Five Reason You May Want to See “Think Like A Man”??

Today, if you weren’t under a rock, in a coma, or trapped in China, you probably know the film that has been talked about for over a year will finally be hitting theaters….”Think Like a Man”.

First off, I will fully admit that when I heard this film was coming out I rolled my eyes and wanted to throw myself down a flight of stairs.  I really wasn’t feeling the premise of the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man”.  Now I had nothing against Steve Harvey, but I just didn’t feel his book  furthered the relationship dynamic. And as a film connoisseur I thought to myself… “Damn, here we go with another lazy storyline.” The interesting thing is that the more I saw about the film over the next year I began to think that maybe, just maybe, this film may not be as bad as I originally thought.

I am going to give you Five Reasons (especially for the fellas) you may want to check out “Think Like A Man.”

Surprising Reviews

I was reading an article the other day that the film received a 98% approval rating among test viewers in the screeners for the film. I understand that those screeners can be skewed, but a 98% is still a 98%. Then even my people over at Shadow and Act  said the move was a lot better than they thought as well. Now, if any of you know how the people over at Shadow and Act get down you know they keep it thorough and real when it comes to their reviews.

Kevin Hart

If you look at the previews you will see that Kevin Hart stands out tremendously from all the  cast members of “Act Like a Man”. I mean seriously, this dude is mad funny. Everything he touches now is a comedy jewel. If you have ever seen any of his Chocolate Droppa battle raps or his standup you will see why this dude is running and winning with the comedy torch.

Megan Good

Everyone knows my admiration for her (See my proposal on Megan Good).  And I know a lot of other brothers are on the same tip, so this point should be self-explanatory.

It’s Just a Romance Comedy

I’m not gonna front – I can come off as a film and music snob (As my Straight Outta Locash Cohort calls me a Negroacci). I’ve begun to appreciate films for what they are, instead of imposing some deep esoteric meaning into it. “Think Like a Man” is just a romantic comedy that’s displaying people of color. There was nothing wrong with When Harry met Sally”, “He’s Just Not That Into You, and “Friends With Benefits.”

Feminine Energy

This last point is for the fellas, but ladies you can read long…

Think about this fellas – you get a free, EASY, night out with this film. You have a woman you’re in a relationship with (or trying to get with. WHY NOT take her to see this film. In general, women love romance films (and Michael Ealy) and a woman may want to check this out with a YOU. If any of you fellas are like me, I love to have that feminine energy around, especially if it is a woman you’re feeling.

Do I know how the film is going to be? Nah, I don’t. But I’m sure my reasons at least made you think about seeing “Think Like A Man”.


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10 responses to “Five Reason You May Want to See “Think Like A Man”??

  1. I don’t hate on Steve. He getting money right now and if they stupid chicks keeping buying it let him live. I won’t be seeing it but I feel Steve pimpin the game for this paper

  2. I can’t bring myself to see this. I find it morally objectionable. The tag line is, “let the mind games begin.” I’m tired of relationships be promoted as some sort of game and “the ring” as a prize to be won. Marriage is a partnership and how can you build trust with someone trying to manipulate you? Would you do business with someone applying a mind-eff to trick you into doing what they want?

    • Its just a movie though! I’m not feeling Steve and the whole concept either but I get the idea of the date movie. Some movies can just be fun ya know

  3. I get the date movie idea and if i had a chick I wanted to spend some movie cake on I would see it but Steve Harvey’s suits and three failed marriages alone will keep me away without going with a chick

  4. Last weekend, I invited my teen daughter to catch the film before I attend with my woman (this weekend). I figured, I could actually watch the film w/o wondering what my daughter was thinking, opposed to the woman I lay besides at night, same woman who analyzes and dissects my every move it seems concerning our relationship….

    i digress,

    Anyway, it’s a solid film and entertaining and I’m sure many of the film’s messages hold water, somewhere in the Universe,


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