Dreams, Goals, What Are These??

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Dreams and Goals can be the difference in living and simply just existing.   Every person has some kind of dream even if it is a diamond in the back with a sunroof top and diggin in the seam with the gangster lean. At the end of the day it is still YOUR dream (though I would hope for you to have higher goals than that but who am I to judge) to fulfill. How do we get over our mental hump and things that hold us from taking that chance and going after our dreams? I have wrote many posts of purpose  and self-evaluation but sometimes things are just as easy as saying you are going to do something. We have to righteously go after the things we want in life.This week’s guest post is from Tasha Owens (@natural_nerd) of the blog Poetic Mama and she wants to share her story of searching and going after her dream and purpose.


As I reflect on my life and what my future holds for me and my son, I tend to reflect on what my goals are. Then as I thought about my goals, I started to dream about what I would have when I do accomplish my goals like: being a New York Times bestseller, a photographer,  world known poet and the list goes on. But what good are dreams if you don’t plan on working out your goals? What’s the difference you may ask? Well, according to Wikipedia, ‘Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.’ Also, ‘A goal is an objective , or a projected computation of affairs, that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve.’

So you see there is a difference. Dreams come and go but goals are actually set. I just recently posted a Facebook status stating, ‘Dreams can be an exaggeration but the ones thought/planned are destined to be true.’ What does this means? Well it means that dreams can take you to the highest heavens but if you haven’t planned it out, set some GOALS, then its pointless. For example, I had a dream about Larenz Tate all over me lol! Sounds funny, right? Especially since I have the HUGEST crush on Larenz Tate. Now this would probably never come true but again dreams are illusions and images. Now if I set a goal to meet Larenz Tate and make him mines…oh it will happen! That’s what social networks are for, right??

Ok but on a serious note, have you ever asked yourself, ‘What are my dreams and goals?” Per the dictionary these are different things but if you know you are destined to do something and your heart is in it, then considered it an image of your life. Now religiously speaking, I believe God can speak to you through your dreams. If there is an ‘art’ about yourself, work towards it, perfect it and God will show you through your dreams and through people how you can accomplish your goals.

You may ask yourself, ‘What are my goals? I don’t think I have any.’ Ok, what are you good at? What makes you happy? What have you crafted? Look at what you’re doing now (working, going to school, taking care of your kids etc), between that time, there is something you are doing that can shock the world. In the shower, your voice may actually sound good. When you comfort your friends when they are having  a bad day, you can be a motivation speaker.

You may can add numbers within seconds in your head, you can be a financial advisor or teacher. You are good at something! But you may feel something is stopping you. So you dream about what you want to do. Let me tell you something, nothing, anything or anyone should stop you from catching those dreams and setting goals. Giving up is not worth giving up on your dreams. If you see it, believe it because its SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO, ya feel me?

Now I know certain situations come up like financial hardships, family problems, unemployment but goals are achieved step by step. Never give up because then you will dreaming again. I’ve always been a huge believer of writing down your goals step by step, set a timeframe for yourself. Write them down and keep it stored away somewhere. Don’t forget it but make a checklist for yourself. I always knew I was a good writer and poet but I didn’t put much enthusiasm into it. I just wrote, read it to people, hear reviews and moved on. I was told I should write, I should put out a book, be a songwriter, you name it but I was a procrastinator. I would DREAM about what my future could be but didn’t set any GOALS. So I have these binders filled with poems and only my family members and friends knew about my talent. I never took advantage of the opportunities. Soon I had an epiphany. I started doing open mic poetry, posting blogs and now I’m working on my first book. Whatever you are good at is never impossible for you to do for the rest of your life. Don’t let a few critiques overwhelm you. Never let your dreams linger, set goals and move forward with them.

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2 responses to “Dreams, Goals, What Are These??

  1. Very good and important post! Dreams are good to have but if one wants his or her dreams to come true, then the individual must form goals out of those dreams. Beneficial advice to offer. This piece is inspirational and will help readers to have a firm understanding of the differences between dreams and goals.

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