When Losers Comment On Pretty Girl Photos

I follow a number of attractive women on Social Media and there has always been this trend of creeper, loser-types who post comments that they assume is flattering to women. Most of the time it is internet bravery that comes out as creeper text because the guys posting are anonymous, horny, and could care less what anyone thinks.

Yesterday, I ran into the same situation on Google+ with one of the women in my circles where she snatched her photograph down because of the zerg of sophomoric commentary about her looks. The White Knights came out en masse to dab the tears from her internet eyes, not knowing that like the former commentators, they were as much a part of the problem as the offenders.

thirsty tweets

Why do I say this? Well the problem with White Knighting is that it normally comes with the game of self-proclaiming that you are not like the other boys. I take issue with a man throwing the rest of us under the bus in order to push his chest out to a woman as the difference (in secret hope that she will allow him to polish her pedestal with his tongue).

We need to stop this foolish game of jousting for female online favor; it is futile, silly, and absolutely worthless. The only time your creeper act or white knighting will end up paying off in the sex you so desire is if the woman already knows you, wants to sleep with you, and is going to do it anyway. Anything less is some sucker sh-t. I just don’t have any other words for it.


I absolutely hate, hate, hate when men play themselves on a woman’s photo online. Not the guys who may post “looking cute in this pic Sara” or generic stuff like “love it” (the narcissist who put up the picture feeds on compliments like that) but the guys who are all “Ma, I would lick you from head to toe”, or “goddess!” or “when we going out baby” come off as sub-men.

The counter to these guys is the male who steps up to call them out (don’t do this), the term we use for them is White Knights… I like to call them Templars.

thirsty black man onlineOn the thread yesterday I took one of these Templars to task for asking the woman if she needed him to rip the commentators a new one (yes he offered her his sword folks). I had to wonder at the plight of the beautiful woman online, who posts many photos of herself… how many creeps does it take for you to realize that losers will post rubbish on any new photo you post?

Not blaming victims here, I am just wondering at the sincerity of a woman who acts victimized when someone posts a disrespectful comment on one of her photos. We are all seasoned on the internet here folks… how sincere is that? Could it be that some women fish for compliments and the White Knights to scare off the brutes?

Where do you stand on this topic denizens? Are you a mighty Templar warrior, defender of the beautiful and assumed innocent internet beauty? Or are you an ogre, troll, or cave man, drooling and commenting on what you want to do with the naughty pics? Probably neither right? You’re like me, you see both of these types as sad and perpetuating a behavior that only feeds the ego of the muse they battle over.

What will it take for this to stop? Let me know where you stand.

This guest post was courtesy of Greg Dragon ( @hobdragon). Check out his Men’s Lifestyle blog Hall of the Black Dragon.

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12 responses to “When Losers Comment On Pretty Girl Photos

    • “Men compete and have continual pissing contests IRL so seeing it online is expected.”

      While this is true as writers that are men, would it not be beneficial if people like myself try to help those who are willing to listen? Day by day we are reminded that we are dead beat dads, race traitors, and rapists so if every man is quiet because it happens IRL would that not tell the young men reading that we agree,,, due to silence?

      Sure, these things may come off as complaining about water being wet but believe it or not some people do get help from articles such as this.

  1. All of this is just a haven for thirsty dudes and women who embrace thisty nature. They can have each other at the end of the day. What women wants a dude who is thirsty and what man wants a women who is attention whoring?

  2. Are the women complaining about the comments they receive? Last time I checked you can make photos, profiles, etc private and/or only visible only to the people you want to see them. I’m really only on Twitter and I only follow people with good sense so I don’t get this. I don’t understand why you’re so annoyed by the thirsters/white knighters, though.

    • Hi Kiesh, to answer that question you have to understand the goal of The Hall of The Black dragon. Our goal is to help men improveand become better versions of themselves – to become what we call a modern gentleman. This mantra leads to many articles like this one where we see an activity that makes men look bad and we write about it. On the thirsters/white knights we are asking for a cease fire because from where I stand they both look like suckers for women. Refrain from commenting and just click the like button if it’s that serious when looking at token hot woman in bathroom that happens to be your Facebook friend.

      The context of all of my articles of are the same – I look out for my fellow man. It may not be palatable to everyone, to women, or to many of the simps and white knights themselves but the 1 or 2 me who can see themselves in this and are willing to change are the ones I write for.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. To be real,a lot of women love the attention they get from these guys. Yeah these guys are simps but their behavior is reinforced by the women. I’ve seen some attractive women online but I don’t do the “white knight” thing. I have a little more self respect.lol

    • Like I told the guy who inspired this article – when you white knight a woman online nobody believes that you’re sincere… you just look like you’re kissing ass in hopes that she gives you a cookie. Lots of women eat it up when the white knights come on the commentary to prove how different they are than the rest of us men but these guys don’t realize that it is never about them, it’s about her!

      • So true! I couldn’t agree more. That’s what I try to tell these guys but they just don’t get it.lol Good post though. You made some very valid points. Hopefully it won’t fall on deaf ears.

  4. These bitch made men are the reason you have all these women thinking they are models or believing they are a dime when they really a 5

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  6. A black male is either a simp or he is a winner, aka Black Man. I’m going to be completely blunt and honest. We all know that the majority of black males in America are simps. I know many Black Men; and they tend to be winners. They handle life, it does not handle them. I also know many more simps. There’s ten simps for every one man in the American black male population. Its also true that most black males alive today in America were raised by single females who were almost totally devoid of parental skills. There is high correlation between this type of upbringing and the proliferation of simpdom. And I won’t wax nostalgic about Africa either. I have lived in Washington DC, Baltimore, NY city, and Atlanta. So I have met many males from Africa and they have a level of simpdom that the American black male can’t even reach. So it just might be a black thing. I don’t know where this simp subculture comes from, but it is widespread among the black populations of Africa and America. It also has to be a major reason why Black People can’t keep up with the rest of humanity.

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