War of the Beauty: Beauty is Overrated…Attraction is Something Else

I haven’t written one of these War and the Beauty posts for a while. Did I forget about the series? Nah just didn’t have any revelations on beauty I really wanted to write about. But something came to my mind this week when it comes to beauty that I had to speak on.

I have gotten in trouble for some of my earlier posts on sex and relationships (particularly marriage). Throughout the “controversial” stances there is one thing that I have come to believe when it comes to women…BEAUTY is overrated but ATTRACTION something totally different.

The emphasis on beauty isn’t something new in this world we live in from fairy tales to biblical tales. The idea and essence of beauty has been something men have chased since beginning of time. Society has continually taught women that they should bank and cash in just on their beauty. Women that are beautiful have ALWAYS been able to get over more and been afford special privileges that most women could never fathom of. A woman’s beauty is only going to be there so long and even if she is able to keep her looks for her 20s the game changes. A woman is only “that hot chick” for so long because there is always a new young hot 21-year-old walking into the social scene every night. What do some women have after they aren’t the hot young chick anymore? Did they try to cultivate who they are internal?

The essence of woman can be the thing that builds up a man to his highest heights and on the other hand take him to his lowest depths. With that being said any man worth anything understands at some point in his life that the idea of a woman just having a big ol butt and a smile doesn’t mean a damn thing if that’s all she is. He can look at her as beautiful physically but his attraction to her beyond carnal feeling is what will righteously and continually have him like a moth to a flame.

I remember a long time ago one of my mentors told me “The finest chick you see and are looking at now has a man who is tired of hell of her ass.” That quote always stuck out to me because he was explaining to me to not get caught up in a woman just because she is fine because if you aren’t attracted to her all that fineness will mean nothing to you. Just beauty won’t cook for you, Just beauty won’t make you laugh, and just beauty won’t have stimulating conversation that opens up his perspective.

Women in a general sense don’t have to be entertaining to a man on the front end of a relationship. Men have to be The Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus with 4 ring attractions. When a man pursues a woman he is the one showing that he has a personality, humorous, etc (maybe cause in the beginning many man don’t care or require it). As the late great Patrice O’Neal said “If He isn’t a bum ass dude he is going to show a damn good time and all you have to sit there and as the Three Act Play goes on. Let me show you how I can hula-hoop, rap and balance my check book all at the same time”.

The key is after all the song and dance a man does for a woman he wants to see what is their more than the woman who smiles and is entertained by his 3 act play. He will begin to reach what his true attraction is to this woman because this is the thing that will keep him around. It’s not sex, not a woman’s resume, not her beauty but his ATTRACTION. Attraction is the thing that makes a man wake up every morning thinking about her and wanting to see her. I know I have written and joked about a Man’s Moment of Clarity. Where I explained that many times a man doesn’t know how he really feels about a woman until after he has that first orgasm. It is always not like that but comes some point where he decides what he feels about this woman.

Every man’s threshold of their attraction a woman is different.  I can’t speak for every man but I know that for a lot of brothers understand that they BEAUTY and ATTRACTION but that Attraction will take him to higher heights. Even still a woman has to understand that she should want to have a man who is attracted to he not just enthralled with her beauty.

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9 responses to “War of the Beauty: Beauty is Overrated…Attraction is Something Else

  1. 99% of chicks I only would want to just bang out. That attraction shit is real though. Most chicks stay unwifeable

  2. I think there are 3 qualities that makes a woman attractive: intelligence, desire to grow and listening. Well it’s a given that she must have also the rest of the package physically and on a intimacy level.

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