25 Questions That Are Wrecking My Brain

We all have questions about many things that happen in life but I have decided to present my questions like I have done before for all of you to see. Maybe you have some answers to my questions maybe you have questions to even complicate my questions more. As they say “the man who knows the most knows that he really knows nothing at all.”

  1. Could I show like New York Undercover work in 2013?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks this situation with Christopher Dorner is like a Martin Scorsese film?
  3. Why does Beyoncé get so much hate?
  4. Why do Beyoncé Stans make me dislike her because of their overindulgence in her?
  5. Who could be the Super Bowl performer next year?
  6. Why can’t be see the hypocrisy in the Republican Party’s push to suppress poor people voting?
  7. Do we really need a Best Man 2?
  8. Who should play Black Panther in Avengers 2?
  9. Is Snoop Dogg really going to ride out with this Snoop Lion persona?
  10. Could the Gangsta Disciple’s really shutdown Rick Ross’ career?
  11. Are you as interested as I am in what Byron Hurt’s planned documentary “Hazing: How Bad Do You Want It?” will turn out?
  12. Are we seeing a resurgence of sitcoms and dramas and a loss in popularity of the proverbial reality TV show?
  13. Is It Really a Hard Knock Life?
  14. Shouldn’t Black History be celebrated as 365 days a year just like the rest of American History?© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation
  15. Will Disney destroy and overexpose the Star Wars franchise?
  16. Are any of Colin Powell’s statements about the Republican Party really that shocking?
  17. Who thinks for some strange reason that Tyrese and Rev run hooking up to write a book was a great business move?
  18. Didn’t Christopher Dorner “manifesto” read like a person writing a thesis for a PhD in Criminal Justice?
  19. What ever happened to Another Bad Creation?
  20. Isn’t watching Catfish make you realize that your relationship acumen isn’t that bad?
  21. Doesn’t Straight Outta Locash have to be one of the best podcast in the world?
  22. Should seeing “Roots” be a part of the American education system?
  23. Who the hell uses a Blackberry anymore?
  24. Does the moniker Mo Money Mo Problems have any true standing?
  25. Will we ever get another Outkast album?


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11 responses to “25 Questions That Are Wrecking My Brain

  1. Outkast album. I recently read where Andre 3000 spoke of a certain collab with Big Boi, but stated how he didn’t want fans to get the wrong idea and think another Outkast album was in the mix. It would be an highly-anticipated effort, though.

    Same here, I too cannot understand how Beyonce receives so much criticism. I knew it was deep when I read where some have adamantly insisted that she didn’t give birth to her daughter. Crazy.

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