Not Feeling What’s on TV?? Check out these 5 Webisodes

With the advent of the reality show phenomenon of the last decade there are really few shows on TV I am checking for anymore. What happen to the quality sitcom or drama you may ask? They went straight to the most viable invention since the car or the airplane…the internet. I have been a champion of the web series and independent project from people trying to get their voice and story told. The web series or webisode is going to be where you can get some of the quality content you feel you are missing on main stream TV. You always see people saying where are all the quality African-American shows that show different stories of the diaspora? Well they are on the web and easy as a click of a mouse to see.

A webisode/web series is a sitcom, drama, or show that is displayed through avenues of the internet. Webisodes have been a way for up many sitcoms to be produced with less of the budget but at the same quality of traditional television. In my earlier post “Tired of What’s on TV? Peep These 5 great Webisodes” I highlighted and brought to your attention some great web series. Since that post I have found more phenomenal web shows you definitely want to check out and keep up with.

Brother’s With No Game

This show is from one of my favorite blogs from the other side of the pond. That’s right folks the UK!  Justin Credible one of the contributors and voters in my Most Beautiful Black Women of All Time post is one of the people involved in the show. The show is a relationship comedy that revolves around the love life of four friends (Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus) and their own individual philosophies on love and life. Brothers With No Game is pretty damn funny especially for those who look at relationships from an analytical level. I appreciate the show because it gives an honest and realistic display of male characters that any man can relate to and women can learn to understand.

Black and Single

This show I actually came across because the one of the producers of the show hit me up and told me to check out the show. I get a lot of emails of people wanting me to check out their music, film, TV show, art, poetry, and even their strip club (just kidding…or am I). I actually check out everything that comes into me but few times do I really want to highlight it. This show is definitely something I thoroughly enjoyed.  This show is the brain child of Jay Ali who is the director and writer of this show that shows the dating landscape of Atlanta from the perspective of two characters Oni and Jay who paths are more in common than they may think. This show has many comedic twists and turns that anyone who has been black and been in the dating game of today will totally get.

Touye Pwen: Kill Point

I came across this show in one of my random suggestions from another web show I was checking out and I knew by the title itself that this maybe a pretty dope web series. The name Touye Pwen means kill zone in Haitian. This show is a crime/drama brought to you by R.L. Scott and follows a character named Zander who has just been released from a 6 year bid in prison and is trying to kill his past demons and move on with his life. The show is gritty and poignant with lots of action. The plot twists will definitely quench your thirst for some action and crime that people like me have been missing from TV since The Wire left the air.

The UnWritten Rules

This show is a webisode that is quirky and funny that reminds me of a black version of an Ally McBeal but from a black woman’s perspective of being in the workplace. This show comes from Kim Williams who actually wrote a book called “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” that this show is based on.  The show follows the main character Racey as she weaves through her new job in Corporate America.  For any black person who has worked in Corporate America or creative situations where you the only one or the very very few there you will totally get this show. Even if you haven’t been in this situation it will satirically show you some of the random thoughts and experiences that African-Americans have in the workplace.

The Couple

This show is probably one of the most relatable shows on this list because everyone has just about had these kinds of situations happen within a relationship. This show is a dramedy from Dennis Dortch, Jeanine Daniels, and Numa Perrier.  They actually created a production company and brand in Black and Sexy TV. The show is very creative in the aspect that they weave full episodes that push along the story line with small minisodes that show small intricate parts of a relationship that sometimes seem so serious to us at the time but maybe really aren’t (ex. sleeping on a certain side of the bed).  Most dramedies leave out the inside things in a relationship and just show relationships from a pure esoteric level. This show displays a wide gambit of aspects of a relationship. This show is something that couples can sit back and laugh at together because 9 times out of 10 it has happened to them or has been a discussion in their relationship.

What do you think about these web series? Are there some more web series I need to check out?

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8 responses to “Not Feeling What’s on TV?? Check out these 5 Webisodes

  1. Yessir. The Couple and UnWritten Rules are both my must haves LOL! along with Awkward Black Girl. I barely watch traditional tv anymore. even my favorite television shows are online now. #ijs

  2. Really feeling some of these shows! I really mess with net flux instead if TV but I have q few more shows to check out

  3. I love you showed love to some of these shows! im going to have to step my game up my game and get on some of these and quit bsing with all these reality shows

  4. I just had to check out the list and I realized that I’ve watched 3 of the 5 listed shows. Keep the suggestions a flowin’ :)

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