The Gas Face: The Statistical Anomaly of Desmond Hatchett and Baby Mamas

I joke and laugh about Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets and him having so many children that he doesn’t know their names but this brother Desmond Hatchett takes the cake. Who the hell is Desmond Hatchett you may ask? Well he is a brother from Knoxville, Tennessee who has 31 kids by 11 women and is only 33 years old. Reread that again if you need to...31 kids by 11 women and he is only 33 years old. If I ran off those numbers to you in general most of you think that I was quoting a great statistical game by Lebron James. Yes, Desmond Hatchett has the stats I mentioned above (crazy to talk about someone having children in terms of stats isn’t it?) Desmond was back in court this past week asking for some relief from the court since he can’t pay all of his child support. A man can has every right to have as many children as he wants but when you are getting to around 15ish of kids and you only work for minimum wage a man has to review this whole going raw thing. Sitting back looking at the man’s stats and it baffles me on two levels: his lack of respect for himself and others and the women’s lack self-esteem and respect for their womb. And for that they have to get the Gas Face!!

One of my favorite movies is Spike Lee’s She  Hate Me starring Anthony Mackie. The film Mackie’s character falls on hard times and gets paid to impregnate lesbian women. Now keep in mind She Hate Me is a movie! Something of fiction! I guess Desmond Hatchett didn’t get the memo though.  Over the last week people have admonished and went hard on this dude for not getting a vasectomy or investing in technology that will keep a condom on him at ALL TIMES. The brotha definitely has issues with responsibility, self-esteem, or the worst pull out method EVER attempted. I really think he honestly doesn’t give a damn and really just wants to say he has a lot of kids. You know like a badge of ratchet honor. When a man gets around 10 kids in today’s time he isn’t in the kid game to carry on a legacy. He just in this children game for the pure numbers of it. It’s a self-defeating attitude of basically saying:

 “F**** it, I work minimum wage and the state takes more than half my check so if I can keep getting dumb chicks to let me run up in them raw skeeting more power to me. I can kinda be like that white dude in Utah.”

What’s real funny is in one of many Google searches I came across a list of the men with the most children of ALL-TIME and why was Desmond Hatchett’s name there.  This list counts people going back to Before Christ (B.C.). Think about this for a 2nd this man is ranked in the Top 25 of men with the most children of ALL-TIME. The list is very similar to college football polls but in this case its a poll of people who have had the most kids. He has gotta be proud about this I feel.

In this edition of the Gas Face I couldn’t let these women off the hook either. 11 women have had multiple children with the same man. I know Knoxville, TN is small but gotdamn! These women are just as much to blame for this situation as he is.  In the original story Desmond Hatchett had only 21 Kids in 2009 so how did he get 10 more by 2012? Riddle me that? How does a woman meet a man and he says he has 16 kids and a woman even want to give the man a hug? He really has to be oozing with man juice! These women showed how much they cared for themselves and their children by continually laying down with a walking Inpreganator. And just like the Terminator,  Desmond will be back with something you will have with you forever. These women can’t blame Desmond for not taking care of his kids I mean they had to knew this had to be a possibility with them having kid number 19 that any support from Hatchett was a slim to none idea.

All jokes aside this situation is something that is an outlier of history and will be something we talk about forever but a  lesson can be learned from it The lesson is that we have to be very cognizant of who we deal with.  People have gone hard on Hatchett as they should have but this Gas Face has to go to those women too. We can only blame Hatchett so much for what he is doing because everyone has a choice and I am sure that this dude making minimal wage doesn’t have game like Max Julian. We have to take responsibility for our choices and the people we associate and decide to take have in our essence. It is something about the energy you can put out there that will attract certain people and things into your life. You also don’t want someone siphoning your energy and not returning that great energy back to you. With all of that being said I have to give Desmond Hatchet and all of his baby mamas “The Gas Face”.

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12 responses to “The Gas Face: The Statistical Anomaly of Desmond Hatchett and Baby Mamas

  1. Hillarious post! Very true that it is everyone’s fault and people have to be more self-accountable!

  2. First thing is this dude has to be commended to an extent for being able to get 11 low self esteem having chicks to continously let him bang all of them with no reprocussions. Why should he stop when these chicks are letting him? Yeah self respect is all good but if this chicks don’t keep him accuntable doesn’t mean a damn

  3. That is one of my fav movies too, but the situation is totally different (you can’t compare the two). And yes, it’s just a movie, but still not the same. This guy is simply a “known” sperm donor. It’s actualIy not as uncommon as you may think. Most of “these kinds of men” simply don’t pay child support. He needs to move to another state, like FL, where after so many kids a man doesn’t have to pay child support. (I’m not sure if 30 is as common “for this kind of man”, but more than 10 is). I had a best friend in school who’s dad had 23 children when we were 15. He only repeated the same woman 2 times, her mom, who had his first child (her older sister) and the woman he was with when we were in school, who was currently pregnant with her 2nd child by him. 24 kids. I’m not sure how many he has now, but I’m almost certain he has had more than 24. He didn’t pay child support though. Well, he didn’t for her and another classmate who was her sister (whom she had just met). I knew 5 of his kids, which is another story in its self. The women he would choose didn’t have lots of kids either. He usually was their first/ONLY baby daddy. LOL… That just sounds crazy, but it’s true. And most of them just wanted kids or kids by him(he was a handsome man). We couldn’t do anything but shake our heads (and yes, they all had his last name, he had pics galore of his kids). I’ve heard this story before quite a few times. 30 is excessive, but so is 10 kids to me. And this guy IS accountable for his actions, he’s claiming all of them and attempting to financially take care of ALL of them. More than I can say for a lot of guys. His decision to bare back sucks, but hey… I’m not sleeping with him…*Kanye shrug*

  4. I wonder what these women think about themselves and the situation they have put their kids in. They can’t date anyone from.that town now because they might be related and let’s not even talk about the daddy issues they will encounter

  5. Man With 30 Kids Needs Help With Child Support
    I’ve been seeing this report over the last 4 days, and everyone is assuming there must be something wrong with this Desmond Hatchett to have so many kids that he cannot support. However, how do we know he has 30 kids? These stories are beginning to sound like racist rhetoric to make black men look bad. Where is the proof that he fathered all these children? Where are the paternity tests?

    A man in his situation could not afford the cost of doing the paternity test, which he would have been required to pay for even when they come back negative, which they do 33% of the time. Worse, he likely did even attended any of the hearings, thinking they didn’t care about his rights. It is just as possible that he is not the father of any of them. The same applies to the man serving time in Michigan for not paying $400,000 in child support.

    For 23 years I have volunteered my time working with divorced and single fathers, and know just how unlikely it is that at least some of the children are not his. The media needs to be demanding proof of it and not just spreading racist rumors.

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