7 Things My Grown Ass Has Learned This Year

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Yesterday marked my 31st birthday. Yeah, I look young as member of Young Money but my spirit is one as old as an ex-member of the O’Jays. This past year I have learned a lot not only about myself but the world as a whole have observed life through different lenses. Living and learning is an everyday struggle for all of us.  Okay maybe I can take it too far with my insatiable need to Google random things. I sat back the other day and jotted down some random things I learned this past year. These are some of the seven I came up with.

Eddie Long will forever be one of the funniest people.

If the Da Bishop as I call him is not molesting boys, being crown king, or rocking one of the most ridiculous curl toupees in modern history. He has put himself in the precipice of being the poster child of the idea of the Mega Church having kinks in the armor. Eddie Long has given us all years of material with his antics. Along with the comedy of Eddie Long I realized that looking at his congregation being in full swing that they don’t see the comedy in the “King” Eddie Long as I do.

People take me way more serious than I thought.

This is something I totally understand and get. I have won a few awards and have spoken a few places but some people are taking me more serious than I even take myself which is something I have to be more cognizant of. I realized this most when I wrote the posts “Not Having Sex Before Marriage is a Setup For Failure” and “Herman Cain and Uncle Ruckus Same Person?” Not only did these posts get many comments all over the web but a received a multitude of emails anywhere from “You are on point” to “Throw yourself into moving traffic”. Maybe it’s just because I’m still the same Ol’ G like Ginuwine said where I didn’t notice it but I have learned now that people are watching. I definitely have to start watching how I say things. A brotha not trying to do a Roland Martin or Jason Whitlock.

Most of us can’t look past our “First World” complaints

Many of us claim too much about “First  World” problems. I see so many people (including myself sometimes) who float around upset because of BS issues.  We feel that because we don’t have an I-Phone 4S, the new Jordans, a new whip, the deluxe apartment in the sky, can’t pop bottles in the club, etc that we aren’t winning at life. By no means am I saying that we shouldn’t strive to do better things but we gotta quit worrying about things that have no bearing on who we are. I think about the guy who gave his daughter a lesson on having BS “first world” grips and it makes me even wake up.

Seasons Change Things Rearrange

They say that some people and things are only for a time period. I have always believed that but this past year I have realized that my pseudo Peter Pan philosophy is really on the brink of extinction. I always prided myself being able to keep up with all my friends and comrades but it feels like I barely have time to chop it up as much with them as used to. When I was younger I had that hip hop music video dream of me and all my boys in the club altogether throwing ones and pouring champagne on random women like we were remaking a Luke video. But, time changes and everyone (including myself) interests change and evolve to suit our own direction and purpose. I have learned that those of us who are able to adapt to this and still keep our friendships intact are the key.

Everything that is beautiful isn’t always good

I have always known that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is good. But, I have learned that many times in life that the things that look the most good may have the most issues to it. For instance, that Amber Rose chick she has a lot of baggage and maintenance to go with the big butt and a smile. You know that Beemer you covet so much it takes a lot of money to maintain it. I have learned that the quote I have always held to my heart is becoming so much truer… “Everything beautiful isn’t always good. But something good is always beautiful.”

Niggaracity is here to stay

Yeah, I have somewhat given up on the good fight against just nigga ish I see everywhere. I haven’t given up the fight totally but I have also accepted that there will always be a lowest common denominator of society of any and every race. I have learned that will always be a sector of the community but my job is try to educate, inform, and give joy to those who are willing or wanting to learn more.  Like I said I am not giving up the good fight of upliftment I am just refocusing it instead of getting upset and random YouTube and world star hip hop videos.

Recognizing Things For What They Are NOT What I Want Them to be

I wrote a piece a few months back called “We Want it to Be ONE WAY…But Its The Other Way” and it was that point in this past year that I had to learn to recognize things for what they were right in front of me. I can only live in what is happening today. One can want or wish for something but the only way we can have real control is be recognizing what is going on at this present time.  You have look at people and situations and see them for what they are. When you really take into account what they are you can decide what decision to make. I felt myself many times wishing for people and things to be a certain way and it blinded me in my decision-making. The only thing you can do is control your decisions and how can you can control the decisions if you don’t look at the facts and not hyperbole.

I have settled into my 30s and realized that being this grown ass man is a lot harder but a beautiful struggle I am willing to undertake.

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5 responses to “7 Things My Grown Ass Has Learned This Year

  1. I really love this post! Though I don’t always agree with you. You always give a greatt perspectiv that makes me think!

  2. Digg,

    My respect level for you dude, just reached an all-time high!

    On a personal note, #5, #6 & #7 were the hardest things for me to accept……


  3. Don’t let your readers compromise your freedom of expression in writing. It’s that freedom that brought them here in the first place, and it’s what got you to where you are now. I am totally feeling you on this post but I don’t think you should switch to DeCaf just because the numbers jumped and a few red asses sent you hate mail. For every prude there’s a dude out there nodding in agreement, and once you go down the road of PC writing, you can easily start to dislike writing due to the handcuffs.

    Just keep doing your thing.

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