Life Will Be a Lot Better If You Focus on Your Own Piss!

In a earlier post “Don’t Worry it Wasn’t Your Time” I wrote about being patient and understanding that everything we want to happen for us will happen in due time if we are righteous in the work. I spoke a bit about how things in our lives may just be relative to the situation at hand. Are you doing what some of the old heads say peeping into someone else’s urinal?

Most of the men probably understand where I am going with this but let me breakdown this analogy of men and the urinals. There are unspoken universal rules when it comes to using the urinals. One of the general rule when entering a restroom is to leave at least one urinal open between men. But, in cases that can’t be done a man is always suppose to look straight ahead when using the urinal. Not looking to the side or all around but staying focused on what they are in the bathroom to be doing. If a man doesn’t abide by these rules he can be accused of meat peeping or looking at another man’s “junk”.

Just like the analogy I mentioned above, many of us are living our lives worried about what the person next to us is doing. We live our lives constantly “meat peeping” or worrying what someone else is doing. We sit there criticizing sometimes or envied how someone else is living there life that we never focus on what our purpose or task is in life. I look at my ideal is a new age laissez faire ideal. I worry about what I need to handle in my life and try not to concern myself with others lives if it doesn’t affect me. Many times we sit around worrying about what others are doing that we never pay attention to our path and the things we want to accomplish.

We love to do this with celebrities, the woman/man at work, or even the random person we see out at a social event. Think about how much we could get accomplished if we weren’t engulfed so much in what others are doing. The fact of the matter is that they are living while we sit there watching. How can we find our happiness when we are overly concerned about what others are doing to be happy??

Have you heard yourself or someone else ask these questions?

How can they do that?

Why can they do that?

How did they get that?

Why don’t they do that?

Most times when we ask those questions we need to really ask these questions to ourselves:

How can I do this?

Why can’t I do that?

How come I didn’t do that?

This is why I won’t do that?

We can’t sit there watching someone else’s “piss” and not concentrate on what our task at hand is. Watching, over-admiring, or criticizing someone else makes you just a spectator and a person who never themselves gets into the game. Everyone can talk from the sidelines but few people in life have the balls to jump in the game. There are so many magnificent things we all can carry out in our lives if we stay focused on our own lives and not someone else’s.

Why are you worried about how much money another man  has? Go get after YOUR own money! As Tupac and MC bree said “Get Yours!”

Why are you worried about another woman and her relationship with her man? Look at growing YOUR own healthy relationship!

Why are you worried about the success someone else has? Go after YOUR own success!!

A man needs to be concerned with his own “piss” not worry about the next  man’s “piss”. Because if the man doesn’t watch his own piss he can end up pissing all over himself which is what we can end up doing to our purpose and dreams.

Are you worried about your own piss? Or pissing all over yourself?

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13 responses to “Life Will Be a Lot Better If You Focus on Your Own Piss!

  1. I wrote about this similar subject in a different manner: I used the “grass is greener” analogy. This is pretty much aligned with what I said: focus on your own and be yourself.

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  3. Good post! Very important advice to offer. Too many people are worried about other people’s lives when their own lives are a mess. When we do have our lives together, it is vital to help others to get their lives together but it must be done with love.

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  10. I need everyone to read this. The sad thing is social media makes it so easy to compare yourself with others because everyone shares so much.

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