Just Throw Your Guns In The Air: Musings on the Sandy Hook Murders

This past week another mass murder happened in America. If you have been MIA, in jail this weekend, or in a coma it’s hard to not know about the shootings in Newton, Connecticut at Sandy Hook where 20 children and 6 adults were murdered. There are so many details that have yet to come out about this situation when it comes to Adam Lanza. These are just some random thoughts that came to my mind about this situation and mass murder situations (Aurora, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Arizona, etc) in America .

Not Much Will Change In Gun Control

sandy-hook-killingsThis situation has brought back the conversation of heavy gun control regulations. There have already been a few congressmen who have said they will make it their personal goal to tighten up the ability for people to get guns. The game has gotten so ill to the point the NRA shutdown their Facebook page and Website the day of the shootings. Some people are suggesting stricter laws on assault rifles/automatic weapons, mental evaluations of purchasers, and many others. People will push hard for gun control but do you see the NRA and other organizations really falling back on this?

I do believe people should have the right to own a gun but just like owning a car, home, etc there should be a higher amount of responsibility put on gun owners. The problem is with these people coming out against guns is that people neglect to look at the responsibility of the individual as much and blame the gun. Do we need more gun control? Hell yeah no one should be able to just cop a M-16, or shoot people because you “thought” your life was in danger (shout out to Stand Your Ground) but people do have a right to protect themselves. The NRA is going to blame the people who have the guns while those against guns are to going to continue to shout back that the access to guns is the issue. Basically we will have a merry-go-round and dog and pony show. Sadly this situation will turn into more a political angle than concern about the children and people affected by this incident.

The Media Don’t Give A Damn About Facts

The media and journalism in general has slipped when it comes to sources especially those “unnamed sources” that have become a part of the journalistic framework. With this case there were at least 30 different incorrectly reported news details given by many news outlets. They said everything from the wrong name, the mother being a teacher at the school, and that Adam killed his brother too. Media has decided that facts and following up on leads aren’t as important as being the first person to the story.

The other problem is that people have become accustomed so much to the media being wrong that they don’t have any repercussions from society. We almost expect that the media will have the details wrong for the first few days. I almost was against reading anything about Sandy Creek until a week later when they really have found facts instead of conjecture, theories, hyperbole, and simply wrong facts.

America Is All About Reaction/Blaming and Not Prevention

America is a country that is always about doing something after things have already went down. From health care, to education, to our personal relationships we have a perception that most things can’t happen to us. Guess what happens? People don’t take any measures to look into problems that are swirling around them only because it doesn’t affect them. Then you have people going out and saying ridiculous things like Mike Huckabee who said in so many words that the reason things like this happens is because prayer or God in it? !! C’mon son!!

The basic train of blame goes:


There are no solutions brought to the forefront on address the direct situation. It is all about who can be blamed and what can we do to just patchwork the situation by having more security,  gun control, conceal and carry for teachers, etc. No one wants to see about trying to dive into what could have gone wrong with Adam and other young men like him. We won’t even just look into the situation and realize that maybe Adam Lanza was simply crazy, or had issues with his mother. No we don’t try to help in preventing things we only want to react to it after it happens with BS patchwork solutions.

It is only an Issue in America When “Middle America” Sees It

flowers_and_bears_t607 (sandy creek)Chicago and Philadelphia the last two summers have had record murders in their cities the last two years but where were the issues and problems with guns then? It’s interesting that we only have issues with murder and death unless it hits Middle America. The thing that stood out to me was the many residents of the town who kept saying we can’t believe this could happen HERE. It’s almost feels that when these incidents happen that people feel like they are insulated from violence just because they live in a suburban area. They have no concern or care for those who die in urban environments every day. The problem is that why does it have to be an issue with automatic assault rifles no when they are getting passed out in the hood like pancakes? America doesn’t have a problem with the gun issues and people having access to them until it affects their hollowed communities they believe are immune to violence.

One thing that I have always known is that violence has no name or color. As the old hip hop moniker “anyone can be touched” and “anyone can get it”.  During the Civil Rights movement Dr. King and other organizers knew that they only way that they could get America to sympathize with the black man’s plight was to get into their faces and let them see the treatment that Black American’s were facing. With the divergence of the community atmosphere in America it has come to a point where most people only care about something unless it affects them or someone who looks like them. Is it human condition to have this thought process or just the way America has developed its consciousness?

Ice T’s character Appleton in New Jack City said it best “They don’t care unless it affects their community.”

What do you think about these observations? What are some observations you have on Sandy Hook?

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11 responses to “Just Throw Your Guns In The Air: Musings on the Sandy Hook Murders

  1. I want to share an amazing short film called “A Perfect Day” about a potential mass shooter on the morning of, and an unsuspecting stranger who opens the shooter’s eyes to the implications of what he’s about to do. Powerful stuff!

  2. Your last three points really hit home. I was quite annoyed when all of the wrong information kept coming out in regards to the gun man. Also, it is sad that it doesn’t become a major issue until it hits suburbia or one’s own back yard. Also, a lot of ignorant statements and actions come to the forefront, too, during tragedy. The biggest challenge is whether people are truly going to take steps to tackle this or will we wait until the next biggest tragedy to occur…how many more people have to die.

    I did write about the mental aspect of it more so than the guns…here’s the link to it:


  3. This whole thing is the kind of thing that will give the goverment the ability to make martial law!! Read up on it!

  4. With Twitter and FB, media has become direct competitors in getting information out the fastest. I mean so much wrong info was circulating for the sake of having an “exclusive”.

    My thing about these mass murders is how young do the victims have to get before we ACTUALLY change policy and stop hiding behind the 2nd amendment like cowards? These children were 6 yr old and the 1 little boy Noah only just turned 6 last week. Do the next victims have to be 6 months old? A daycare class of 1 year olds? It’s infuriating really.

  5. I think we are going to get some superficial changes in gun control. but unless we have gun laws like they do in England and France, it won’t make a big difference. People are acting as if arming teachers is now the key to solving the issue. I know a few teachers that I would be terrified if they had guns. The issue on a large scale is not solely about policy. It is as much of a cultural issue as it as a policy issue. And what irks me about this is that now, after this, people are serious about gun violence. Not after the years of gun violence that plagued inner city kids in the major metropolis’ of our country. The message that sends to those communities and the victims of those families is a striking statement about America’s priorities and the value placed on the life of a particular race or economic status.

  6. This case was just so sad and those babies dying!! We need way more gum control because most of these people don’t have a sane mind to use them correctly

  7. I was fucking outraged when I realized they gave Adam’s (the shooter’s) brother’s photo + name in the initial announcements. Journalists should be responsible for everything they put out there, and small mistakes like that can ruin lives. The standard for truth is very low in the U.S., news are more about entertainment than facts, it’s sad.

    And I know it’s a weird comparison, but I can’t help but think of Tim Tebow here. He’s lackluster at what he does, but because he’s a White, Christian kid from Florida, suddenly everyone cares about him. Not a knock on the man – I’m glad he’s doing his thing. But let’s be real, if he was a Black Muslim with a few tattoos, it would be a whole other story!

  8. Sandy CREEK? You talk about the media getting the facts wrong, but you can’t even get the name of the school correct. What is they say about people who live in glass houses?

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