VLOG: Trayvon Martin Is Not Just a Black Thing Its a People Thing

I finally decided to do another video blog. I haven’t done one since the one I did while I was at Blogging While Brown when I won a Black Weblog Award. With that being said this Trayvon Martin situation has really been getting to me. If you haven’t heard about the Trayvon He was a 17-year-old boy who was gunned down by George Zimmerman a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain in a suburban Orlando neighborhood. To read more about the story click here or watch the video above from Jasiri X. I felt that I had to say a little something about what i feel about this situation. The video is below and if you can’t view it click here. Also below the video I have included information of how we all can go out and contact the officials to put pressure on them to do something about this situation.

1. Sign the petition


2. Contact Local/State/Federal officials and DEMAND justice!!

Sanford Police Chief- Bill Lee

407.688.5070 – Office

Sanford Mayor- Jeff Triplett


Sanford District 4 Commissioner – Patty Mahany

Phone: 407.688.5001 ext. 5201

Seminole County Commissioner District 5-Brenda Carey

Phone: (407) 665-7209, 407-333-4456

Florida State Representative, District 33- Jason T. Brodeur @jasonbrodeur

Phone: (850) 488-0468
Phone: (407) 302-4800

Florida State Senator, Dist. 9, Andy Gardiner, Maj. Leader @FLSenateGOP

(407) 428-5800
Senate VOIP: 40900

U.S. Congressman, FL 7th District, John Mica

Phone: 407-657-8080
District Representative: Dick Harkey

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson @SenBillNelson

Phone: 202-224-5274 D.C.
Phone: 407-872-7161 Orlando

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15 responses to “VLOG: Trayvon Martin Is Not Just a Black Thing Its a People Thing

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  2. I’ve cried and cried over this due to all the underlining implications it brings up. It seems all of my African American male friends have a story of being “under suspicion” and approached by “the law” at one time or another. It saddens me on such a profound deep soul level it almost paralyzes me to do anything at all. Great video (sharing right now) and thank you for taking signing the petition a step further by compiling this list of names, I too will be contacting some folks after I press send…(and get some more Kleenex). You’re my hero for the day :)

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