What The Hell Happened? Katt Williams, Sex, and Florida

Life is a funny thing. Most of the time things go exactly as they should, with few unexpected surprises, but every now and then, you see something, experience something, that is so far outside the norm that you have to ask yourself, “What the hell happened?”, and even then you are left with more questions than answers at the end. Here are a couple of them.

What the hell happened to Katt Williams?

NIGGA. NIGGA. NIGGA. This man has had far more of an epic collapse than Richard Pryor, with no comeback in sight. Even his last comedy DVD, Kattpocalypse, was far less humor and more a conspiracy-laden rant fueled by drugs and paranoia. There was very little in jokes, and more trying to explain his irrational behavior the last 5 years since he truly hit the national stage with his first major stand-up in 2006, The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1. In the meantime, he’s taken the time to pull guns on other comedians and even talks mad shit about Dave Chappelle, of all people. Right now, he’s in the news for taking the police on a chase in the mom-jeans equivalent of a motorcycle, but he’s also been arrested for this, this, and this, and much more. Even the night of November 16, he basically took the stage and ranted and raved, leaving most people to ask whether he was on crack, giving a complete nonperformance.

Look, I’m going to claim to be psychic, but what I will say is that I’ve seen exactly what overuse of drugs does to people, and I’ve seen what happens to irresponsible people who come into money/more attention than they are used to, and his career is a perfect storm of that. On top of the fact that Kevin Hart has used his small-man comedy angle and ran to the moon with it, leaving Katt Williams in the dust, its got to wear on your psyche. That and trying to take care of 8 damn kids. He used to hilarious, and now he’s just sad. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

What the Hell Happened? Sex

When you see this, what do you think? Domestic battery? Robbery? Stealing a bunch of old cell phones from a scrap heap and hurling them at cows? Nope. Nope. Possibly, but not this time. The woman on the left, Raquel Gonzalez, assaulted her boyfriend on the right, Eseric Davis, because he had an orgasm before she did. I will repeat that shit, my little snowflakes. She assaulted him. Over not getting hers.

What the hell happened? No vibrators, no pocket rockets? I hope this doesn’t start a wave of dudes getting black-eyes for having an off-night, or waking up with their woman standing over them with a butcher knife because he wasn’t in the mood for foreplay. Wear a cup, gentleman.

What The Hell Happened? Nothing for her, apparently.

Florida has to get it together, from Stand Your Ground laws to voting irregularities to the Florida Marlins being a trash team. Speaking of Stand Your Ground…

What The Hell Happened? Florida

This is Michael Dunn, arrested for shooting and killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis for being in a car with other black teenagers that had loud music playing. This is an atrocious act, further compounded by his Stand Your Ground defense of feeling “threatened” because there were black people in a car with loud music. There was no gun, no drugs, nothing the black teens had. Dunn claims to have saw a shotgun, but no weapons were found. Dunn says he also believed that the teens were going to tell parties not present to kill him, as if black people have a Bat-Signal and will track him back to his house. His story makes no sense. How can you claim to see a shotgun in a heavily-tinted SUV anyways? Really? This story is nonsense, and its racism run rampant once again, given legitimacy by a law that has already proven that not only does it not do what its intended to do, but it allows the killing of innocent black children, with seemingly no end in sight.


Oh yeah. Racism happened.

Greg Thomas is the writer and owner of Gregisdumb.com. You can catch him on twitter @theblackmurse

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4 responses to “What The Hell Happened? Katt Williams, Sex, and Florida

  1. I always feeling this dude when he guest posts here! Bro! the fellas need you to bring more pain with them posts on females like you have done before!

  2. A church-going friend of mine use to sing this song, “get up off of that cocaine, get up off of that crack, get yo’self togetha’, and get yo mind back . . . ” I’m sure the lyrics merge into something about Jesus, but that’s the only part I actually remember. People get a little money and just don’t know how to handle themselves.

  3. I remember watching Dave Chappelle’s appearance on Actor’s Studio. He talked about Martin Lawrence, and how he knew Martin as a strong, smart man – but the world knew him for waving a pistol around on Venture Boulevard in L.A. And Chappelle asked – what is it about being famous that breaks people down this way?

    So I don’t know what happened to Katt. I was never the biggest fan of dude, but looking stories like these, I understand why Chappelle left the Hollywood scene. As much as it hurt to lose the best comedian of his generation, and a true genius, it’s better than watching him go crazy.

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