Open Friday: Why The War Between Men and Women?

Dear FATC,

Love the blog and all the topics and opinions you bring out in your posts. I was reading through some of your posts and posts on other blogs and I am seeing a lot of battling between men and women. It seems that anytime a man or woman gets a chance to bash the other gender they take it upon themselves to do so. The constant bickering among the sexes is getting really trite and lame. I’m a woman and I get tired of reading comments from other women trashing men. Then you see men to the same thing but on the opposite pole. Why the hell is does it seem to be more of a battle between the sexes in society right now? Wanted to throw this idea to you for Open Friday and see what you and the readers think.



Tracey Not Ulman


Thanks for reading FATC! I appreciate your readership a lot! Interesting question you bring to the table.  I think it’s a complicated thing because we as a society have all in many drawn a line in the sand on whatever we are “down” with per say.  Race, religion, political affiliation, and even the homosexual vs. heterosexual battle have become even stronger even though you would think as much our society has been through we would be closer to being cohesive.  Both sides in every “debate” always feel they are losing ground to the other group. In the case of gender wars it is no different. I do think there can be things learned through these proverbial “battles”. These conversations do need to happen but I fear that most times it is more filibustering than actually an exchange of ideas and righteous learning being done. But, to really answer your question like I said it is just one of those battles we will have to get used to but not let it inundate our lives and energy. Because at the end of the day the negative energy we send out is what we will receive in return. If we want to have constructive dialogue in any of these “battles” we have to be an effective listener even more than an effective speaker but on the real most people love hearing themselves talk more.

What are your thoughts?

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8 responses to “Open Friday: Why The War Between Men and Women?

  1. The biggest problem s women want to be indepedent within conveince and men have let these woman liberation thing go on so long that they are finally fighting back so it looks its a constant battle when really its men trying to reclaim manhood

  2. Agree with Big Bank…..

    Plus….too many women and some men (just like sheep) are following and allowing society to dictate our roles, who we are….and what we are to each other….

  3. Just gonna be frank here as a blog owner and say that it depends on where you read. For whatever reason it is evident that women outnumber men online when it comes to commentary. Due to this I’ve gotten feedback from my Lady Dragons that they become frustrated when they visit a topic hoping to get the men’s honest view on something and there are 8 or so women in the commentary tearing down any man who dares speak up. It makes it a hostile environment for men (who are already the minority in blog commentary) to say anything.

    One of the ways that women who want to really learn “what men think” get good info is from sites such as this one (FATC) because the main author speaks candidly about what he thinks. Unfortunately you can’t look for this on the commentary of bigger sites because of the issue I brought up earlier – the loud, hostile mob will destroy each other for it.

    With so many bitter men and angry women taking out their ire in blog commentary you cannot really find real discourse anymore. You have to look to the articles themselves and blog spaces where either men as a whole or women as a whole are able to discourse without being drowned out by angry trolls.

    The battle of the sexes will never end but you have to memorize who the frequent offenders are in a blog community and ignore their attacks whenever they chime in. Most trolls are only commenting on our articles to start fights anyway and the more people recognize it and ignore them the better the conversation can be for real readers with real questions.

  4. this isn’t a “battle of the sexes” as much as it is “individuals that have issues with the opposite gender.” I am not “battling” anyone. If you respect what I bring to table and want to go from there, I’m down. These same stupid arguments have been going on for years, and they will always be there for people who still want to argue them.

  5. War i.e. a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict, is biblical ‘to every thing there is a season’ ~ God. The reason for the progressive divide between men & women is simple. Women have been forced, either by choice or circumstance, to live as something we are not according to God, head of household. As long as women continue to think, act & believe ‘anything a man can do we can do equally’ the fermenting war between the sexes will continue to fester and grow like flesh eating bacteria. It sickens me to see & hear women in public places (the mall, Disney World, WallMart, traffic, etc) through closed windows & doors bitching at their men about nothing that really matters in love or communication & it breaks my heart to watch men progressively grow more & more tired of the nagging, arguing, never satisfied, always demanding, nothing he does is EVER good enough, paycheck-OVER-spending, spoiled rotten, ruggish thugish hard-hearted women, closing their hearts to the right kind of girls waiting to be rescued from the underworld. Some men have resorted to physical violence trying to end all the un-necessary man vs woman ’cause I love you’ drama. WHY do most women insist on trying to make their MEN think, talk & act like WOMEN ?! They are MEN! Let them BE men! It really isn’t that hard, complex or difficult to focus on YOURSELF ladies. Worry MORE about being a WOMAN for a change. Being a woman is hard all-day every day work, if you’re doing it right. Looking good, smelling good, cooking good, cleaning good, shining and sparkling like a shooting star with that one-of-a-kind GLOW in the dark! If you keep yourselves BUSY being women you’d have no time to be stuck in a man’s face telling him how & what to do to be a man. The first thing God did to Adam in the Garden of Eden was give him a JOB. God told Adam to ‘Name all the animals’. Men are meant to be the head, not the tail! The first thing God did to Eve was give her a purpose, to keep her man, Adam, HAPPY and fulfilled, as a woman should. A woman’s biblical place is to submit to her man i.e. surrender to his ‘manly’ authority. How many women take God’s advise today?! Almost zero. A woman’s power is not between her legs, but in her heart. Only a woman can LOVE a man to health, happiness, prosperity, and anything and everything she believes him to be. And only a woman who wars against a man can DESTROY everything he is or will ever be with hateful, wrongheaded ‘bossy NOT flossy’ attitudes. Men warring against women are destroying their own happily ever after’s with pigheaded egotistical ‘all about me’ dictatorship attitudes like pushing her away (reaching for that bottle, bag, remote, phone, computer, car keys, etc etc etc instead of her hand), cheating, lying, belittling and name-calling. A woman’s submission does not afford you the right to treat her like a slave or a machine Mr. Man! First rule to every love-story should be: Tell them, show them, TELL THEM AGAIN what you just showed them–(works EVERY time) communication is key and ALWAYS works when used properly! In order to be happy in any relationship men should be man-enough, strong enough, and confident enough to speak their minds without fear or punishment esp in his own house, and women seriously need to learn how & when to STFU and LISTEN to the communications of their men, because sooner or later honey HE WILL speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, good and bad so always PAY ATTENTION! “When someone shows you who they are, believe them” ~ Maya Angelou. Please spare me the phoney outrage regarding my point-blank-ness. I’m certainly not condoning ANY kind of abuse. If you are in a toxic relationship my suggestion would be to GET OUT as fast and as soon as possible. And if you are unhappy in ANY relationship, stop trying to force-feed them your ‘me vs you’ bullshit STOP trying to change, shape and mold that person into someone or something they are NOT, and just accept who they really are….piss or get OFF the pot, but PLEASE put an end to all the meaningless bitching, moaning and complaining about the negative places you choose to dwell in!!! It’s REALLY, really, really, did I say REALLY o_O annoying to all of the happy positive people, like myself!!! js

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