The 40 Most Beautiful Black Women of ALL-TIME (21-40)

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Last week Men’s Health Journal wrote an article listing the “100 Hottest Women of All Time”. The list had Jennifer Anniston as the hottest woman of all time. Many people disputed and debated her being number 1. Then the black blogosphere was question the lack of color in the top 100. I actually understood why there weren’t many women of color in it based strictly of the demographics of who buys Men’s Health Journal. I then got to start thinking wouldn’t it be fun to come up with some of the most beautiful black women of all-time? So, I decided to compile a panel of some of the best writers, bloggers, podcasters, comedians, and MCs to come up with a list of beautiful sistas. The panelists were:

12 Kyle( @12kyle) of 12 Radio

Eclectik Relaxation ( @eclectik ) of The Cold Slither Podcast

Leon Scott (@listentoleon) of Listen to Leon

Comedian Jovan Bibbs( @jovanbibbs) host of Straight Outta Lo Cash

Slim Jackson( @slimjackson) of Single Black Male

Ted Simpson IV ( @60secmarathon) Producer/Member of Straight Outta Lo Cash

Lincoln Blades ( @thisisyourconscience) of  This is Your Conscience

Anslem Samuel ( @nakedwithsocks) of Naked with Socks

My UK Brother Justin Credible(@crediblej) of Brothers With No Game

Comedian Tony King( @tonykingisfunny) of MissyRadio

Rapper and Producer Vandalyzm( @Vandalyzm) of

I gave the all of the  panel a preliminary list of around 80 women and asked them to rank the women based on face, body, marketability, relevance, and grace.  Finally the results

*drum Roll please*

40.Lisa Bonet- Actress 

39. Josephine Baker- Singer, Actress, Activist

38. Vonetta McGee- Actress

37. Diahann Carroll- Actress and Singer

36. Lisa Raye- Actress

35. Michelle Thomas-Actress

34.  Erykah Badu- Singer

33. Toni Braxton- Singer and Actress

32. Angela Bassett- Actress

31. Lela Richon- Actress

30. Vanity- Singer and Actress

29. Regina King- Actress

28.  Kimora Lee – Model

27. Naomi Campbell- Model and Actress

26. Sanaa Lathan- Actress

25. Jayne Kennedy- Actress, Model, and Sportscaster

24. Melyssa Ford- Model and Actress

23. Mariah Carey- Singer and Actress

22. Meagan Good- Actress

21.  Michelle Obama- First Lady

What are your thoughts on 21-40 of what we came up with? Weigh in! Let us know your thoughts! Also check out other posts of  mine on beauty in the War of the Beauty series  and make sure you check out the Top 20 results

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38 responses to “The 40 Most Beautiful Black Women of ALL-TIME (21-40)

  1. I agree with every woman listed. Someone mentioned to me recently how beautiful Jayne Kennedy in her prime, and beauty definitely was her name.

    Toni Braxton is a pretty woman, indeed.

  2. Fellas yall did well with this post! Interested who will be in the top 20. Surprised but not surprised Michelle Obama is ranked so high. But, nice job so far!!

  3. Impressed that this list has had a balance of different types of black beauty!! Not just the typcial look from the list. I really appreciate you guys doing this and the way you compiled so far! I can’t wait to see the top 20!!

  4. I see that this is the back half of your list. And though these are some beautiful Sistas, I noticed that, save 2, these Sistas hit american pop culture within the last 50 years. I didn’t notice any dark Sistas. I also noticed that, save 2, these Sistas all have straight or straightened hair. And of course, save 1, these sistas are ALL actresses, models or some other kind of pop culture icon. It leaves a lot of shades, professions, body types and cultures out of the ranks.

    Artistic license and concepts of beauty notwithstanding, maybe theres a more appropriate title to your post/list, so we know what to expect. Instead of the “40 Most Beautiful Black Women of ALL TIME” it could be “The 40 most beautiful light-skinned pop culture icons to hit the scene in the last 100 years.”

    • Of course someone would find a way to make this about skin tone and hair. Of course.

      Nonetheless, I was glad to be a part of this project. Thanks for the invite Diggame.

    • There are 20 people left on this list. You should probably wait until then to make these kind of judgments. Also, other than actresses, models or pop culture icons, who else should be on this list? I know there are some beautiful women working at Macy’s, some beautiful scientists and some beautiful mothers/sisters, but we don’t know these people so how can they be included in this kind of list?

  5. Glad to see the list, and can’t wait to check out the top 20! @Pedro McGee I was one of the ones polled, and I had Vanity in my top 5. Guess I was outvoted LOL. Still, the list is great so far.

  6. Like the list BUT there are a lot of redbones on here! Would have like to seen some more chocolate sistas in the mix but I will keep my judgements until we see the top half thursday

  7. A Good Compilation of Beautiful Black Sista’s….as a woman, I’m not sure Lisa Bonet would have Made the list, I can think of about 5 women, to replace her…..But beauty is in the eye of the Beholder…..regardless, of complexion, profession, hair texture, and all other things that make us all so different, what is beautiful is that u gentleman have taken the time to give these Ladies their Just Due!

  8. You KNEW there would be somebody who would make it about light skin and straight hair. Black is black. And black is beautiful.

    Thanks again for letting me participate, bruh. Can’t wait to see the final list

  9. I agree with the comment re: Hillary Banks LOL. I know Dorothy Dandridge, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Lena Horne, and even though I may not agree Pam Grier and wouldn’t be shocked to see Tia and Tamara made the next list….yup these are things I know so I don’t even need to type it….HAHAHA

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  11. I have issues with the order but great start. Does being the first black first lady really merit Michelle Obama being right outside the top 20 though?

  12. A fine collection of beauties! It’s a shame that more of them didn’t make it into the (supposedly) multi-racial version.
    Good post

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  14. Some of ya’ll be “too black” for no reason. This liost had all dimes and these playas did a good job!! Some of ya’ll chicks want everyone to think natural har and afro puffs is beautiful. Sorry most dudes don’t ladies.. ya’ll like that shit!

  15. I think that the list you have is really a good representation of some beautiful black women. But what about Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, Sade? All lovely women. And the Mom on the Cosby show who has an elegance that a woman of any color would be hard pressed to match. Also what about Jennifer Hutson? Not just beautiful Physically but her beauty comes from the inside out with her strength of character and spine tingling voice? How could anyone forget her? Alicia Keys? I know she is not totally African American but still quite beautiful. The beautiful black girl who plays a recurring role as a Dr on Young and the Restless as Olivia? Very beautiful. And I am so glad to see that you included Michelle Thomas who was such a beautiful young woman and only just getting started. I can think of lots more…

    But, I’m not a guy so I can’t speak from that perspective but I do think that the ones chosen are very good and probably represent the taste of a large majority. But when rating beautiful women of any color I think we must also figure into that package the personality and whatever it is that gives them that special “sparkle” that makes them so attractive physically because it has to run all the way through to really make someone shine. It is not just skin deep. Outer beauty comes from within….deeply so…and if it’s not punctuated by that it is only a shell.

    • i agree with you 100% those women you mentioned are and were really beautiful. Even if the beautiful whitney houston is desessed her beauty still lives on. Btw another one that has not been mentioned Beyonce, Rihanna, Keke Palmer…

  16. Where is Whitney Houston????? To be real, all these ladies are Bea-u-ti-ful…..But Whitney, Dude if you take One look at the Sparkle in her eyes, that bone structure, & Gorgeous skin color….Irresitable….I Know…So include Her!!!

  17. Where the hell is Whitney Houston ??? you guys really need to ad her and put her on the top ofthe list. She is one of the most beatiful women who ever lived.

  18. This list needs to include Renee Elise Goldsberry. Google her and see. She’s an awesome actress on broadway-The Lion King, The Color Purple; TV-The Good Wife, The Following, One Life to Live. She has an angelic voice. Check her out.

  19. Change the title to “40 Most Beautiful Light Skinned Celebrities” That’d be more accurate!

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