How a T.I. Concert Showed Me Why I Can’t Go to Most Rap Concerts

There are times in a man’s life where they start to realize a certain transition in their life. It’s where a person learns that at a certain age they have to give up on certain things. This weekend a T.I. Concert taught me that I am too damn grown for most rap concerts now. Yeah, I said it I can’t do most rap concerts anymore. I have always been able to tow the line between all classes of living but maybe my starting to lose my touch.

This past weekend I was out with one of my best friends Jenae Wallick (yeah the chick from OWN’s reality show Sweetie Pie’s) and she invited me with her to see her fiancé Tim (the co-owner of Sweetie Pie’s) open up for T.I.  Innocent enough right? No, it really wasn’t you want to know why because this concert was at a club NOT an amphitheater.  Attending this event I realized a few things made me know I am too damn old for rap concerts. Here are a few of those observations.

Church at Club Klymaxxx

We get to the venue and get into the VIP line and some hands me a flyer for Church on Sundays at Club Klymaxxx. Now I am not judging anyone for how they are getting they praise on. But, is having church at Club Klymaxx what is real in the streets now?

Puff Puff Pass

The concert I knew was going to be ratchet as hell. That’s a given with the location and the artist performing. The weed wasn’t too much of an issue to me because I have been to Smookin’ Grooves, A Cypress Hill, and a Method Man and Redman Concert and have seen weed get passed around at a concert. But, this show seemed that it was a pre-requisite to have your own personal blunt to gain admittance. I am to the point now where I don’t like my fly ass sweaters smelling like Hennessey and weed.

I aint no Nino Brown

We were in the VIP section so I don’t know about the rest of the crowd but it seemed like 90% of the dudes in our section were definitely drug dealers aspiring to control their own Carter. Dudes were over 30 in their saggin below the man code limit. I mean nino Brown even rocked a suit half the time. I had one dude half drunk come over to me and say “You dress all uppity for these bitches tonite playa.” I guess I am not living for a New Jack City anymore.

Rap Concert Chicks Don’t Like Me

I have realized that hood chicks didn’t like me long time ago but this night just solidified what I had already ascertained. Not that I was looking to holla at any of the women but a few would look at me like Carlton Banks. No, the tripped out part was that I saw chicks who I know who had degrees (from accredited Universities) in there all over the Nino Brown’s. I thought the dope dealer persona for the nice girls was starting to fall off though?

The Quality of the Show

I only knew 20 % of the music played or performed that night. They had about 30 opening acts and the headliner T.I. didn’t come on till 12:30(keep in mind the venue closes at 1 so you do the math). Even crazier is that they were charging 1700 dollars for a VIP table and $60 ticket for a general admission ticket. I aint mad at the hustle at all but some of these rap concerts don’t give you a full show anymore. I get the economics of it though and how much the artist is contracted to do but maybe that’s why these shows may not be for me anymore. This is no diss to T.I.(though I have been critical of him before) I just know that I want to get more out of a headliner than 20 mins.

Don’t get me wrong this post isn’t going at rap concerts necessarily being bad but just not for me. It’s funny because I was born on the south side of Chicago and raised on the North side of St. Louis so I have damn near seen everything. I know that I can only take scenes like this in certain doses now. I know one thing I won’t be at too many of those kind of rap concerts in the future. I used to be able to hit up a concert like this with no issue. Now it seems on these scenes I feel like a fish out of water. Maybe I am getting grown?  Have my tastes just changed? Or is it I can’t do too much niggaracity anymore. But, you know what I heard on the adult contemporary station that New Edition and SWV will be here this month. That sounds more like a show I will be more comfortable at.

Check out Jenae Wallick from Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s on the Straight Outta Locash Podcast {CLICK HERE}

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18 responses to “How a T.I. Concert Showed Me Why I Can’t Go to Most Rap Concerts

  1. Reblogged this on The Urban Link and commented:
    This post shows us some of the changes in the live entertainment arena…no longer does the headliner give you your money’s worth but also the darn promoter is making a killing from people who just want to brag they spent over a grand to sit at a VIP table or booth…wow.

  2. Bro I know the feeling. And its tougher for me because my business is to be there. I dont think it is you getting grown. I think it probably has to do with the amount of NIGGARdom that goes on…Its just too extra for me. And I appreciate a good show. Rappers arent doing that anymore. Its just a bunch of niggas on stage acting like they are so cool reciting your lyrics with you…Only thing is they dont have mics. So basically you have grown up but hip hop and rap concerts havent…

  3. First let me just say how GLAD I am to have followed your blog. Always interesting and with a great story.

    I am a publicist in the urban entertainment industry AND I am definitely over 40…my clients range from the subdued to the aggressive, if you understand my meaning. One of the most painful things I have to do now days is climb my butt into my vehicle and attend a club date with a client. I can’t STAND it LOL but hey I have to provide full service to my paying clients. It amazes me to see grown WOMEN not of the hoodrat variety so enthralled with the “Nino Brown” types who are advertising their behinds in a fashion that would have their “manhood” questioned in various other settings…like pre-90’s prison.

    Also, if I wanted to get high, I make enough money to get my own so smelling the backyard boogie some of these cats blaze is an insult to my clothes and nose…spending over a grand on a vip booth that isn’t really so vip is a strain on the weed budget LOL…

    Sorry, I got off track…let me end by saying you are not getting old, the new generation is getting out of hand and they industry is making a living from some of the new fangled foolishness. Grown people remember what it is to get their money’s worth from a headliner AND when VIP actually meant something other than being surrounded by cats trying to hold onto something they never really had…i’m just saying. #salute

  4. I recently went to the Watch the Throne Tour and i had the same feeling. Similar to your experience it didnt ahve as much to do with the music as it did the people around me. I love most rap music but it just doesnt get me hyped like it used to when i was a younger guy. Good blog ill check in more frequently.

  5. Good post, bruh. It’s called growth and maturity. You KNOW what a real rap concert should be. You’ve seen it and experienced it. The sad thing is…there are people who think what you saw was a “great show.” This generation is lost when it comes to music. Not hating…but it just sucks.

  6. Hahahaha! You always been the hood dude but as soon as you stepped on to ISU campus it had to change! You just are in a different social bracket and I know its hard to let somethings go but oh well hip hop aint been the same since BIG died

  7. I can relate man. Some things in life we just grow out of. Yet, the wildest part is coming to that realization. It’s almost like and epiphany, especially if it hits you when you’re in the midst of it.

    I never was the hood type of dude, so I know exactly how it feels to have people looking at you sideways because you’re wearing a belt, your pants are pulled over your butt cheeks and you’re wearing a button up or sweater. It’s funny.

  8. As much as I LOVE hip hop. I’ll pass on the concerts. It’s just too much and I can’t take the ignorance that is there and the Ghettonese that I hear. I saw Rakim at a small club in January but the crowd was mature and true hip hop heads. At this stage I’m passing on any rap concert that has(T.I,Jim Jones,Wacka Flacka,Rick Ross) you get the point. I can’t take it no mo!

  9. Oh my… LMAO @ this post! U know I love the funny (but serious at the same time), Dig. I am not sure why you even tried this concert. I have tears in my eyes from beginning to end of this one. I believe it’s a combination of all things listed in the last paragraph. I am laughing with you and at the look on your face at this concert.This is exactly why I can’t go to most Hip Hop concerts today. There are a couple artists that I would actually like to see perform, but I will continue to pass. Great read. No matter what rolls through these doors tonight, work will seem a bit lighter. Thanks for that!

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  11. D! I love your delivery, you make me laugh, but you’re always speaking the hardcore truth too. I think it’s just being grown. All my friends keep telling me once you hit 30, things change. We grew up with “age ain’t nutin but a number” as an anthem, but maybe it does count for something….

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