So, You know about the Illuminati BUT What You Gonna Do About It?

The last 10 years or so there has been a fascination with the Illuminati in popular culture. I know specifically in the black community. The Illuminati I know became more popular on a bigger level when there were DVDs and YouTube video’s passed around “exposing” the Illuminati and all the celebrities and entertainers in the organization. Now we have begun to have a society that constantly accuses everyone for being in the Illuminati. This past weekend after the Super Bowl I began to hear the most ridiculous reasons and ideas for certain entertainers being in the Illuminati. Everything from the Illuminati and Beyoncé caused the blackout to Willow Smith being a new member of the Satanic serving group. After seeing a lot of dialogues about how these occurrences were things of the Illuminati. I thought myself even if these people are right about the people in the Illuminati what people are really going to do about it?

beyonce-illuminatiFirst off let me let it be known that I do believe that groups such as the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, etc. do exist in some capacity. Do we know what extent that they influence the world? Many can claim that they do but the point of them being secret societies is that we don’t know. The other day I was talking to one of those dudes who watched a few YouTube videos and is now a certified expert on Illuminati symbols, protocol, and members. The first thing I asked him since he knew so much about Secret Societies had he ever read William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse? Of course he said no and I would venture to say that many people who claim that they know so much about the Illuminati hasn’t even studied “The Godfather” of conspiracy theory. We have so much misinformation being put out about the historical significance of these organizations that it has become a modern urban McCarthyism movement. Basically anyone can claim anyone is Illuminati because they simply put up a so-called symbol. I am waiting for someone to say Big Bird and Elmo are symbols of the Illuminati. Even more it seems like the people who constantly say everyone is in the Illuminati always attribute success to being a part of a Secret Society.  It’s like they don’t believe that anyone could have achieved success without joining up like they were in Quixtar. I am just waiting for someone to accuse me for being a part of the Illuminati since I was in Black Enterprise Magazine.

Let’s say that Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Fat Albert, Will and Jada Smith, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Tonya Harding, TD Jakes, Todd Bridges, LeBron James, and JJ Walker are all members of the Illuminati? What are you going to do about?

Are you going to create a movement to storm the Capital or Universal Records proclaiming what they you caught them red-handed?

Are you going create your own group of Illuminati patriots ready to go to war?

Are yo going to Arm-up, get your survivalist skills together?

Or are you illuminati-destroyed really going to research and really understand the information that is being presented to you and even question the theories that you feel are “so real and true”?

No most people who holler all of this Illuminati are going to do a damn thing but continuously shout out that so and so is in the Illuminati. Those people will continuously shout out “Ohh Ohh!! Did you see what Levar Burton did on Reading Rainbow? That was some Illuminati s*** right there!”

I mean I’m sure that even if these people are in the Illuminati that they really give a damn that you know. I have even thought in my own theory that the Illuminati is purposely putting out so much information out there to mislead them from their real goals? But, that would sound so something like what a secret society would do wouldn’t it?

(Can I cue up Kennan Ivory Wayans?)

Do I believe there are shadowy groups that attempt to control the masses in some form or fashion? Yes I do and I believe there are things they have been constructed behind the scenes to control the population. Could some of the people being mentioned be in the Illuminati or part of Satanic groups? They very well could, but will anyone be able to definitively prove it and put them on blast? I know that I even have conspiracy theories on many things (OJ not killing Nicole, Astronauts never going to the moon, the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., and Girl Scout cookies being sold the month after people make weight loss New Years’ resolutions). But, even with my “conspiracy theories” I have to ask myself even if I found it all to be true what the hell am I even going to do about it?

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20 responses to “So, You know about the Illuminati BUT What You Gonna Do About It?

  1. LMFAO!!! This was real as that thang. Tired of folks thinking they know every damn source and symbol. I heard the other day someone say that the black gymnast chick was in the Illuminanti SMDH!!

  2. Some things you just cain’t worry about! The biggest controller of people is the US Gov’t and they openly f*ck us so who has time to worry about some underground ish! LOL BTW Nice bringin’ Xzibit back!

  3. I’m one of them dudes that believes there are secret societies that do influence world events. I just find the subject fascinating. However, to the extent that the subject matter is so cared for nowadays is way too much. I read about them all, have watched a YouTube video or five, and studied up on them. The folks who swear so-and-so are members? Just stop. We don’t know who is and who isn’t.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been saying this for so long!! Great article! And I loooove that Levar Burton comment!!!

  5. You are big time Off here on this. The Illuminati is real and it was all kind of symbolism in this year and last Yeats Super Bowl

  6. Last year, my writers group and I took it upon ourselves to perform an extensive study on The Illuminati and I assure you that neither of the aforementioned musicians are part of this secret society. If anything, it’s marketing and word of mouth. Once you really sit and think about it – as you stated – anyone can participate in the overall perception of allowing others to believe as much.

    Far as devil worshipping, if you ask me, the majority of America worships the fallen angel in the sense that at least 90% of us share the exact same morals, characteristics and behaviors, IMO.

  7. Man people always what to hate on Bey and jay cause they can’t be them and wish there life was one third of theirs. Illuminati my ass

  8. I think many people just like to discuss this idea of the Illuminati in relation to celebrities because it adds another layer to them to make them even more interesting to discuss and contemplate. For many, they think their observations of “signs” of one being a member of the Illuminati make themselves of learned. Beyonce and Jay-Z are not members of the Illuminati. These celebrities are too focused on making money to devote too much time to something of this nature.

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  16. Good pragmatic thought bro, I’m not big on all the illuminati bluster, but so I often dismiss it in a big way. It seems we have a fascination with other peoples cultural mythology…example stage names like Gotti, Makaveli, etc etc, but I do appreciate your pragmatism.

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