DJango Unchained Review: Where My B***H BroomHilda?

I have mentioned and had people ask me about my thoughts on Quentin Tarantino’s DJango Unchained. I do want people to check out my previous post on the real DJango’s in our history as well ( Check out Here) Well I decided instead of writing a post that I would tackle it on my podcast Straight Outta LoCash.  There has been so much controversy around the film and I feel that is somewhat the brilliance in it. Love or hate the film it gets a discussion going about America’s dirty secret that it doesn’t want to talk about. We talk about a lot of topics but we really dive deep into the psychology of the film. The title of the show comes from a joke a crack during the show about some people’s idea of how they thought the film should be. From Broomhilda (Kerry Washington‘s character) being a stronger character than people think to how Samuel L. Jackson was really the villain in the film.  Check out myself, Jovan Bibbs, Ted Simpson IV and DJ Reminise as we have a few special guests in the studio to dive in head first into all the hoopla about DJango.

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Django Unchained_Broomhilda-500x281

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