For One Year I Have Done a Phenomenonal Feat- Straight Outta Lo Cash

Last year, I embarked on a journey to expand my media brand in not just a print format. I had thrown around the idea of having a podcast where I could display the aspects of what I felt terrestrial radio was missing. So, I got with one of my childhood friends Jovan Bibbs (@jovanbibbs) and DJ Reminisce (@djreminise10)and we recorded the first podcast edition of the Straight Outta Locash Podcast on this day a year ago. The show has went through drastic changes and improvements. We added another childhood friend of mine Ted Simpson IV(@60secmarathon) to the show as just as a producer at first but he jumped in on the mic one show and I couldn’t see him NOT being apart of this show.

Another reason I am proud of this podcast is because for all 52 weeks we have consistently came out with an episode with great new content, music, and laughs. Straight Outta Locash has covered everything from politics to hip hop. We even did a few live shows(though the situation didn’t work out) that we are looking to bring back soon.We have had guests such as Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics, Hot 104.1 personality Staci Static, the legendary DJ Charli Chan, comedian Arvin Mitchell, Vandalyzm, Finsta, comedian Carmen Barton, The Source Unsigned Hype Winner Tef Poe, sexy models, and many other great guests.

The first show we was funny as hell with great music but Jovan and I were trying to get a cohesiveness with our show and getting used to DJ Reminsice’s studio. We were frankly! All over the place but you know what we got it together and have put a great show on weekly that provides people with news, views, comedy, alternative perspective, and fun. Well people have asked to hear the first episode again to see where we started well this will be the only place you will be able to hear the first show because I won’t put it up anywhere else.

Since you heard the very first choppy show. Check out where we have to come to now with the show and make sure you subscribe and let us know what you think about the show because we have some great things in store for the next year!

{First Episode of the Straight Outta LoCash Podcast}

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11 responses to “For One Year I Have Done a Phenomenonal Feat- Straight Outta Lo Cash

  1. Diggame…I have been a sporadic listener of your show but a consistant reader of your blog and I just want to congratulate you on doing a great job, exhibiting the drive to excel and having the intestinal fortitude to follow your dreams. Salute Sir.

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