An Open Letter to My Unborn Child

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The landscape of America with the impending election, Health Care reform, and the Trayvon Martin situation has argubably began to divide this country more than it has ever been in history. The changing culture of America especially for a black male in America is something that has to reconceptualize especially for black children. What lessons do we want to teach them? How do we want to prepare them for a world that has a black president, a heightened more overt fear of black men, and over sexed view of black women? Monday, I wrote a letter to hip hop asking when they were going to make a stand and be the voice I know it can be. This week’s guest post is from Abdul K. Abdullah who has been one of the ( where he writes an open letter to his soon to be born child to him and his wife.


The following letter is a letter to not just my unborn child, but to the born and unborn black children who never had a father to tell them this…… I love you, and this is what your daddy’s heart is really thinking and wanted to say but sometimes things happen and he  never get to tell you…

March 22, 2012:

My child,

Let me start this letter by saying I love you with every fiber in my body, from the moment I heard your heart beat on the Ultra sound  it has been a love affair. Lauryn Hill said it best, “You are a beautiful reflection of GOD’s Grace “. I am writing you for several reasons today:  First, to express my fears, hopes, desires, and finally to speak to your destiny and the potential in your life. We live in a cynical world.  We just elected our first African American President of the United States of America a little over 3 years ago, and he is an amazing man, father, and example…but yet disrespected by so many people because he is a black man. I bring up race because I always want you to remember where you come from and where your people have come from. Your grandparents were denied certain freedoms because they were black. When your grandmother was a child her mother was forced to ride in the back of the bus, but your grandmother was so fair skinned as a baby that they let your great grandmother ride in the front of the bus or shop in certain stores because they thought she was a white baby and your great grandmother was her nanny.   Your great- grandmother’s brothers and sisters were sharecroppers in Forest City, Arkansas and Clay County Mississippi. You may say what is a sharecropper?  Well if I am not here to teach you what it is there is this site called Google where you can look anything up….Finally, your Great, Great, Great Grand Parents were slaves but died free…. As for me, well I was raised at times on public assistance, food stamps, WIC etc., but I always had two parents that worked hard and like all your (great) grandparents parents, they wanted the best and more for their children then they had.  I wish the same for you. I have been able to break the curse of poverty for me and my family forever and I expect you to bring prosperity to the generations that follow you to teach them about credit, money, and most important family….No one person is bigger than the family and that is your biggest asset.

You have a responsibility to further yourself, the community, and our family, to prepare the next generation. You have all the tools you need; your options have already been bought with the blood, sweat, sacrifices, and decades of hard work by your parents and your grandparents and their parents. The sky is the limit…you want to be a lawyer, doctor, businessman/woman, businesses owner, political figure, husband, wife, and a voice for those who can’t speak….? Guess what, you can and will…why…because you are my child; GOD has called you to be great.  GOD told me in his word” For I know the plans I have for you, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  You were born to manifest the glory of GOD.  So if you say it and put actions behind it…It will be so.  Seek GOD first and in all ways acknowledge him and he will guide your path.

There is so much I want to say to you about life, love, career, family marriage, but my time is drawing to close for this particular letter so I will leave you with this and then give you a blessing:

Integrity….Always have Integrity.  Integrity is not just doing the right thing when no one it is looking….it is being the very definition of it and this is how:  Make sure you are truthful with your words, who every you are in the public should be the same person in your home that your children and spouse see, and who you see when you look in the mirror and that is righteous fair, kind, and tender hearted.   Your grandfather said this to me “You are nothing in this world until you get things on your name”, now I say the same thing you:  You are nothing in this world until you get things on your name”. Finally let me bless you:

The King in me speaks to the King/Queen in you and decrees by Almighty GOD that: You will be wise, fair, the very definition of integrity, hard worker, lead by the Holy Spirit , and have a name that is desired more than Gold.

You may say, “why not bless me with Monterey riches, prestige, and fame”?  It is because I want you spiritually rich because you were born to be an instrument of praise to GOD and to allow him to use you to bring others comfort. The Bible says….I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.   I believe that GOD’s word does not return void…which is why I blessed you with the things I have because you will receive the overflow when you bless others and are righteous. This is a recession proof, human proof, and time tested formula for success……

So in closing I love you and you are my greatest accomplishment in life.  Read this often for direction or whenever you need to know that you are loved and you are special and thank you GOD for letting me be a father on earth to your child and watching over him/her. I will write again soon.

With a fathers love,

Abdul Kaba  Hardrick-Abdullah

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