How To Fulfill Your Destiny & Pay Your Bills: A Complete Guide Part II

This is part II of the powerful piece from Jennifer Covington (@sunshinebuilder) How to Fullfill Your Destiny and Pay Your Bills: A Complete Guide Part I.  If you haven’t already make sure you read the first piece. But without further ado let’s get back into it.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t you hate when people say that!? Me too, but it’s one way to make your dreams come true and get paid. There are occupations that people are doing all over the world and the minute you start thinking creatively you will see more of these opportunities. I created a list of jobs to help people think outside of the box when it comes to how they can be doing what they love and make money.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert either. There are things that you know, that you spend your time researching that could be helpful to someone else. What could you teach a beginner? Make a list like this one of things you could do, even if you’re not an expert and figure out what you can offer to the public in exchange for money.

Multiple Streams of Income

Securing multiple streams of income is the secret to the game. People overlook small money-making opportunities because it doesn’t bring in “enough” money. Even if you could earn an extra $100 a month, that’s and extra $1,200 in a year, and I don’t know about you, but I could do something with that amount. The point isn’t really how much you make, it’s just having a diversified way of having your money come in. That way if one stream slows down or dries up completely you still have other forms of income. When you have that kind of security your day job, the failing economy or stingy relatives can’t hold you hostage because your money is coming in via various routes.

An examples of what having multiple streams of income would look like would be having an online Esty store, running a youth summer program plus your day job.

3 Ways To Get Your Multiple Streams of Income Flowing

1. The Side Gig

You could be a dog walker, motivational speaker, camp counselor, use google ads, sell things on Ebay or work a holiday retail gigs. Just get creative and see the world of side hustles open up to you.

Remember they don’t all have to bring you a $1,000+ weekly, just as long as they are bringing in something, they will soon add up.

2. Consult

Make a list of your skills. Draw upon your professional history, hobbies and things you take time researching and looking up on google (such as fashion, gossip, technology, self-development, business skills etc.)

Put a price on it . Determine the value you could bring to other’s lives with your knowledge, product or service.

Get Set up. You can do this by creating a website or blog, simply making a “squeeze page” (essentially a one page website), creating a Facebook page or any other creative way you come up with to present your offer.

Insure you have a way to complete the money exchange. You can sign up for Paypal if you have an online business or if you have a physical establishment, make sure you are set up to take all forms of payment.

Make your offer. You can email your community, put flyers up in stores and coffee shops, call your friends and family etc. Just get the word out there to as many people you know.

Bask in the Glory. Soon, people will be contacting you to pay you to execute an action, activity or task you actually enjoy doing.

3. Freelance

Freelancing allows you to get in, do a job, and then leave. Freelancing is different than consulting where you give advice, counseling and put new systems in place. When you freelance you are creating a “deliverable”, executing a task, and then go on your merry way. Examples of freelance gigs are, journalist, writer, photogropher or website design. In those professions you can create a project or execute a task (like write an article) and then be ready to move onto the next thing.


Another easy way to fulfill your Destiny and still pay the bills is fundraise. I pretty much think of any gig I have had as part of my fundraising plan. It’s not a career path it’s simply a pastime I am participating in to help fund my dreams. If you want to take a trip, book studio time, or rent office space, your fundraising plan will help you get to your goal in a measurable amount of time.

3 Ways to Fundraise Are:

1. Secure a solid job

This is the job you get that is steady but you have an exit strategy once you have earned the amount you want. You will work this job until you make x amount of money and then you will go on to pursue your dream. Or you can have the solid job while you work on your dream when you get home (see #4 in the Hustle section)

2. Secure Temporary Jobs

“Temp jobs” or “Temp work” are jobs that are for a temporary time only. There are agencies in every city you can apply to where they assess your skils and match you temporarily with a company that needs your skill set. Sometimes a temporary job can turn into a permenant job if you so choose. You can also just stay on with the temp agency and have a long run of simply temping at different jobs and thus growing your skill set as well. This is a great way to fundraise as you’re making the amount of money you need, and then are free to pursue your dream without breaking any contracts or commitments.

3. Literally Fundraise

There are now public fundraising sites where the public can get behind your mission and donate money to your cause if they are so moved to. Examples of these public fundraising sites are, &

Also, don’t forget that good old fashion bake sales, garage sales (you know you have entirely too of stuff) and car washes. Seriously, maybe you aren’t going to wash cars to fund your next event (but then again why not?), but if you can think along those lines of how you can raise money for your next project, you will be able to fulfill your destiny AND pay your bills.

In closing, if you feel like some of these are obvious, I am going to ask you, exactly how many of them are you incorporating in your life? Knowing is one thing, actually making moves is another. There is power in action and I encourage you to move on one or several of these today. Remember, only you determine how long you can wait to fulfill your Destiny and live the life that you love. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Jennifer Covington is the resident Destiny Coach at She’s a world changer humanitarian, traveler, writer and a Multi-Passionate Misfit.

Also make sure you check out this week’s episode of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “Mission Impossible”. Also you can check us out live at 7PM CST on You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, I-Pad or Black berry of Stitcher Radio.

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  2. The suggestions made here may seem unrealistic and many will feel like this route is not for them and they are stuck at their dead end jobs trying to make ends meet. However, if you change your attitude about money and actually take the initiative to make a change your wealth will grow exponentially! Also, make sure that in the mean time you are not living beyond your means and trying to keep up with the Kardashians literally:-/. Check out my post “Act Your Wage” and learn how to spend without ending up in the poor house!

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