Dear Black Twitter (Everything Aint Funny),

Social Networking has taken over the world as we know it. There seems to be a big shift in the way we interact within online lives transcending into our daily lives. I even talked about before how relationships have become avenues for attention whoring and insecurity(see The New Age Break up via Twitter and Facebook) There are statistics out that say African-Americans compromise 25% of the twitter users while we only compile 12% of the population. There is even a section of twitter called “black twitter” that has its own dynamics that seem to be similar to the comparison to many parts of the contemporary black experience. This weeks guest post goes into some of the dialogue condoned on black twitter.  Jasmine Powers(@jasminepowers) of CulturedGirlsOnly isn’t new to From Ashy to Classy she was last here with her post “Sistas Who’s Checkin For Ya?” . This time she writes a letter to black twitter that comes a very personal place and one we may need to be cognizant of even though social networking can be all fun and games.



There’s only one word that expresses my emotion at present. Confused. I’m trying to understand why there’s this thing called cyberbullying and mostly, why it’s happening amongst Black Twitter against other black people on Twitter. Black tweet on tweet crime. Who does that? Quite a few of you do.

I’m not a huge tweeter about social issues and I stay away from controversy on Twitter like it’s the plague. Most look at my account and determine, I’m a fun-loving, off the cuff, PR girl, blogger and artist. You won’t find me dissing folks often (I do, just not often, and it’s usually about Tyrese’s misspelled words). Don’t pay me any mind.

Today, unlike any other day, I tweet, then check my mentions and lo and behold three black guys who I’ve never knew existed began tweeting about how ugly they thought I was. The confusion began there. How did these guys even know who I am? I’m not a well-known content publisher. How did I come under their radar?

I shot back, lightly and trying to play along at first and then by trying to turn the tables logically on them. Eventually, they stopped, perhaps after I called attention to the sadness in that they said I looked like a few well known primates. Later, I got hit with, “Whoever said black is beautiful must’ve never seen @jasminepowers”. Wait, what? I ended with a note to the ringleader, “Brother. You do know that we were compared to monkeys and ppl just like you were hung from trees even recently. Stoppit.”

Check it. Those involved were highly educated black Greeks, both men and women. I may’ve expected it from Lil Wayne, but them? Maybe from white supremacists, but them? Someone who I’d had done something to, but them? *Scratches head, sighs, and sinks into my chair.*

Rewind about two weeks. The most outrageous offense of both cyberbullying (even proliferation of child pornography) occurred with the Amber Cole deal. I’d been silent on it mostly because peoples comments about her, oral sex, the guys in the vid, and the grown behind men happily excited by the vid made me want to vomit. I had to log off for the night.

Are we as a group okay with behaving in such a manner when we are the same ones crying foul, racism, and fighting social causes for the advancement of black people? Are we as a group doing this and the next day tweeting some Joyce Myers or a Jesus quote? To that, I direct a collective, please sit yo black gluteus maximus down.

No, I’m not mad at everybody. I’m not really even mad at the guys who had fun at my expense. I’m just disappointed. We gotta do betta. At first, I was thinking, “Oh, I’m not angry.” Then that changed to, “I hate black men because they are the first ones saying that black women have bad attitudes but then do dumb stuff like this to incur a black woman’s wrath.” I shut that up really quickly because I ride for my brothers. I’d die for my brothers. I don’t want to be with anyone but a black brother but many times this is what I have gotten from black brothers.

Some of the most afrocentric, black-women-loving men will do dumb stuff to prove some type of deep seated hostility or at least behave disrespectfully towards a black woman, even if unintentional. Why? We love you? Why would you do that to us? By extension, when we voice our dissatisfaction about this, we then become “crazy”, called a female dog in heat, “Sapphire”, or any number of things, to help you prove your case that “black women aren’t worth dealing with or loving.” Yeah, I’m venting, but I need to. I’m okay if you give me those monikers or don’t choose to be with me because I have the angry-black-woman syndrome. I contracted it from you.

Sidebar: Black women who jump in and cosign because you like the guys who are doing this and want to get your brownie points, you too, sit yo black cheeks down. He’s going to disrespect you too.

*Sips Moscato. Inhales. Silently “woosahs”. Is there an end to cyberbullying or hostility toward black women? IDK. I hope so. I don’t want to be angry. I don’t want to carry hurt. I don’t want to throw black men into this category of disgusting filthiness never to be touched. No. Much behavior is to be ignored and individuals instead of entire groups can be expelled from my mind and presence. I guess I just wish for some to think a little bit more about what they are doing, adjust and reach out for excellence instead of falling into the same negligible, inferior mindset.

I’m no angel. I will never be. I am humble, ready to learn and be corrected where I must. Please help me understand this. What do I need to do? What do you need to do?


Jasmine Powers

What do you think about Jasmine’s letter? And this aspect of “black twitter”. Chime in!!….

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14 responses to “Dear Black Twitter (Everything Aint Funny),

  1. Ohhh my god Jasmine! Great write up!! This was so much needed! Somethings can be funny and in jest but some people take things too far especially on twitter!! Dig I swear your blogs either make me love you are hate you. This one I loved because you gave Jasmine the opportunity to write this very big kudos to you both!!

  2. I am glad that she pointed out something of such interest and “importance”. Yes, people on Twitter (and Facebook) tend to bully each other or make things worse than they really need to be. These experiences aren’t unique. If you go to a message board on a site, you may see many people posting negative comments for the sake of. It is quite the sad state of affairs.

  3. None of the behavior you mention on social media sites surprises me-social media imitates the buffoonery of real life. Aside from a select few members, the most powerful tool ever created for connection and collaboration has been hijacked by ignorance. @blackamericau

    PS – now following @jasminepowers…great writeup!

  4. Dope post Jasmine!

    I think all of us have seen the ugly face of blacktwitter. Personally, I can’t deal with the nignorance. Sometimes we as a people are our own worst enemy. These idiots have “keyboard courage” and they feel better about themselves to talk bad about someone else.

    Primates? What other race does that? We’ve gotta do better as a people. And I can’t say it’s all of US but the nignorance has to stop. Sorry that you had to deal with it. But I’m glad that you and Daryl have addressed it.

  5. So I am trying to keep up with Twitter and now you all tell me there is a Black Twitter?? I don’t know why the ignoramuses chose to pick on you (haters?), but sounds like they have nothing better to do. I guess that’s just how bullying goes…even cyberbullying. People choose to prey on certain people, and it makes them feel good I guess…IDK. Great post! And keep up the good work…at least people are talking; so you must be doing something right!!! ;-)

  6. I think this post started off about why the black twitter universe needs to exist, then how it evolved to engage in cyberbullying, and then more specifically to black men against women. Besides trying to find the main thesis of your article, it was an interesting read and makes me at a minimum want to look into this blacktwitter you speak of.

    You had me at one line though, ” I’m okay if you give me those monikers or don’t choose to be with me because I have the angry-black-woman syndrome. I contracted it from you.” LOL Hopefully I won’t have to use that on someone later in life…

  7. Interesting you wrote about this, b/c over on SBM, there’s a post about the guy who apparently outed his ex gf via Twitter…e-thuggin seems to be at an all time high thanks to Twitter

    My perspective is the ppl that tweet insults are usually the main 1s that the tweet is talking about…like think of the guy who stays critiquing women based on their looks, yet his girl looks like a sea-donkey (true story)…or the chick who hates golddiggers but always twitpics herself in VIP w/ athletes and rappers when they’re in town…looking in the mirror is quite painful, so they’d rather hurl shots and deflect…but most of us see right thru it and just laugh along

  8. Good post Jasmine!! Don’t let those wack ass haters hold you down. The main ones talkin ish all the time like that internally know they aint shit so they try and spew the hate towards others!

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  10. QUOTING: “Check it. Those involved were highly educated black Greeks, both men and women. I may’ve expected it from Lil Wayne, but them? Maybe from white supremacists, but them? Someone who I’d had done something to, but them?”

    Excuse me for not being precisely on topic, but this quote makes me wonder just what are Black Greek organizations doing these days? Despite original intent, they seem to be failing at any uplift of the Black American community. Behavior and attitudes of this sort demonstrate how such distinctions can be more divisive and denigrating than they are edifying. I know those who participated in the Twitter raid against Ms. Powers shouldn’t be overgeneralized to represent the whole group of Greeks, but I’ve seen their sort of attitude more often than the brotherhood/sisterhood attitude they claim to promote.

    Anyway, Ms. Powers, I hope you know that the scope of your life is FAR greater than any amount of ignorant tweets.



  11. Enjoyed the read and I feel you.

    I’ve heard about “Black Twitter,” but I had never really taken the time to understand nor personally define it. Like yourself, I figured the moniker consisted of a lot of people who’d probably be better off putting all that misplaced energy towards something more constructive, like cardio and libraries.

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