So Beautiful That You Want To Skip The Condom?

On the second episode of my new podcast Straight Outta Lo Cash (peep out Episode 2:  Downlow on Facebook) we started a moniker called “Raw or Naw”. It was a comedic reference to the way people use to conduct their sexual actions pre- AIDS/HIV. We were saying how a person probably looked at a person crazy for wanting to use a condom. Why use a condom? It was either Raw or Naw. The only thing you had to worry about then was pregnancy but that was long ago in a different time. The time we live in today is so much different when it comes to most sexual activity. We have to make sure we protect ourselves better. But what happens when that fine woman comes around that every man jokes around about and says they would go raw with and impregnate? But what would you do if that situation was really in front of you? What will you think after the orgasm? This weeks guest post is from some one who has contributed the most to From Ashy to Classy. It is none other than  Greg The Dragon of the Hall of the Black Dragon who is going to talk about the temptation of having sex with the fine woman with no jimmy hat.


Many times I hear men joke about going at a beautiful woman without any protection. The joke is along the lines of: She is so beautiful that I would HAVE to raw dog it(slang for unprotected sex)!

While we all know that this is just a saying made extreme by the way how men tend to joke, the reality is that it really isn’t just a saying.

I can firmly say that most men would not turn down celebrity/model ass if it was given to them sans condom. It’s not so much that you start “thinking with your little head” or any other cliche, it’s that we view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that must be done.


Fellas, if you’re shaking your head at my assertion and pretending as if you’re above this, let me paint you a scenario. For this example I will use one of my celebrity crushes – Meagan Good. Go ahead and replace her with a celebrity that you would lose your mind to have a one night with and let’s continue.

One Night Inside The Good… An STD Fiction

One night you’re out having a good time at a friend’s house party when a chick that looks exactly like Meagan Good walks through the door. It just happens that she is a friend of your buddy’s girlfriend.

You stumble over (you’ve been drinking), thinking that you’re about to make an ass out of yourself but are unable to stop yourself.. I mean… she looks like Meagan frikking Good!

As you open your mouth to fail, Meagan clone puts her finger on your lips telling you to hush and then walks you to the back of the room. Pushing her tiny but oh so luscious body up against yours, she tells you not to talk and begins to make out with you. Your manhood rises to penitentiary steel solidity and you both slip into the guest bathroom to continue. The passion escalates to nuclear.

As you’re about to enter her luscious garden of earthly delights the scene freezes and a voice (my author voice) asks you “is it worth it?”

Do you proceed, or do you kill the mood and go trolling for protection… thus giving her time to come to her senses and killing your opportunity to score?

If you answer no as in “no Greg I wouldn’t knock that out at least 3 times” then you’re either a damn liar or one lion of a man. In the grand scheme of things we all need to be lions if we want to slow down the aspect of contracting an STD or fathering an unwanted child.

I cannot recall the last time I heard one of my fast, cooch hound buddies mention using a condom. On the other side of things many women are down with it. I guess itching and leaking is a small price to pay for a great experience?

Meagan Good is hot, YES, but life is short and full of pitfalls.

Guys, please think before you stroke and in the event that you’re foolish enough to have unprotected sex with a strange woman, do the world a favor and coitus interruptus. I’m sure you’ve watched enough porn to know the technique. Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts?? Chime in…

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18 responses to “So Beautiful That You Want To Skip The Condom?

  1. Agreed…..dudes (and some females) have to be reminded of this…The OLD cliche is STILL holds weight..”Looks ARE deceiving”……check it….I live for adventure and I’m an extrovert; but I won’t gamble with my health……

    Good Looking D & Greg…I enjoyed this read…….

  2. Agreed…..dudes (and some females) have to be reminded of this…The OLD cliche STILL holds weight..”Looks ARE deceiving”……check it….I live for adventure and I’m an extrovert; but I won’t gamble with my health……

    Good Looking D & Greg…I enjoyed this read…….

  3. Megan is so fine!! Dizzzam!! But you bring up some great points in here to remind us to never put a womans beauty above our own health. Good ass reminder Dragon! And Swizz diggin the radio show yall coming up!

  4. OMG, I was having this convo with some friends just the other day and I’m still shocked and appalled by the number of people who go by looks and don’t use protection…bump that! Dudes need to strap up…First of all, looks is by no means an indication that a person doesn’t have a disease or has any type common sense…Secondly, most of the pregnancies I hear about are because they didn’t use protection….*shaking my head* really?!!

    I can’t say I blame guys though when it’s women who allow it…my 2 cents… :-)


  5. Going to Kesha:

    Of course most pregnancies are going to be due to lack of protection. People don’t realize that condom use is “popular, yet unpopular”. I know plenty of people that have partners and they don’t use condoms. People that are out here risky, doing crazy stuff…not using condoms.

    I think it really boils down to lack of responsibility added with the fact that some people don’t like condoms.

    With that said: I would rather use a condom….unless we both went to get tested together. That is all.

  6. The need to use protection to reduce risk of disease is true.

    Also, in our society, men have no reproductive rights. If semen leaves your body, and it somehow results in a conception, you are responsible for that child. Period. Women have choice, men have responsibility. Therefore, men need to assume that 1. She is fertile 2. She will get pregnant 3. She will keep the baby. Are you okay with all that, plus the possibility of disease?

    Women lie about being on the pill ALL THE TIME. They do it in marriages, relationships, and even with one night stands. Also, birth control can fail. And speaking of, condoms can fail too. Especially if the woman gets a hold of the used condom and sticks your baby batter inside of herself. This stuff really happens, and it can really happen to you. Even men who are raped have no reproductive choice if the rapist gets pregnant. He is still forced to pay her child support.

    I am not saying every woman is untrustworthy. I’m saying that enough are, that you have to think with your big head before you act with your little one.

    • “Stacy S.” lol She’s only one of the baddest things walking. I knew someone who didn’t think she was up to snuff either. I don’t know what she was looking at though?

      • “Stacy S.” lol She’s only one of the baddest things walking. I knew someone who didn’t think she was up to snuff either. I don’t know what she was looking at though?

  7. Good, no great post, and smart to post it right before Worlds AIDS day. It’s not always easy to make the hard decision, but like many of your readers have said, it’s about your Health…a true life or death situation.

  8. The Black community has to be more responsible in our sexual practices. We need to exercise control, even in moments when it seems like an opportunity of a lifetime. One moment of not being responsible can result in a lifetime of sorrow. Good post!

  9. I’m late seeing this but this is a great one! I laughed the entire way through with “I know, right” mumbles here and there. I think that non-protected might be a bit more common than protected. If people were having as much protected sex as they say they are Walgreens would always be out of stock. Everytime you’d go in there’d be a guy saying “shooo we don’t know when we gon get em in..” lol But to be serious, like everything else in the world, people get comfortable even when they konw the risks present, i.e. seatbelts.

  10. Good read.

    Once upon a time I had the notion that a woman was simply too fine to be worried about wearing a condom every time we sexed. And, well, you know, a brother was careless. But years ago I stopped thinking as such and refuse to allow myself to be eaten alive by the HIV virus.

    Numbers don’t lie. The disease is spreading and when I think about it – it’s the bad bitches who are carriers.

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