Do You Care About FAME More than SUCCESS?

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with DJ Ay Eye (@ay_eye) and we were talking about hip hop in 2012. He said something that stuck out to me that seems to be across the board the aim of life. He said to me that most hip hop/rap artists don’t care anything about the money they really on care about the Fame. I sat back and thought about his statement and it may be something that has validity to it. Think about it the music industry on a mainstream level is a dead industry walking so if a person is so much about” money” as many rappers proclaim than why would they get into the rap game now. It all comes back to….FAME! The concept becomes something we begin to see across the board when it comes to many of our lives. We live to have FAME instead living for success and fulfillment. Some of us simply just want to be known and have no other aspirations besides being someone people talk about or want to talk to.

Society since the beginning of time has been one of people wanting some form of recognition for accomplishing something. We all want to be known for something among our peers and those we respect within our communities. Are you really looking for success and fulfillment or do you just want the FAME? Most people will say they will take money or success over fame but do we really act in such a way.  Many of us scrounge for the opportunity to just be known at any cost (Look at YouTube and reality TV) but do we really look to understand the process to achieve success?

I do not like the man who squanders life for fame; give me the man who living makes a name. -Emily Dickinson

There are so many people I have seen are engulfed in the fame of being someone to other people. Women aim to be as Tank called a “Star’s Girl” and men want to be considered in the 90s what we called a Big Willie even if their success doesn’t measure to their bravado. Just because you are famous doesn’t mean you have accomplished anything. You can be known just because you are out there but does that really mean you have achieved success? Now I am not into the game of quantifying what someone else success is and what they should consider success. For some people being famous is success but what happens when your 5 minutes of fame is gone is your life worth nothing without the fame? You can say you care about success and fulfillment more but do your actions in life align with working towards success or  are the linear with the idea that you want fame? Fame is something easily attainted from just a few happenstance situations while success is something that is a combination of hard work, a few things breaking your way, and making some good decisions.

This is the thing about success it isn’t just within a financial situation it is the ability to see something you dreamed come to fruition.  For instance success for you may need that you get your children through college, help building a community, or writing a book. The thing is that most of those things can give you solace at night that you accomplished. I am not also naive to the idea that some people’s idea of success can be making it rain weekly at Magic City, being the new member Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop, or even the newest edition to World Star Hip Hop lore.  Are those things going to mean a damn 10, 20 years from now or will you just become a very small footnote of the past? While having some measurable amount of meaningful success will mean that you not only affected your life but those around you.

The thing I have found that the more you stay to who you are that success will happen and with success will come fame.  Ask your self are you about that fame life or looking for success? If you are all about that fame life it can only hold you down for so long because you can only be “that dude” or the “it chick” for so long because time and age is the only thing we can’t control. Remember an old fool was once a young fool.

The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do without thought of fame. If it comes at all it will come because it is deserved, not because it is sought after. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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8 responses to “Do You Care About FAME More than SUCCESS?

  1. FAME is a lazy bi-product of the generation, culture, and society that we live in. Instant gratification. We don’t want to put in the work however we want the spoils that come with it. This is partly the reason that most of us dont push our kids to playing baseball. Baseball in terms of numbers and percentages, has the greatest probability of success than any other major sport and also highest avg salary etc. However because it takes so long to get to the majors (23-25 yr old rookies) it is something that has delayed gratification. Meanwhile you have straight 1 and done B-Ball players etc but short lived careers. I dont understand rappers either. If you were really about money you would be doing country. THAT actually hasnt faltered in sales. Im just saying…

  2. I like the way you wrote this and put this aarticle together! I think we have watched too much MTV cribs and Love and Hip Hop that we become wanting to be one of those people to feel like we are somebody. I look when I happen to go out to the club and you can tell the women who are stars girls as you mentioned and dudes who just want to be seen in VIP but ask then what they are doing on a five year plan *Crickets*

  3. I hate the Basketball wives myself but I can’t knock their hustle at all. Who is to say that those people who seekfame can’t get paid. I mean look at Kim K. I get what you are saying but no one can say what is successful or not. If they want to be a stunner let them be

  4. Really this is all about male and female attention whoring which goes hand and hand with fame. People just want to have someone to give them attention since their daddy or mamma couldn;t give them attention in 95

  5. Good Post. I agree 100%. This is definitely part of the reason that music has taken such a plunge when it comes to substance. Too many ‘artists’ are just looking for fame instead of creating a legacy with quality music. (the radio sucks ass) I think this is equally true within our social circles. How? Let me explain… Let’s take Twitter for example. How many people do you know IRL that have a completely different personality on twitter all for the sake of being “Twitter Famous”? Even if this twitter representative is known for being an asshole, a heaux, thirsty, or politically incorrect, they do it for the attention. Granted this is a different and less compensating type of fame but nonetheless it’s pseudo fame twitter style..

  6. Fame is just one tenant of success by modern American standards. In today’s world of personal branding, having name recognition can get people to pay attention a bit more. Still, fame without fortune can be a bitter pill to swallow – unless you are a social activist.

  7. Hmmmmmmm. I’ve personally always wanted (still want) both. But when it comes to fame, it’s weird the way I feel about it. I don’t necessarily want my face to be recognized everywhere I go, but I do want to be known and important enough to be able to impart society. I want to be able to call the powers that be and have them do a thing or two for me, like invite other powers that be to a ball to donate money for the needy, etc. One needs a certain amount of fame to be able to do certain things. My take anyway. First time commenting. Great work

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