Open Friday: Shawty Lo and All His Baby Mama Drama

I was planning on taking off this whole week for the holiday and come back with a post next week with a post on my review of the film Django(which  will be dropping next week). That was until I got various emails about Shawty Lo‘s new show on Oxygen.


You have to have seen this new show on Oxygen with rapper Shawty-Lo!! He has a show about him and his 11 kids by 10 baby mamas and his 19-year-old girlfriend. This is pure coonery at its finest. I remember reading that Open Friday letter on a baby mama becoming a wife and when I saw the show I immediately thought of that post. I wanted to make sure you found out about this show and see what were your thoughts on it cause I know you have something to say!


To see Shawty Lo’s preview episode for his show “All My Baby’s Mama’s” that sparked this letter CLICK HERE.

all my baby mamas

As MC Lyte said “Well, Well, Well be damned” I knew that there would come a time that a reality show like this would come down the pipeline. For those who maybe out of the loop. Shawty Lo is a trap rapper from ATL, who had the popular song “Dey Know” a while back and a feud with rapper T.I. for a period of time. I mean they have come out with everything else so far why not baby mamas. I watched the preview with a few observations.

-Oxygen is trying to make this the Negro version of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives. They aren’t slick they just figured they would repackage the same concept with a rapper and his baby mama’s. Oxygen is trying to cash in on the ratchet reality TV side while making it look an alternative family like Sister Wives. On second thought maybe this isn’t a bad idea.  If Kody Brown can have his Sister Wives why can’t Shawty Lo have his baby mama’s?

-It’s interesting as hell that Shawty Lo has one “queen” baby mama who divvies the money out for the rest of the baby mamas. She is like of a client and the president at the same damn time.

-Black culture has always had “baby mamas” since slavery when men were taken from plantation to plantation to impregnate women to breed better slaves.  But, the idea of pimpin out the aspect of women being proud of being one of a man’s many baby mother’s is other thing. The idea of being a baby mother is more appealing than being a wife is becoming more prevalent in society. I understand that marriage and have written before about how marriage may not be for everyone but at some point it’s like damn don’t you want some kid of stability? Like Common sadly said “A Lot of Women Can Say That They Are mothers but few can say that they are wives


-I can understand the first two baby mamas getting caught up with a man but how do you become baby mama 3-10? They didn’t see any RED flags? Like who really believes what Straight Outta Locash jokes about in being a part of #TeamLeaveItIN

-A woman not having a dad or male role model is 70% of the reason a man can have these many kids by these many women. Let’s keep it real if these women had a man in their life dropping real game on them and not just that “Don’t Mess with No Man till you 30 ” game. The real things a man should talk about like teachings I mention in things I would teach my future daughter.  This is where a father really shows his daughter what type of man she needs to look for by his own example than many women would have more self-confidence to not put them in a situation to be baby mama 12 regardless of how much money the man has.

-Why didn’t they get one of my favorite sperm cruisers Desmond Hatchet aka Cocktimus Prime”? He would have been way more intriguing considering he has like 33 kids and 11 baby mamas. I’m sure he needed the check more than Shawty Lo. Desmond may have pimp himself out for a lifetime contract.

Jump into the Discussion! What do you think about Oxygen’s new show about a rapper Shawty Lo’s Baby Mama’s?

Make sure you check out this week’s episode of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “Pop a Molly…I’m Sweatin”w/ guest Matt Whitener. You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, or I-Pad with Stitcher Radio.

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14 responses to “Open Friday: Shawty Lo and All His Baby Mama Drama

  1. There used to be a time when I was offended by this level of ridiculousness but no more, now I just feel sorry for them. This is what happens when you don’t have any self-worth.

  2. He got with these women when they were young. In youth, at 19-20 (which is the age of his current girlfriend and oldest kids), poor decisions are more than any other time in our lives. Having watched the clip for research purposes, at least one of the women didn’t know he had a gang of kids before she had her child. Further, I’m not sure why people are missing that he has a thing for girls who are i their late teens.

  3. Nothing in the realm of “reality tv” is surprising. Nothing is off-limits. Folks feel like this is their reality so why not get a check. What they don’t get is everything is not for public consumption.

  4. Only two of these chicks are even cute. Shows he would just fuck ANYTHING! If it was grass on the field he was playing ball. Shawty Lo sucks as a rapper anyway and can see him only getting bottom barrell chicks like this

  5. Another gem, Dig.

    I’m not sure why people would even want to tune in to this Minstrel Show. The fact that this dude has all of these kids from these women speaks volumes about what he is as a man. I wouldn’t spend 10 seconds of my life watching this trash.

  6. Oh, man….

    I am torn by this. On one side, it “appears” that he has a situation where the mothers know and “understand” their situation to get along.

    On the other side is the fact that its reality TV. This could all be for the sake of a show. My biggest issue is that it gives an idea of the “baby momma syndrome” being acceptable (which it is not). Too many of these shows are seen as “acceptable” by these young and misguided children of today.

    Plus, I wonder about any woman that has a man at home but is taking care of their baby daddy’s situation. Her man is okay with this?

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