How To Fulfill Your Destiny & Pay Your Bills: A Complete Guide Part I

When I wrote the heartfelt, yet tongue-in-cheek article about Michael Jackson’s take on how to go from Dream to Destiny, I got a lot of great feedback. Most people got it and liked it, but those who didn’t receive it so well all said the same thing. “That all sounds nice, but how am I gonna pay my bills!”. Whether I read it in the comments or got hit up via email, that was the main concern. So I thought I would address that very issue since I am very passionate about people living the lives they love and fulfilling their Destiny with the time they have on Earth, now. So pay attention. Today I am going to break down how you can Fulfill Your Destiny AND Pay Your Bills.

Put Yourself Out There

Putting yourself out there takes courage, but it is so worth it. People love to hear about a mission and we love to see someone pursuing their dreams. If you let your mission known to those who surround you, you’d be surprised how people will rally behind what you are trying to do. When you have the support of your community, that can turn into, job offers, project deals or even donations.

3 Examples of How You Can Put Yourself Out There:

1. Network

Attend networking events, be social at parties find out who has similar interests as you and who vibes with your mission. You’ve heard the expression, “it’s all in who you know”, well, there is some truth to that. People hire those who come with a trusted recommendation, people partner with those who they already know and people are willing pay those whose integrity and ethic they can vouch for.

2. Collaborate

Partner up with people who are on the same page as you. Those people who are already doing what you want to do can serve as mentors. By partnering up with them you will find yourself in front of their audience and in the same circles of people who are on the same path to what you want to do. This opens up the possibility of all kinds of joint ventures, expansion and growth for you.

3. Email Everyone You Know

That’s right, email everyone you know. In this digital age everyone is just an email away. You can even contact your favorite celebrity if you want. In the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris he wrote that he, “got in the habit of contacting celebrities and famous businesspeople for advice”, and you know what, a lot of times it worked.

The world is your oyster 2.0 and it’s up to you take advantage of it. Contact your family, friends, and friends of friends and let them know what you’re doing, what you need and specifically how they can help you. If you’re feeling really good, go ahead and investigate how to contact your favorite celebrity (email address, Twitter, or Facebook just to name a few) and see if they don’t feel your mission is noteworthy as well.


If you are trying to make your dreams come true, a lot of people don’t realize that you are going to have to get your hustle on. When we talk about dreams and destiny, people tend to get visions of clouds and unicorns and think it’s all fluff, but it’s anything but. If you want to live the life of your dreams and get paid you are going to have it make it happen. That means, go against the grain, swim up-stream and bust through walls. If all of that sounds uncomfortable then you’re getting the idea. It’s going to be uncomfortable some of the time but none of it will be impossible and it will all be with it in the end.

5 Examples of How To Get Your Hustle On

1. Email Everyone You Know – (see “Put Yourself Out There” #3 above)

2. Lose Sleep

If you are trying to get your 8+ hours of beauty sleep and make your dreams come true, you’re going to run into problems. Sure, it’s possible but, usually, we want to see some quick positive results to know we are going in the right direction. If you want fast results, there are going to be days that you’re up working on your mission and missing out on some “zzz”s. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

3. Sacrifice

You’re going have to cut back on some luxuries you’re used to, in order to make things happen for you on your mission. You can’t go to every social event, you can’t have the freshest threads in the spot and you can’t get the gadget as soon as it comes out. People say, “I have to pay my bills”, but a lot of time they are talking about paying their bills plus maintaining a very comfortable lifestyle.

If you are trying to fulfill your destiny by living the life you love there will be a times where the only thing you can afford to do is just pay your bills and work on your mission. Just keep in mind that your dream is going to require temporary sacrifice for a life time of happiness and fulfillment.

4. Day Job/ Dream Job

If you have a day job you are most definitely going to be on your hustle. You are going to do your 8 hours during the day and then as Gary Vaynerchuk says you do your 8 hours when you get home. He says you come home at 6:00 pm, kiss the dog, hug the family and then dig into your dream project for the next 8 hours, oh and stop watching f***ing Lost! (his words not mine!).

By treating the pursuit of your dream life as a full time job, will you lose sleep? Yes. Will you miss watching the Real House Wives of Atlanta? Absolutely. Will it be with it? It will. (Note: Even if you don’t dedicate 8 hours to your dream after your day job, a solid 4 hours, say from 7:00 pm to 11 pm will get you to where you wanna be before you know it. Also, don’t forget about the weekends. Use this technique to help you organize your time.)

5. Majority Doesn’t Rule

You can’t go along with the crowd when fulfilling your Destiny. Sure, people may fall in line as they will, but you can’t gauge your actions based off of what other people are doing. I hate to say it, but the majority of people are doing average things. That’s not a judgment, it’s math. If you want to be comfortable for today to miss out on fulfillment tomorrow, next week and next year, that’s up to you. If you are ready to begin living the life of your dreams, then you’re going to find yourself as an outlier for a while.

That means while your friends are going out to kick it, you’re at home researching. When “your show” is on, you are going to be practicing instead of sitting in front of the tube. When you man or woman is sleeping you’re up rehearsing in the bathroom mirror. Remember it’s all temporary, but you can’t let what everyone else around you is doing, determine your Destiny. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul (Invictus, Henley). Get to where you need to be in order to make your dream come into fruition first. After that you can go back to watching Reality TV, though I suspect at that point your new reality will be considerably more entertaining.

Make sure you check out PART II


Jennifer Covington is the resident Destiny Coach at She’s a world changer humanitarian, traveler, writer and a Multi-Passionate Misfit.

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