Hip Hop Artists Don’t Have Longevity Cause We Don’t Know Anything About Them

Music has always been about expression at its core that is organically created. Music is an intrinsic part of the artist’s being that is expressed through cords, lyrics, and beats. There have been millions of artists to come and go in music but one of the keys to many artists longevity is the ability to have their audience have a small peek into their psyche and lives. In Hip hop it seems to be vital thing missing from some artists. If you look into these artists ability to be able to have staying grace or potentially iconic status will be when people know who the hell they are.

rapperThis whole post was inspired by one of those hip hop conversations that happen via social networking sites. This debate was over the MTV’s Hottest MCs list that was discussed on my podcast. Someone wrote in and talked about Rick Ross, French Montana, Trinidad James, and a few other artists. I began to think what do we know about Rick Ross besides him being a former correction officer and being chased around the Country by the Gangster Disciples? We don’t know much about Trinidad James besides he has an eccentric personality and style that many people still is authentic. What do we know about French Montana…at all?  And I am not hatin’ on Ross because like I have many times before Rick Ross is the best beat selector in the history of hip hop. But, really what part of him do we really learn that we haven’t learned from other rap artists? Even 2 Chainz has a story to tell.

Now this isn’t one of those posts raving about how hip hop is bad now or anything along those lines but more of the idea that artists will only be able to have so long of a career without a delving into their thought process.  People will attach to an artist more the more we know about them and who they are. Within saying this I am not talking about necessarily all of their personal business but you must have something people can identify with in some way. Most people are probably think this can only be attributed to “conscious” rappers but that’s not true because many artists show something in their music.

Nas throughout his music has shown all the ranges of emotions and desires from the death of his mother, relationship with his father and daughter, to his marriage woes.

Jay-Z was able to show is acumen for business, even his political thoughts, birth and even personal situations with his mother and father.

Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion or whatever he is calling himself now) was able to let us get into his thoughts and notion of just living life to the fullest and having fun.

J. Cole has been able to let listeners feel the story of a young person trying to make it in this world.

Kendrick Lamar is able to show himself through cohesively making an album that told an inner city story of love, struggle, pain, and joy.

E-40 through his music was able to introduce us to slanguage and Bay area hustlers mind state.

Phonte is able to show the aspects of hip hop being grown, in love, trying to stay in love, and survive life.

maybach-music-group_zpsc985a9b2Scarface was able to convey a part of his mind that was able to tap into the everyday struggle in the gritty streets of the hood.

Drake as sensitive as his he can be does show a side of emotion of young men that isn’t seen.

Lil Wayne hate him or love him he does display how much he loves big butts, promethazine, and skateboarding. The dude is crazy as hell but it is something that has to be said about his “Martian” persona.

The ability to have some ability to have balance in the art is something that transcends just the time the music. People have to remember you for something and it doesn’t have to be on some “conscious tip” but think about all the people who you feel dear and close to you is because you feel like you know them. Even if they are ratchet it is something about an artist that we can feel like we know through their authentic voice.

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13 responses to “Hip Hop Artists Don’t Have Longevity Cause We Don’t Know Anything About Them

  1. Very good points. People will gain a greater appreciation for Hip-Hop when they learn more about the artists who create Hip-Hop music. Too many consumers of Hip-Hop music are moved only by the beat and not enough about Hip-Hop as a larger important cultural phenomenon.

    • Came here to say this… listeners have lost the reality of Hip Hop being much more than the music so the artists are treated like memes and trends. The guys who stick are the ones who can touch people who will listen for them (Daryl how come Reggie Noble isn’t on that list) and those people aren’t that many, but they are loyal. Wayne and a few others have garnered that fire in younger listeners but this is super rare. I really liked this article, but I think the playing down of Hip Hop as a culture has done terribly for many careers…

  2. I haven’t read the article yet but Mack Maine goes off on that “celebrate” joint!! I heard it on the Talib Attack the Block mixtape and I was actually impressed!! Now, to read the article.

  3. The thing about some of the artist you listed is that their fan base knows their back story. With the prominence of YouTube, the resurgence of MySpace, and twitter its easier for artist to show their personal side. The onus is not on the artist to do that through their music as much as it used to be. I agree that it makes it better when it happens through the music, it makes it more of a process and authentic.

  4. Good post. I miss the days when rappers told stories w/ their music instead of just punchlines. Nowadays the only things we know about half these rappers are the rumors that come from the blogs. People are not going to get attached to you as an artist because those punchlines are really forgettable.

  5. Rick Ross does has more personality than Wayne to me. Yeah he is a correction officer but he raps about that hustle and women that many cats not doing right now

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  7. Good post. I recently found out through a far too rare intelligent conversation that 2 Chainz is college educated. This both intrigued and disgusted me. I know WHY he isn’t promoting a thing like that, because his core audience isn’t exactly the highest achieving dedemographic but I’m disgusted because why not give them more to aspire to than big booty girls and spending money as quickly as you get it. I think of an artist like Master P who had some of the most fuckery based music around but still served as an inspiration through his honesty about his life and his efforts to give back and elevate. I’m glad those who aren’t willing to be accountable don’t last long.

  8. Interesting thought of some hip hop artists not showing anything besides the frontal. But the problem is most people don’t make artists accountable for this. If the beat is good she will shake her ass all night and the men will want to watch

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