to debate or piss anybody off. I merely only responded in his defense because I actually see The Pounder in a different light. This is definitely another discussion and topic.

  15. Great blog D! This video is great. I love that fact that if anything else it has created an awareness and dialogue. And in my opinion that’s a great start for our society to become more knowledgeable and less judgmental.

  16. I applaud Marsha’s wonderful effort in her artistic and social commentary in her video and song,however being in a relationship regardless of sexual orientation take responsibility and courage.Unfortunately for the lives lost due to suicide just proves that there are millions of people that are not mature enough to deal with their decisions.

  17. Kudos to awareness and the bravery of Marsha. I’m also happy about hearing her deep consciousness again because the “I hop she fall for a basketball player” or whatever the name of that song was had me extremely disapointed.

  18. The video is needed to unsettle those who have not understood the importance of welcoming homosexuals fully into normative American life and culture. What is more problematic is that a video like this one is still needed. We are supposed to be a nation that has made so much progress; however, we have not come a long way when it comes to welcoming in people who elect to live a certain way that is not what the majority of others have elected to live. I love how she turned something so deeply emotional and personal for her into such a beautiful work of art. Even without the video, the song is tremendously powerful and well done.

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