25 Questions That Are Making Me Scratch My Head

  1. What the hell is wrong with Rick Ross right now with the rape lyrics he spewed on that Rocko track? Why was Rick Ross explanation half ass and why the DJ who interviewed him just dick rode Ross the time?
  2. So is it hot in the streets to have booty goons?
  3. And if those booty goons do exist is there a place of employment for Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson when he gets released in 2017?
  4. Why so much backlash from women over Issa Rae’s new web series “How Men Become Dogs?”
  5. Besides Hoopz, what happened to all the chicks that were on Flavor of Love?
  6. Does anyone else have a chance of beating the Miami Heat for the NBA title?
  7. Why is Dr. Ben Carson “blacking out” right now?
  8. Am I the only one who thinks that the murder of the Texas District attorney and his wife is deeper than we are being told? The Feds just don’t get involved in murders like that right?
  9. Who didn’t think G.I. Joe: Retaliation was going to be that bad?
  10. How drunk was cyclist Peter Sagan for doing some grab ass doing the trophy presentation after a race?
  11. Has the idea of 2 minutes of fame been reduced to 20 seconds?
  12. How real are things getting in North Korea now?
  13. Who else thinks Justin Bieber may need to quit hanging out with rappers before they ruin his career?Flavor of Love Girls
  14. Mentioning Flavor of Love why did I never see this gem of a video featuring Flavor of Love’s Sinceer?
  15. Why don’t they just leave Gucci Mane in jail?
  16. This year for movies has to get better right?
  17. So let me get this straight Olympus is Fallen and White House Down aren’t the same movie?
  18. Were you upset about The Walking Dead Finale?
  19. Was Tyler Perry’s Temptation as melodramatic as I thought it would be?
  20. Does Rahm Emanuel really have a legitimate reason for closing 50 inner city Chicago public schools?
  21. After seeing the trailer who else is geeked as me for Kick Ass-2?
  22. Who else is tired of all the reality singing competitions (American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor)?
  23. Why didn’t we appreciate the sitcom “Between Brothers”?
  24. Who has the Final Four correct in their NCAA Tourney pool?
  25. Does anyone else feel like this Trayvon Martin case is going to be more drawn out than the OJ trial?

Do you have any answers to these questions? What questions have been making you scratch your head?

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14 responses to “25 Questions That Are Making Me Scratch My Head

  1. Very good question concerning Dr. Ben Carson. Unfortunately I cannot form an overall opinion at the time. But I do believe politics to play a role though.

    Yes, I also believe those murders in Texas to be deeper than one has been led to believe, considering there are previous murders that can be linked to form a bigger picture.

    For some reason, I don’t see Miami winning the rings this year. I had OKC picked before the season began.

  2. I’m just gonna answer the top 5 honestly despite how unpopular they will be.

    1. Strangely enough 10 years ago nobody wouldn’t care. Remember DMX talking about raping your 15 yr old daughter? Eminem isn’t above this either… so I will say it’s bad timing for Rick Ross. Feminists are stringing him up for his crass lyrics and everyone that came before him. This too shall pass (not saying it should’ve ever been condoned but its only going viral due to opportunistic people).
    2. Lol, one can say that the streets are on fire…
    3. I thought Fleece was already out… maybe he’s just a freak, flip mode back to women on the outside.
    4. Because women who see a problem with it only feel they should be shown as victims or super positive role-models… well unless it’s on TV then they have to be complex, and love white men, but still be about the culture… and who cares really?
    5. One of them had a porn stint… she was bad as hell too but I think she broke a dude’s deal on a bad cowgirl accident… I forgot her name.

  3. I have thoughts on a few of these.

    1. I agree w/ Greg above. I too remember DMX’s “if you gotta daughter over 15 I’ma rape her…” People are paying more attention now, especially with this controversy happening right after the Stubenville case (media coverage). Folks are like this with every issue. Hence the focus on gun laws after Sandy Hook. If we’re going to be honest, we have to admit that hip hop went so far off the deep end so long ago, which created an environment for Ross to feel comfy rapping that mess and really be confused about the outrage.

    4. I watched one episode of that series and it sucked. Poorly written, super exaggerated characters. Nah. Is it supposed to be satire? If so it didn’t come across well. If it’s not satire, I’m VERY sad if men see black women that way.

    8. I really want to know what’s going on with this case. I will keep following it b/c it’s about to get real deep. You can’t be murking prosecutors…no.

    18. I wasn’t upset but this season has been weak. I was glad to see Andrea go, though.

    20. You can say that Rahm has legitimate reasons if they can’t afford to keep under enrolled schools operating. But what about all the things that lead to school closures? Public education is being decentralized (charter schools) all around the country (same thing happening here in Philly) and it seems to be helping a small group of kids at the expense of the majority.

  4. In response to Question #7, Dr. Ben Carson simply reminds us that Black people are not monolithic thinkers and not completely monolithic in their political thought and voting. His voice is a refreshing voice to over a diversity of perspectives on national and international issues. He is obviously not a supporter of President Obama and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Just as liberal/progressive Black people demand to have their voices fairly heard, Black conservatives deserve to have their perspectives fairly heard and fairly critiqued. I, therefore, don’t see him as “blacking out.” I see him as offering alternative views to those most Black progressives/liberals provide. His viewpoints are really resonating with many people across the country, although mainly White Republicans.

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