Why Do We Care So Much About How Much Money Athletes Make?

Last week LeBron James made a statement last week that had some people in a serious tizzy. LeBron James said

“It doesn’t matter to me, being the highest-paid guy in the league,” James said. “What I do on the floor shows my value. At the end of the day, I don’t think my value of what I do on the floor can be compensated anyway because of the CBA if you want this truth. If this was baseball, I’d be up there.”

I am not asking about the validity of what he said but more of why do YOU give a damn about how much athletes make?

lebron jamesThe thing about his comment was right! Of course LeBron James had to realize that this comment was going to get people upset and mad. Anytime an athlete talks about money or their value people are going to get upset about it.  I am not going to get into the racial aspect that any people have against black athletes getting paid so much for just “dunking the ball” (because we don’t say anything about hockey players being paid too much for just slapping a puck).

Why is it that you only complain about how much the players make but I never see anyone getting mad and raving about how much owners make. Have any people who get mad at athletes for what they make think about what their market value is in terms of what revenue is brought in? People like to say that teachers and community service people don’t get more money? It’s a simple answer because we don’t care about those things as much as we say we do. We say teachers should get paid more but I don’t see people pulling out their money to support teachers (besides taxes) but I guarantee they will go 150 bucks to go see LeBron James dunk a ball.

Early this morning I woke up and turned to HBO. I finally got a chance to see the documentary on Curt Flood and his battle with Major League Baseball. I knew a lot about the Curt Flood saga with the Supreme Court and the idea of “free agency” but the thing that struck me about the documentary the most was the idea that owners were running their teams like a feudal system where players were owned the team and couldn’t decide where they went at all. Many of these owners were making hand over fist money with the players not even seeing a fraction of what they made. Many players were just happy at that time making more than the average person. But, Curt Flood was one of the few people who wanted to challenge the feudal system of baseball. Even at that time people were criticizing Curt for wanting to make more money and have a choice of where he wanted to play. He received death threats daily just because he wanted to exercise the things in the anti-trust labor law. The same people who could be flexible where they wanted to work didn’t want athletes to have that ability. Why is it that society gives a damn that much?

Think about this in the idea of where you are employed. People most of the time feel they are underpaid for what they do. They complain about how they are undervalued and underpaid but when an athlete goes that length to see how much his value is in accordance to what he brings in people have a problem? One thing I hear is the idea that these athletes don’t deserve this

Curt_FloodThis country is a built on the idea of capitalism but when someone exercises their option to make more it is almost like they have to be an apologist for having gifts that allow them to make a certain amount of money?  These people train and work hard to get where they are in sports. Many of them really are coming from nothing to something. Is that what the American Dream is? Pulling yourself by your bootstraps and becoming something? Spending countless hours and years in training, shooting shots, etc. and being able to cash in on your talents?

LeBron James’ comments are on no way on the level as a Curt Flood and he should not be looked at as a hero either(still looking at him sideways for “The Decision”) but why can’t we recognize his comments having some validity to it? He is the best player in the league and isn’t paid the most. I bet most of us would be whining everyday if we were the best at our company and wasn’t getting paid by one of the best. Then ask yourself how made you would be if someone told you why you complaining you make more than the average person with your 55,000 a year?  But you care so much about how much athletes make don’t you? Why do you even care how much an athlete or any person in general makes? Like I have sad before many of us would get farther if we focused on our own piss.


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13 responses to “Why Do We Care So Much About How Much Money Athletes Make?

  1. These athletes are spoiled as hell and get everything giving to them. Hard working people every day trying to put food on the table but these guys are making millions for doing not a damn thing and then complaining about it! Sickens me! You are just one of those people who seem to idolize athletes

  2. These guys think they hot shit just cause they shoot a ball. Cry me a river that I care about these arrogant assholes who think they are Gods gift to women

  3. My personal disdain comes from the standpoint of an educator and social activist. I’m very much a people person and put more value on how one’s profession can better society. I think it’s unfair how so much money goes to athletes – hockey or basketball – and so little to teachers

  4. Its really sucker ass people who want to count and worry about another man’s duckets! Get your paper up homie!

  5. we care about how much athletes make for the same reason we care about the day to day drama of ex-wives, never been wives, baby mommas, and celebrity jump-offs…Our culture has a damn problem!! Our culture has become obsessed with celebrity and the need to escape through entertainment.

    Truthfully, people show their ignorance when they complain about what Bron is making. He is grossly underpaid! Some of the richest athletes in the world are soccer players and formula one race car drivers. If athletes were paid according to how much they made the team, Kobe would get nearly 50 mil a year and Bron would get a blank check!!

    When we as culture stop over valuing the efforts of celebs and athletes, they will stop making so much money. until then suck it up and now that when you pay your cable bill, or 13.50 to see avengers, or 600 bucks for tickets to the all-star game in the H this weekend….you are aiding and abetting.

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  9. Tens of millions a year for playing children’s games,and they are out for weeks with a hangnail. NBA players are the worst. Dogging it all season because all they have to do ifs finish eighth in order to make the post season. Nobody plays for the love of the game anymore. How much do you think,Wilt Chamberlain would be worth in todays market? Or Bart Starr or Harmon Killebrew?

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