Best Thing Since Sliced Bread…From Ashy to Classy Turns One Year

Today is a very special day for two reasons. The first reason is today is the beginning of one of the things I enjoy the most right under sex and a nice glass of Crown Royal…March Madness! You can’t beat this time of the season with great hardwood action! But the other reason today is a great day is that I started on this journey called From Ashy to Classy exactly ONE YEAR AGO today! It was definitely an interesting journey and ride with this blog as I have written about everything from politics to Sex. I have shared some of my most personal thoughts and feelings and never knew that I could relate to so many people.  I never knew the day I just randomly told myself “D.Frie lets quit bsing and just start a blog…why not?”

Who would have known that a year later this blog would have grown so much? I am deeply humbled by all the love and support I have received from so many people on this blog. With well over 120 posts there have been so many.  I have decided to highlight some of the most popular posts you may want to check out or get yourself reacquainted with…

Most Popular Posts

Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra is like Angela Bassett playing Queen Elizabeth

10 Underrated R&B/SoulArtists You Should Know About

When Are We Going to Realize That Marriage is Not For Everyone?

After the Orgasm: A Man’s Moment of Clarity

Soul Mate or Just a Mate??

Battle of the Sexes: Social Networking and Relationships

Most Popular Posts in The “War and Beauty Series”

War of the Beauty: Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

War of The Beauty: To Redbone or Not Redbone???

War of The Beauty: COINTELPRO on the Black Women Pt. 2

War of the Beauty: COINTELPRO on The Black Woman Pt.1

Most Popular Posts in “The Marcus Graham Chronicles”

The Marcus Graham Condition

The Marcus Graham Chronicles: An Open Letter to My Exs

The Marcus Graham Chronicles: Why Do I Love Jacquelines?

Most Popular Socially Conscious Posts

You Can Be a Nigger, Too???

Reversing a Culture of Ignorance: Forgetting Past Representations

Hey Darkies! We Aren’t Racist We Kicked out Mark Williams

Oscar Grant…Who? Please, Change the Channel to Lebron

Between Oscar Grant and the 2010 Election…We Some Apathetic S.O.B.’s

Funniest Posts

Girl You Aint Fly…But its Something about Your Noncie?

The Night Bishop Don Juan Taught Me Somethings About Love

Drunk Conversations with a Homeless Man Part I

Getting Called Nigger in a Cab

Most Popular Guest Posts

How To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating: The Peach Cobbler Test

The Celebration of Failure in the Black Community

Why Can’t You Change A Ho into a Housewife?

What If You Found Out That Your Lover Settled For You?

I look forward to bringing you some more insightful, funny, and interesting posts over the next year. Once again thank you for coming on this ride with me. Know that we are just coming out the gate like at the Kentucky Derby…

What was some of your favorite posts over this past year? Speak Your Mind!!

Yesterday I was privileged to be a guest on the Black and Bougie Radio Show last night. I was on a panel of great brothers answering questions from women about the thoughts of man. You can catch the recap of the whole show…HERE!!!

13 responses to “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread…From Ashy to Classy Turns One Year

  1. Congrats brotha! I would have to saay the post “When Are We Going to Learn Marriage Isn’t For Everyone” is on fire! I also like those funny true stories you drop!

  2. Congrats man…I only recently found your spot but it’s been informative, funny, and altogether entertaining. Here’s to more successful years in front of you!

  3. I loved your blog for the longest. You are one of the writers that keeps me inspired. You definitely help with that good ol’ writers block….Congrats for all your hard work! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I love your spot and you are so underrated! More people need to get up on your thing…

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