A Woman’s Take on the Marcus Graham Chronicles Part I

(Editors note: The Marcus Graham Chronicles have been so popular I thought why not have some women bloggers respond to their thoughts to posts in the series)

Yesterday I posted another edition of the Marcus Graham Chronicles(“Check it…It’s Like Jet Magazine”) and I wrote about how men love attention but all attention isn’t always good attention for us men.  I received an email from a fellow blogger and former classmate Nicole Meek( @brownsuga722) where she wanted to respond to give a woman’s perspective on my post “Why I Love Jacquelines” in the Marcus Graham Chronicles series.

I have known Nicole since undergrad at Iowa State University and she was even in attendance at biggest party in Ames history I hosted for my birthday back in the day(I will be writing a post on this crazy night soon). She has a blog of her own Brown Suga Speaks(brownsugaspeaks.net/). But, she has a little bit of problem with my assessments of Angela’s vs. Jacquelines….check it out!!


Why Marcus Graham Will Always Overlook Angela for Jacqueline….

My friend, Darryl , has been posting the Marcus Graham chronicles and I truly enjoy every post. In one of his posts, entitled, “Why Do I Love Jacquelines,” he was very open about his own irresistible attraction to the “Jacqueline” type of women. These women are considered strong, powerful, very much in control and demanding of respect. These women never “chase” men or ever have to worry about spending a night alone if they don’t want to. Men find this trait to be a true challenge, and because of this you have a vast majority of “Angelas” who continue to be overlooked. I don’t knock my buddy for his lack of judgment, but I think we need to delve into, “Why Marcus Graham will always overlook Angela for Jacqueline.”

See I feel that no matter what Angelas do to try and make themselves more appealing, noticeable or even recognized by Marcus Grahams, he will always fall for Jacqueline first. Angela is a friend, a confidante, the chick you can hang out with in sweats and not have to worry about her wondering if you showered. Angela is the one who answers your calls on the 2nd ring, not b/c she’s desperate, but b/c you mean that much to her. She prays for you and uplifts you when your down. She’s that ride or die. However, this is not what Marcus initially sees when he’s first introduced to her. He sees that she is indeed attractive, but she’s forgettable to him because her aura doesn’t exude that, ‘you know you want this’ energy. He thinks she lacks the confidence to handle a man like him, so he assumes she’ll definitely get hurt if he deals with her. He quickly puts her in the friend category and continues to pant and drool over Jacqueline.

In the book, “Why Men Love Bitches,” by Sherry Argov, she talks about how men want a woman who acts as if she doesn’t need him, want him and can and will forget him at a moment’s notice. He wants a woman that’s not nice, but has an edge to her. She lives by her own rules and represents herself as a person that has choices. This book made me laugh and reflect on the misunderstandings that continue to go on between men and women. Marcus Graham is a victim of the stereotypes of a “Bitch” because with a “Bitch,” he doesn’t have to own up to his lack of responsibility with another person’s feelings.

The irony of this situation is that although Marcus is so into Jacqueline, he realizes that she would rather not deal with nor even acknowledge his feelings, and that makes him feel inadequate. See Jacqueline brings out the sensitive side of Marcus because her existence questions his manhood. Why would you want to date a woman who acts like a man?! So as much as he can’t resist his obsession with her, he knows that in the end they are like oil and water; they just don’t mix. There is not enough charm, mandigo-ism nor gifts that will make her give in and change. Then he turns to Angela, assuming she can help him bring back his mojo.

This is where I have to raise my hand, jump up and down and raise my voice, because Angela is not the rebound chick! See, Angela has the power, the strength, the free will, just like Jacqueline. She isn’t needy and she too doesn’t have to wait around for a good man to come in her path. She’s picky and would rather take her time than just focus on itching that scratch (although don’t get her wrong, she can be in it just to hit it just like Jacqueline  She has her priorities in order and knows what she wants in life, and won’t settle for less. Angela has been hurt, alike Jacqueline, but instead of taking on the philosophy of the ‘if you can’t beat em’, join em’ mentality, she believes that she deserves a happy ending.

See, Marcus, darling, the more you continue to fall into the web of a Jacqueline, you will keep having meaningless relationships that are only to teach you that what you do to women can also be done to you. You can have all the fun you want with Jacqueline, but while you’re playing, another real man is wooing Angela and just might win her heart. If you want to have a legacy to pass on to your kids and grandkids, and not just stories about your conquests to tell your buddies at the retirement home…than grow up and stop thinking with your other head! Angela is out there and if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll be Blessed to be in her presence. Prove me wrong and make the right decision to begin your search now!

Check out more of her Brown Suga Speaks HERE

What are your thoughts? Will Men Always Pass up the Angelas for Jacquelines?

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11 responses to “A Woman’s Take on the Marcus Graham Chronicles Part I

  1. I am loving this from a woman’s perspective! High five to you girl for writing this! I think that most men want Angela’s in their mind but long for Jacqueline’s in their loins and minds. They want the bitchy chick who is no nonsense but I will agree with D that some men do get sick of it at some point as well. Great post though!!

  2. I see where this is coming from but no dude really wants to be around a bitch long term. He will end up bagin out a check on the side and then the chick will run to a Steve Harvey book for guidance. They key like Dig said in the last post of finding difference between what you want and what you need

  3. I’m REALLY feeling her response to this post. I do think that most men want their women confident, and a lot like the attitude, but all the time? No, I highly doubt it. What man wouldn’t want a Angela long-term?

    Would it really be better to have a Jacqueline on your arm, that can’t do anything more than be a trophy? Looks great on the shelf sure, but where’s the substance?

  4. I’m REALLY feeling her response to this post. I do think that most men want their women confident, and a lot like the attitude, but all the time? No, I highly doubt it. What man wouldn’t want a Angela long-term?

    Would it really be better to have a Jacqueline on your arm, that can’t do anything more than be a trophy? Looks great on the shelf sure, but where’s the substance?

    • I understand where you are coming from but I ask you don’t a lot of women want the same thing? Angela clamored after Marcus when Jarrod was a good choice…

      • I agree! But isn’t that the point? The shiny and seemingly glamorous, for a man or woman, always seems to be the most interesting or desired. I never said that only men do that, as women are just as likely to want the hot, confident, “superior” man.

        Its the mammal in us that makes us desire the strongest mate – and Marcus seemed to fit that particular description. But in the end there’s a lot more that goes along to fitting that bill these days (or so it seems), for both men and women.

  5. I will throw my hat into the arena on this post. I agree with the majority of the post but a man who has truly been able to survey the game wants no part of a woman who is totally like Jacqueline. I mean unless you have some S/M thing than a man doesn’t want a woman to emasculate them on the level Marcus was. It looks all good on paper with the girl power but a man wants a woman who can be his equal not someone trying to bitch her way into power

  6. Love it! Omg, she hit the nail on the head with this one. Very poignant and telling. Definitely true. If only the Marcus’ of the world could take your challenge!

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