TV Maybe Better Online…Check Out These 5 Great Webseries

It is no secret that I am an advocate of the web series because it gives an avenue to display vast different perspectives of the life experience. Particularly black television content has slipped the last 10 years but that is only on terrestrial television. There is more to black television that Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and Housewives of Atlanta you just have to not look for good content in general places. The web series is an avenue that is where we can see quality stories and support them on a personalized and grass root level. If you missed some of my previous posts highlighting web series check out “Tired of What’s on TV: Peep These 5 Web Series” and “Not Feeling What’s on TV: Check Out These 5 Webisodes”. Many of the web series featured on those posts have gotten movie and television deals.  So don’t sleep on the idea of the web series of just being an internet thing. It is the next wave of the future and will be the place where many sitcoms and dramas will get their start.

Lenox Avenue Web series

Lenox Ave.

Lenox Avenue is a famous street in Harlem NYC that many times has been synonymous with the black urban journey from the black renaissance to heroin epidemic. While Harlem doesn’t have as much “hell up” in it as it did in the past. The transformation of the burrow into more of a place where upwardly mobile people have decided to reside is the backdrop for this web series. This web series is what can be described as an urban male version of Sex in the City. The series written and produced by Al Thompson follows three men in different points of their lives trying to balance love and being a professional in NYC. All three characters have their different struggles with relationships: the engaged one, one who wants love and another who is running away from love.

almost home web series

Almost Home

Remember Zaria from Robert Townsend’s The Parenthood? Yea, Reagan Gomez-Preston. Well, she has jumped to the web series scene with a very interesting show. The show she produces revolves around her character a makeup artist who moves with her singing brother to L.A. after their mother dies. They both go through different trials and tribulations of trying to make their dreams come true. It is a pretty new web series but I think is a drama that can pick up. Who cannot relate to being close to your dreams?

RoomieLoverFriends Web Series


This web series has a very interesting premise that reminds me a lot of the Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd dramedy Moonlighting. This series is actually produced by Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl and the producers of the popular web series The Couple. The show revolves around a woman Tamiko who is renting out part of her duplex to a man that she ends up having a sexual relationship with. Think of R. Kelly’s Homie Lover Friend track. The problem is that she doesn’t want her friends, him, and even herself to know how much the relationship is developing into more than just being roommates with privileges.

The Therapist Web series

The Therapist

This web series was actually forwarded to me by a friend of mine and like the many emails I get to check out this show, this book, this music I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. But, it actually was a pretty damn good show. The series is written and directed by Geno Brooks. It is centered on three couples going through various problems in their relationships and the therapist is helping them solve their problems. And that’s just the general thing about the show that I can talk about because the drama becomes REAL as all the characters begin to intertwine into each other lives with complicated resolutions. After a small hiatus they are getting ready to drop season 2 of this dramatic series.

how-men-become-dogs web series

How Men Become Dogs

Now this web series has caused a lot of controversy among the blogosphere. This comedic show is also spearheaded by Issa Rae (You can see Issa Rae is making serious moves right now). The show dives into the lives of three men who have been dumped for various reasons: from being too nice, too cheap, and superficial. The three men are tired of being played by women so they decide to go to a specialist to teach them how to be “dogs”. The show has just kicked off with a few episodes but has women and men debating its merits and needs. The show is pretty damn funny and even though it has a slap stick nature to it does bring up some issues within in some black men’s and women’s relationships.

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7 responses to “TV Maybe Better Online…Check Out These 5 Great Webseries

  1. I really like these shows and the others you put. The Therapist is like whoa!!! Drama isnt the word for it

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  3. Nice… will check em out. You forgot the ‘Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl’ and ‘The Unwritten Rules’ though ;) Love web series!

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