Instagram Is Better For You Than MegaMillions

Yesterday it was announced that the growing popular App for I-Phones and Android phones Instagram was recently purchased by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for around 1 BILLION dollars. That’s right 1 Billion Dollars!! The popular photo sharing Smart Phone application was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The more amazing thing about this story is that Systrom and Krieger built this in all in TWO YEARS! The week before we had the case of everyone and their mama (And I mean that literally everyone and their mama if you saw any of the lines) was buying a MegaMillions lottery ticket.  Lines were wrapped around any place that had a cash register and a Lottery printing machine. The MegaMillions was estimated to be somewhere around 656 million dollars.

When I saw the Instagram story I felt that it was ironic that both of these occurrences happening within weeks of each other. We had a tale of getting rich overnight by “luck” (I mean that in every facet that look could mean) and two people coming up with a great idea and working that idea to a successful fruition. There is a lesson to be learned from both cases of and the biggest lesson is that Instagram is better for our lives than talking about MegaMillions.

Instagram was a photo app it wasn’t nothing that special of an idea. Anyone could have come up with the idea but the difference is somewhere along the line they believed in the vision of Instagram to go hard after it.  If you read their story you will find that the creators bounced around and worked on many ideas and out themselves in position to sell their App for 1 billion dollars. I have written before that there is a “Myth of Rags to Riches” but a lot of that has to do with our own mindset and what we can believe we can make happen.

Then on the other hand look at the at the case of Mirlande Wilson, the Baltimore County women who has claimed for over a week she has had a winning ticket. She supposedly went into a lottery pool with her co-workers at McDonald’s and shafted them by not sharing the ticket winnings with them. She has been going on an Award Tour like A Tribe Called Quest, doing interviews and even a press conference to talk about the ticket.  The whole situation with Mirlande Wilson is like a very bad night Friday Night BET Cinema. Let’s keep it real this woman from her actions and attention whoring is more than likely more likely to end up like the 1000s of other lottery winners…broke in 10 years

I look at the concept of winning the lottery as problematic for a person wanting to reach their full potential. Now I am no fool if someone dropped off 10 million dollars to me I would take it with the quickness, but I know that EVERYTHING in life comes at a price whether we want to believe it or not.  People lined up for hours waiting for a chance at winning the millions of dollars.  Before I get started I want to first say I really get it! The idea of hitting it rich overnight and changing one’s life in a matter of seconds is something that almost anyone would want. I saw people Tweeting, Facebooking, and writing, for days about what they would do with the money. People had elaborate plans of what they would do with the money. Think of what we could if we took the time to plan and execute our purpose or success? Why is it that we can believe in the idea of winning lottery so much but fail to believe in ourselves that much?

Keep in mind that the big lottery argument in Baltimore with all of this hoopla is over money that NO ONE has worked for. I know one can argue about the idea of that most a lot of people with success didn’t necessarily work for it either. And once again I totally get that and believe the statement as having validity to it. But, which one is more likely to happen and put our energy into: the lottery or our own personal worth? I admit I was tempted to buy a lottery ticket (“You Have to be In It to Win It Right?”) but the more I thought about it I decided I didn’t want to buy a ticket. Call me crazy but I didn’t want to build my legacy on the idea of me making my millions on a whim. I want to be an example to my future children and grandchildren about how staying focused, working hard, and following my purpose got my family to where they are.

Think of what I am saying in terms of the Chinese Proverb:

 “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a life time”.

I think that Instagram’s purchase gives all of us a reason to want to find that think that will take our life or purpose to that next level. I am a firm believer in the power of doing and NOT trying. If that is so, how can you do the lottery? One can only try but some one can DO something like Instagram. At the end of the day Instagram being bought for 1 Billion should give you another reason to believe that your odds are better going hard after your dreams than wishing/hoping you win the LOTTERY!

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7 responses to “Instagram Is Better For You Than MegaMillions

  1. ” Why is it that we can believe in the idea of winning lottery so much but fail to believe in ourselves that much?” …I love this quote. Great story

  2. Its easy to say all of this but who aint gonna take that bread! Everyone not going to able to get that dream! Why not play the lottery what do you have to lose? You seem foolish to think life is just as easy as finding purpose and working hard. Way more complicated than that chief

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