From Ashy to Classy Finalist For Black Weblog Awards!

Monday afternoon after a long day at the 9 to 5 I received two emails that humbled me tremendously. The two emails were notifying me that I was a finalist in the categories of best Culture blog and best Lifestyle blog in the Black Weblog Awards. I kinda of felt like Deion Sanders when he was drafted(jheri curl and all).  I very much appreciate everyone who helped nominated for me. Like I said I am mad humbled to be considered for an award in both categories. When I started this tinker shop “From Ashy to Classy” a little over a year ago I had no idea that it would have picked up as much traction as it had. Thank you to all my readers for helping me get one step closer from changing in my library cards into platinum credit cards!

I’m not gonna front I want to win but at the same time I am honored to even be nominated. I am going to keep giving ya’ll hot stuff this year. I will keep with the favorite blog series of mine War of the Beauty, The Marcus Graham Chronicles, Reversing a Culture of Ignorance, and The Gas Face. I will be premiering a new section soon as well called “Who’s Going From Ashy to Classy?” where I will be interviewing people who are making noise in their particular career. So stay tuned and keep reading

But, hey I kinda lied a bit about what I said above I do want to win both the people’s choice and judge choice awards in the Black Weblog Awards! So if you can do me a solid (yeah 70s style) and click below and vote for me in the finals in the categories of Best Culture Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog. Also make sure you check out the other great blogs in the other categories as well!!

Click the image below or go to

8 responses to “From Ashy to Classy Finalist For Black Weblog Awards!

  1. Proud of you son!! You have a blog more folks need to come to and read what knowledge u be dropping!

  2. Yay!! You are finally getting the love this blog deserves! I am always trying to put some of my girls up on some of your posts!

  3. Good Luck and God Blessings to you! You deserve it! Keep bringing us your knowledge and research! Love ya Fam!!

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