The Date-Ability Score Chart

When I first started this blog  I wrote a post comparing someone’s relationship acumen to a credit score.  This guest post this week decides to take this to another angle.

First of all I want to go on record as saying that I am far from a relationship expert nor do I claim to be. I do however strongly believe that healthy relationships are based on what works best for YOU and your SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Momma/grandma doesn’t know whats best, your best friend doesn’t know best… you and your know whats best for your relationship. Just because it works for one relationship doesn’t mean it will work for the next.

I get it, everyone has their preferences. Women want a man that’s 6’4, has a doctorate degree, is a alpha male, is sensitive/caring, faithful and makes 6 figures (DOESN’T EXIST). Men want a woman who looks like a video vixen/model, cooks better than their grandma, has a master’s degree, support them in whatever they do and let them do whatever they want to (DEFINITELY DOESN’T EXIST). Once people come to earth and realize many of their preferences/expectations for a significant other is far-fetched, the sooner they will be to finding someone who is actually compatible with them.With that said I developed a Date-Ability Score Chart™ for people to rate potential mates based on THEIR beliefs/preferences……..

People need to start rating potential mates on a 25 point scale: 1-10 looks, 1-10 personality, 1-5 marriage material…. You then multiply the 25 point scale number by 4 to get a percentage out of 100…..

wife/husband material

girlfriend/boyfriend material

boo/her/him material


Lower than 60: abort mission, <continue at your own risk

Follow this chart and you won’t make irrational decisions based off of one overly good quality because that could lead to disaster!

Example: Jane Doe is a 8 in looks, a 6 in personality, and 2 in marriage material…. 8+6+2=16, 16X4=64 … Therefore Jane is a fling…. and that’s how an “8” can end up a side chick or baby mom at best

* I’m not a doctor I just play one on twitter….


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6 responses to “The Date-Ability Score Chart

  1. thats actually a pretty good equation. the only variable that concerns me is the “marriage material” score. its too vague, and people could interpret marriage material to cover anything.

  2. Hey Everyone,

    I appreciate the comments and feedback! It looks like the numbers were left off the scale so here they go:

    100-90 wife/husband material
    89-80 girlfriend/boyfriend material
    79-70 boo/her/him material
    69-60 fling
    Lower than 60: abort mission, <continue at your own risk

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