America is Scared of Radical Muslims…We Should be Scared of Radical Christians, Too

Since 9/11 the United States’ heightened fear of Muslim people and the Islamic religion has been out on Front Street. This fear of Islam has plunged us into two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) and potential another one (Iran). This always looming potential fear has been feed to Americans the last 10+ years. But, there is another entity that I am more fearful of in this country that is looming like the Republic in Star Wars lore…them damn radical Christians.

Yeah, you know who I am talking about when I mean radical Christians right? Those people like Rick Santorum who believes that the church and state shouldn’t be separate. That everyone in this country should be Christian even though we all have a 1st Amendment that protects our Freedom of Religion. They even call Barack Obama a Christian atheist now. You know those types. Honestly I am scared of those people more than the Al Qaeda because they are slowly trying to inundate their doctrine into American policies and law. Don’t believe me well here are a few recent examples…

Green Dragon War

First go check out Green Dragon War and Environmentalism.  Alright after you have viewed that you will see that they are DEAD ASS SERIOUS. If you haven’t viewed the video basically the far right Radical Christians are now proclaiming that they have evidence that the environmental movement is evil and apart of the devil. They call the movement the Green Dragon and they are at War at them. They talk about the idea that we should just do whatever to the environment because God gave us (humans) dominion and power over it. Yes, they believe that conserving and saving the earth is NOT in God’s plan. Yes, you read this right. They believe that helping the environment is working against the power of God. These radical Christians aren’t just on a fringe they are many of the U.S. Representative and State Officials we have in our states who have subscribed to this idea.

Separation of Church and State

The separation of church and state has been a pillar of our society since the constitution was created. Just like slavery it has taken our country a little time to get it right when it comes to it but people such as Rick Santorum( he has now backtracked his original statement), Rick Perry, and Sarah Bachmann think there she not be a difference in church and state. The scary part about this is that they are trying to rewrite one of the main proponents of the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”.

These radical Christians believe “their” values should be the prime key in the laws being created. They want prayer in public schools for instance but what if you are Muslim, Jewish, or atheist should you have to take part in “Christian prayer” at school? Or that a job shouldn’t honor or respect your religious practices?

Hate of Women

Sometimes I wonder who many of these Radical Christians are having sex with. The reason I say this because they produce so many bills and notions that are hateful to women. They don’t want women to have birth control at all so they start out by trying to act ont he idea that insurance company’s shouldn’t have to cover it. Then you have bills being pushed in Virginia, Alabama, and now Pennsylvania in concerns of transvaginal ultrasounds in abortions. Then you have intrusive rape kits on the books in other states.

Regardless of their ideas on abortion many of these radical Christians/Republicans believe they are honoring the will of God in the intrusive transvaginal ultrasounds. I mean many of these same people will say that a woman who was rape may have deserved it or put herself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have had debates with folks who don’t take as much of an issue as I do with radical Christians. I always tell them to caution themselves because maybe it’s the angry black man in me but I always feel when some rights are being infringed on are some maniacal thought process is being pushed that “negroes” are soon to be brought to their Evangelical carpet. Don’t get caught up in the smoke screen of all these organizations having “Family” or “values” placed in their names. They want to control the way YOU live your life. We all thought the Tea Party was a joke too but they became a political force the last 4 years didn’t they? These radical Christians are picking up steam so stay woke before we wake up in a society where everyone has to believe in their God or a God to live in this country.

If you haven’t make sure you check out this weeks episodes of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “When Will America Just Exhale?” with special guest Eddie Holman IV. You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, I-Pad or Black berry of Stitcher Radio.

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11 responses to “America is Scared of Radical Muslims…We Should be Scared of Radical Christians, Too

  1. One should never fear Christianity. Christianity is and always will be about love. Seems as if you are trying to propogate atheism and not the facts of what Christianity has done

  2. Very Very on point post! These radical christians ARE going hard and showing that they really aint all about love unless you believe in what YOU believe in.

    Let’s not even get into the disucssion of how they hate Gays!

  3. @ Super Christian: the “facts” of Christianity include slavery, genocide and colonialist oppression. That which was foisted upon early Christians was then foisted upon Jews, Muslims, Wicca, Buddhists, Hindis and any number of native religion practitioners.

    Jesus was an amazing man…many of his followers have been the oppossite.

  4. Santorum’s position on the separation of church and state (and phrase that he says makes him want to “throw up”) can be summed like this:

    1. The government should stay out of religion.

    2. Religion should be a part of public policy making.

    In other words, he wants a one-way street.

    Super Christian, I wish you were right. But there are many who call themselves “Christian” who do not act in that manner. For example, see the case of Jessica Ahlquist.

    “Atheist Teen Jessica Ahlquist Bombarded with Death, Rape Threats.” (You can Google her name to learn more.)

    I don’t think it is the atheists making those threats, do you?

  5. God did give us dominion over the earth! they are right about that! But they maybe over stepping biundaries with some of the environment jumbo. I also think they we do need more church and familky values in our public. Think about how much better our society was better with wholesome Christian values instead of the stuff we have now

  6. Awesome post. And you are right. There should be a concern of the radicals. There is such an imbalance when it comes to pursuing unnecessary requirements on those that do not care to participate. Thanks for posting.

    • “Dangerous” is the key word. I do not like the radicals trying to infringe their beliefs on others. Someone like that should never hold office such as the POS .Santorum will never see the White House, because he is in fact dangerous. The American people know it and despite his radical followers, they still will not be able to get him in the White House.

  7. Digg, this is a POWERFUL POST!! Also, the comments are key here. I recently found out about a song, Millie Jackson made years ago….still true to this day……it’s called “A Child of God (It’s hard to believe)”.

    As far as my personal take on this…..the problem I have is two-fold. There are two extremities in this case. First, I also have a problem with the Radicals (as been mentioned before here)…….and also the Wicked (no real values, no significant beliefs, no boundaries, no fear of God) just freestyling ………. as a people, we still got folks with a crabs in a barrel lifestyle….yeah, we trashin’, demonizing and threatening each other as human beings (all on the web)……..knowing we all flawed. But I hardly hear ANYONE anymore….saying, “I’ma pray for you”, “I’m still rootin’ for you”……..”I still love ya'”……4 REAL…..

    One Love,


  8. If the Vatican as a church state in Italy has never been the most exemplary or best model for having a government run by religious why are these radical Christians thinking that they could do what has never been done in human history? If Christ is to have His kingdom on Earth, why are men trying to sit on thrones?

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