MLK Had a Dream But I’m Sure He Never Dreamed He Would Be A Party Promoter

This is weekend two great things are taking place one is the second term inauguration of Barack Obama and the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. This weekend there will be tons of parties and banquets to celebrate both occasions. With it being the holiday and inauguration weekend it is considered a big weekend to hang out and cut loose. I am sure Martin Luther King looks down on many aspects of the world and thinks that his dream has dream he talked about 50 years ago has been fulfilled. I know one thing for sure I know Martin didn’t ever dream he would be used in party promotions and events!

Party promotions flyers have always been somewhat of a funny thing. I have promoted events and parties for almost 8 years and I have seen all kinds of images used for flyers. I have firsthand experience with a flyer situation going wrong. I had a graphic designer get me in trouble with R&B singer Syleena Johnson a few years back because the designer had used her silhouette in the flyer. After that incident we made sure that we let graphic artists know to only use stock photos. So some could say I have probably seen every type and kind of promotional flyer.

MLK disflyer3

The epidemic of MLK being shown on party flyers is nothing new but the new sets of flyers that have taken things to another level of disrespect. The first one that took it there was a flyer last year was one advertising “Bad Bitch Tuesdays” with Martin on the flyer throwing ones out on a stripper. Last year, they got a lot of flak for the flyer from the media and you would think that some people would have learned their lesson…NO!!

MLK disflyer2

This year I saw three different flyers with each one of them seeming to one up each other on the disrespect. We had Martin doing everything from wearing Beats By Dre headphones, Martin looking like a knock off Trinidad James, and another had Martin looking like Eddie Murphy in the Golden Child. If you all have taken a listen to my podcast “Straight Outta LoCash” you will know that my co-host Jovan Bibbs and I prank call people in crazy situations. Well last night you know what we did? After some research and Google searching we were able to find the different promoters information…and called them. The show with the prank call will be up next week but I found out a few things from doing the calls and research.

The first thing was that I realized that some of the flyers had wrong information or incomplete. And after doing research found out that most of them weren’t even real parties. Maybe they cancelled the parties or maybe we were being trolled by graphic artists.


I did find one of the promoters/DJs that we were able to get in contact with. During the prank Jovan and I called in like we were members of the Nation of Islam tell him we would be showing up at the event. During the conversation with the promoter I realized that he was young as hell and seriously didn’t know any better about what he was doing. It reminds me of the episode of Boondocks with Martin Luther King waking up out of a coma and living in today’s time. While we were pranking the promoter of the event he kept saying that they didn’t mean to disrespect him just doing something positive and with non-violence. I smirked during the call because the dude in his fear invoked King’s message and probably didn’t know it.

MLK disflyer

The thing I learned from these flyers and the prank call is that Martin’s dream in some people’s eyes has been so fulfilled that the ideas and principles have no merit anymore. People who produce flyers like this really only think they are promoting another party with an image. This comes down in a nutshell to parents and our community not explaining and showing to them the importance of our history. People are getting mad at the young people who are doing these (and rightfully so) but we need to look at ourselves as well because we failed them somewhere as well. If we do better in explaining MLK’s legacy besides seeing him in McDonald’s commercials and commemorative cups maybe some younger people would have more respect for MLK and his legacy.

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9 responses to “MLK Had a Dream But I’m Sure He Never Dreamed He Would Be A Party Promoter

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly especially the last paragraph, I am quick to get down on the younger generation about what my idea of “hip hop” is without trying to show or turn them on to it. Having said that, we can do all the “teaching this younger generation” all we want the onus is stil on them to want to receive what we are teaching. What good is teaching if the lessons are fallen on deaf ears? Some people are just stuck on stupid, but I guess if we can reach 1 then we’ve done our job.

  2. The thing is that we don’t value the heroes of the past. You can love 2 Xhainz but still have respect and understand Martin’s struggle and contribution. A lot of this comes from hood rats and Hood hounds procreating at a high rate

  3. Where and when do we even begin to comment on this foolishness. I swear its like a bonus scene from that one Boondocks episode (my favorite one actually)!

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  5. These guys are just ignorantly just trying to cut a check. They look at it that King dream ain’t feeding and keeping them warm at night. Not knowing that lack of respect for who you are is the worst issue

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