Kenny Robinson: My New Hero

I know the movie Captain America: True American hero is coming soon to theaters but there are true American heroes walking around everyday. There are few times in life where someone truly exudes the ideals of Hero.  A hero is a person who against all odds is able to accomplish something and be a great example.  Every person needs a hero or person to look up to in life.  I don’t really look up to many people as a hero but there is one true to the game hustler I have to put on my short list…enter Kenny Robinson.

Kenny Robinson was able to extensive research and figure out a way to buy a 300 thousand dollar home for 16 bucks. Here are more details:

Kenneth Robinson, the new owner of a property worth around $300,000 in Flower Mound, Texas, cited the law of adverse possession to claim rights to the foreclosed home, which had been abandoned according to Texas’ KHOU.

The Texas statute allows people to claim ownership of properties so long as they abide by certain criteria, including living in the space publicly and without the former owners of the home, KHOU reports.

Robinson set up camp in the home’s living room, which he says gives him exclusive negotiating rights with the owner. And he filed some paperwork with the local courthouse at a grand total of $16. If he is still dwelling in the home in three years, he can ask the court for the official property title. (source)

Yes you read it right! This brother figured out a way to use the system that has used some many itself.  And of course you know the people in this suburban neighborhood are mad as hell. The neighbors feel he should buy the house free and clear like “everyone else” but the funny part of the matter is that HE DID buy it! He didn’t break any laws he filed all the appropriate paperwork and followed all the regulations to set up the business deal he is pursuing.

While I was in Dallas for yet another wedding I was in (see The 27 Dress and 27 Tuxes Complex) and my cousin and uncle were raving to me about this man close to their house who was “riling up all these suburbanites” because he was able to buy a home for 16 dollars. I laughed for a second and casually brushed it off. I got back home and started to read more about this situation and began to respect this brotha more and more every word I read and heard about him.

It’s interesting to see why people get upset when someone else gets the hook up or finds a way to come up. It’s almost as if they are jealous they didn’t think about it. Any time someone does something we didn’t think of the world hates it instead of embracing and learning how to make their own come up. We all are looking for a come up. I mean let’s be for real this country was built on the come up. Let’s come up on some of this Native American land, lets come up on this free slave labor, lets come up on the backs of people giving them 5 cents an hour in adverse conditions, lets give people bogus mortgages and subprime lending.

Mos Def has a lyric that came to mind as soon as I read more about this story. Mos says “Don’t hate me, my folks is poor, I just got money. America’s five centuries deep in cotton money…It’s new, y’all livin’ off of slave traders’ paper.” I am no way saying these people made money directly from slavery but the concept that only certain people can get access to the American Dream through the template of how it should be reached is what I am getting at. Those neighbors and people upset of his come up don’t understand that Kenny is attempting to live the American Dream just like them. He just happened to maybe be a bit smarter than them about it.

Anytime I am able to see a hard-working knowledge person be able to find a crack in this iron clad system and find a way to make this world better for him I have to tip my hat to him. You know what I am going to go even further and say Kenny Robinson is just as much apart of the American Dream as any one else. But, you know what he damn sure is a hero to me…

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24 responses to “Kenny Robinson: My New Hero

  1. Can we cue up the GI Joe theme music and the ending slogan “And knowing is half the battle” for this brotha!

  2. I hate to say hook-up or using the system but you gotta do what you gotta do. You have to work things work for you. I hear that’s what most wealthy or business minded people think. I need to start thinking like that. I know I need to make something shake $$$ And shoutout to Mr. Robinson.

    Hope you enjoyed my hometown while you were there.

  3. Ah…. I just chopped this up with a coworker during lunch and commented that I admire people like this who use their brain, take the time to READ and make things happen. Still, I have those moments where I’m feeling a tad bit green just as those neighbors in Texas are feeling.

    Can’t know the hustle!

  4. I’m proud of the accomplishments of Mr. Robinson. He deserves great praise and recognition for what he has had done. I applaud you for doing this piece on him. We have to give more sunshine to those everyday people who are making a difference.

  5. I just read the law and all the original owner has to do to annul Kenneth’s claim of ownership is give him permission to stay. By having permission by the original owner to stay in the house, Kenneth will no longer be viewed as a candidate for ownership and will instead be viewed as the original owner’s tenant.

    The original owner can then evict him if he has good reason to (not taking care of the house, being hostile towards neighbors, etc.)

    Basically, he was wrong when he said the original owner has to pay the mortgage to get him out of there.

    • One thing you are forgetting is the original owner has to pay the back money and fees to enact all of those rights, they also have to reimburse Kenny for all the improvements he may have done to the home

  6. Great oieve to highlight what this man has done!! Shows that with research and intellect that you can make something happen in this world. Let those haters be pissed Kenny! You did the damn thing!!!

  7. Good for him. Some squatters did the same thing to my great-uncle in Louisiana. They took quite a bit of land away from him because he left which allowed them to squat on it for a while. No one was in an uproar I guess because the squatters were caucasian. No that side my family no longer has that legacy.

  8. I am mad at this man too!!…because he was smarter than me to figure out how to do this business deal! *facepalm*

  9. I have one question? What if the bank wants the property back then, what happens then?


  10. I need to find out what mortagage company that was, I pretty sure there are more properties that are just abandon and sitting out there that they foreclosed on as well..
    thanks for posting an article on him, a friend of mine posted the new report on facebook about 2 wks ago.. I keep doing searches to see if he has a blog or any other info..

    • Thanks. That’s the good shit. It’s not how hard you work in this country. It’s how you use what you got (with discipline, being wise) to get what you wish to find your happiness and do the right thing. This is all legal.

      If Ken were a white guy, people would be praising his ingenuity on TV.

      Man finds himself a new home and then uses his mind to make himself some new income too. Dumb ass neighbors from him should have greeted him and tried to learn from him instead of living in all that anger of a brother in the neighborhood.

  11. Where’s your Mr. Robinson now?

    Mr. Robinson has been evicted from the house by Bank of America. Mr. Robinson is not a pioneering superbrain- he is a scam artist. In a follow up interview, Mr. Robinson said, “It was a huge learning process.”

    Back to reality, Mr. Robinson.

  12. People are just jealous that he had this amazing house practically FREE. They are also jealous because they would never have the balls to do anything like this themselves. Squatters and Adverse possession laws DO exist. It’s obviously not easy to gain property this way, takes many years, hassle, knowledge and taking crap from jealous close-minded neighbors as we can see, but its NOT impossible.

    Selling people houses with crazy interest rates, and then kicking people out 2 months after not being able to pay rent (shit happens, its life), they don’t give a shit about us, they don’t try to help us or give us a little break, NO, they say “fuck you, get out of the house.” You loose your house, the money you work your ass off to earn & are left on the street!! For what? so the bank can then turn around and sell the house on auction for a fraction of the cost? THAT is crazy and THAT should be ILLEGAL!, not this. WAKE UP people! You are on the wrong side of the ring. I admire Mr. Robinson for what he at least tried to do!

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