Junior Seau’s Death Showed Us All How Much Happiness Really Means

Earlier this week the shocking death of future Hall of Fame Football player Junior Seau started circulating every sports media outlet. A part of me wasn’t surprised to hear about him committing suicide considering it was rumored he attempted suicide a few years ago by driving off the road. The more I thought about this situation the more solemn I got about the situation. Why you may ask? Honestly, I really can’t tell you why this particular case had me thinking. But, the suicide death of Junior Seau reminded me how all the fame, glory and money don’t mean a damn if you can’t find any inner peace.

How many times have you saw someone yelling about spoiled athletes or them being so lucky?

Junior Seau in many people’s eyes had it all. He was a 12 Time Pro- Bowler,  went to two Super Bowl’s, idolized all over the country, and probably had more than enough money for generations. Most people would give up their first-born child for a piece of the life that Junior Seau was able to live. To think that he wasn’t happy with life that he decided to end it considering all the “things” he had is something to make you really think. People live in so much envy of athletes, celebrities and those with money that they fail to realize that maybe some of these people aren’t fulfilled and happy.

Many times we want things so much that we never sit back and think about what will truly make us happy. Yeah, you want to be successful, clock dollars, and get some notoriety or fame but what if all of that was stripped from you what would you do? Or what would you do after you get all of those things? Is there something that will get you to wake up every morning and be able to look yourself in the mirror and smile and thank the creator for seeing another day?

Seeing Junior Seau’s mother hysterically crying at the family’s press conference was saddening situation. Watching his family mourning and missing this intricate cog of their family made me know that we never will be able to see what a person is internally going through.  I saw an interview with Marcellus Wiley a former teammate of his and he talked about how you would never see Junior Seau down or in pain. Even to the point that he never got medical attention with his other teammates because he didn’t want anyone to see him at his worst. Wiley would go on to say how much he smiled and was always in a great mood. He said he was living high on life as far as he knew.

We all have our demons and vices to us but we can always see someone smiling but we will never know the pain and turmoil their mind is going through. Are you smiling or appearing happy but inside you just aren’t feeling right?

I think about my life and I have made a lot of headway and getting my voice out there. I won a couple of Black Weblog Awards, being booked for speaking engagements, my podcast Straight Outta LoCash is growing in listenership, and even this month I am being featured in Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger Month feature. These are all great accomplishments and I have so much more I want to do. I am not gonna front I always pictured myself sitting on a roundtable discussion on MSNBC, CNN, TVone, etc. in full my Ashy to Classy wardrobe (Suit, STL or Chicago fitted hat, and Adidas Shell Tops) discussing any topic that was thrown at me. I always felt at that point I could always sigh and say “Damn, I finally made it.”  But, will that necessarily make me happy or fulfilled? It’s a serious question that I asked myself after reflecting on Junior Seau committing suicide. This was a reminder to me that I have to make sure that my happiness is not intertwined in my outward success but how I feel about who I AM. Finding my purpose in living and what I am living for will make me the most happy.

YOU can only define your happiness. No other person or thing can do that for YOU. The sooner you are able to decipher the difference between the WANTS and your NEEDS the closer you can find inner peace and true happiness.

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5 responses to “Junior Seau’s Death Showed Us All How Much Happiness Really Means

  1. I am soooooooo sharing this all over Facebook!! This very good words that we need to rememember!

  2. Its just hard for me to feel sorry for people who can feed many african villages. Their problems are nothing to a dude grimey and fucked up

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