Why Are You Dwelling On Past Or The Future?…Live For Today!

I actually originally wrote this post two years ago but I received a heart-felt email from someone yesterday who was worried about a family member being effected by the Boston Marathon bombing. She found my post and wrote me how this post was poignant and made her start to put life into a different perspective. So, I am gonna re-release this post and hope it helps you all as well.

People always say we have to understand the past to know where we are going. Then there are people who tell people to plan for the future because without a plan you have no future. Both of those sentiments I agree with. You have to have self-reflection by looking at your past to see the mistakes you made or things that were done to you so you can learn from those experiences. The future as well is something we have to think about, it is idea of the future that can fuel us and keep us living. There is nothing wrong with thinking about those things but many times we sit in constant perpetual state of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future that we NEVER live in the present!

Man Standing by Bamboo WallThere are many times in our lives where we think about what we shoulda, coulda, and woulda done. We ask ourselves why did we not take that job, go for that master’s degree, start that business, mess up that relationship, or even make that right turn last Friday night that got us in that car accident. We are human beings and we are conditioned to take past personally because it becomes a part of our essence. But, how long will we let that energy dwell within us? Of course our past shapes who we are today but how long will you let your past affect your present. The test of any man/woman is the ability to look for knowledge from the past but reduce its effect on our present state as much as possible. We live in today not the past. We can wish we still lived in the past but thinking about the past we will do nothing but let the present pass us by. We have to use the past not as way of having our own pity party but using that past to know how to live in the PRESENT better.  We have to understand we can only wish so long that we made different decisions, had different experience, but what are you going to do TODAY to make your experiences and life better

Sometimes we all get caught up looking to the future. We either look to the future thinking of the change to come or worrying about the future ahead of us. We can’t start thinking about the great things in the future if we aren’t working towards it. We also can’t predict or know the future because the future is not yet created so why do we consume ourselves with worrying about it?

Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.- Wayne Dyer

For instance I was speaking at a Junior College the other day to some brothas on self-empowerment and confidence. One of the young brothas says he fears the future because he doesn’t want to have a whole bunch of kids and not be able to take care of them. The concept of what he is saying is deep because many men do have an internal fear of not being able to protect his family. I asked him why are you worrying about something that has not even happened? Are you working on your present self to prevent that situation from happening in your life? Many times we worry about things that haven’t even happen yet so much that we don’t live enough today to see the possibilities to change that future.

Then there is the converse where a person lives so much for the future that they aren’t working on themselves now to make that future happen. Many times we will put off things going on today thinking that it will change in the future. It’s like we believe that something will magically happen to change our future. The thing is that if we aren’t doing anything now to make that future better we can wish for the next 20 years for things to improve but all that time will be just be that TIME that has passed us by. This in essence will become a revolving door of constantly staring at your past or looking to the future wishing it was your present.

Flattered Woman SmilingI am a believer in the “Power of Doing and Not Trying” because when we do instead of try even if we fail we have no reason to dwell on the past or look forward to tomorrow because we are doing what we can now to enjoy life and make our lives better. Why do we have to wait till the future to be happy when we can make that happen now?

In a earlier post “Don’t Worry it Wasn’t Your Time” I wrote about not worry about what others are doing because your time will come as long as you are working on your journey or purpose. What we do TODAY makes our past look different as well as our future brighter. Your past and the things you go through becomes a part of your story and journey. We can only worry about the past and future so much. Within this worry we can miss opportunities in our careers, relationships, and spiritual development. We are all effected by the confines of time because that is the only thing we can’t create or get back but how long will we let the past and future affect our day-to-day lives. Will we let our inability to get over the past destroy the present relationships we have now? Will we allow our dwelling on the past effect us from seeing the opportunities sitting on front of us? We only live one time! Are we going to live TODAY to the best we can or will we become a slave to our past and baited to our future that we don’t take in the time in present to see all the happiness and opportunities sitting right in front of us?

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10 responses to “Why Are You Dwelling On Past Or The Future?…Live For Today!

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  2. The quote of Wayne Dyer’s reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw recently… it said “Enjoy Life! This is not a rehearsal.”

    Sometimes our mind wanders and we do think about the past or the future. The objective when we do that is to always remember pleasant things or envision things the way we want them to be. But, it is better to stay in the present moment.

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