Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Just Might Get It

I guess God was like, aight fine
Careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it in heaps
Try to give it back he be like – nah that’s yours to keep
-Mos Def

We all wish and want some things in life so bad that we will do anything to get it. Be it money, power, or a woman/man.  How do we know what we want is what we really need? What happens when we get to what we want? Will it be everything we believed it will be? Do we get so caught up in what we want that we never get to enjoy the journey to get there?  Can we even handle what we think we want? We battle between the idea of what we want and what we need but many of us put more effort into what we want into of truly realizing what we need. Many times after we get what we want we realize that it wasn’t what we thought it would be or not what we need.  You have to be careful what you wish for. What you think you want may be more than you can handle. So be careful for what you wish for because you may get it in heaps.

The Great GatsbyThis past weekend The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio premiered to lackluster reviews (I suggest many of you to check out Christopher Scott Cherot’s version called G). The film may not have been good but the premise behind F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book is something that I think many people don’t take the lesson from. The idea that the main character Gatsby did everything in his life (money and success) for a woman he cajoled after for years and after getting with her he realized that she may not have been worth everything she was cracked up to be. He realized that one of the biggest ookie dokies of life is working toward superficial purposes in life. Gatsby found out that having the all of this money, things, people around him to get the women he desired really didn’t mean anything because his purpose in it was vanity. He got everything he wanted and wished for but it ended up not worth anything substantive for life.

Many times we wish to have that car, that job, that home, that woman or man, marriage, or that power but we really have no purpose behind driving us to go after it. There is nothing wrong with going after the things you want in life but if there is no real purpose behind that drive to get anything than those things you get and accomplish won’t mean a thing.

You chase the money and paper but what happens if you have no plan or purpose with accessing the money besides just having the money.  The person who wishes to win the lottery and actually does, may have no understanding of how to handle large sums of money and may find that they are fast less happy with the money than without the money.   You fear not having and going without but what do you really need? What happens when you get that money? What does it do for you then? Like Biggie said “Mo Money Mo Problems

black-woman-smiling-money1You pander after what a certain type of woman or man on an aesthetic level is but never really consider the spiritually intertwining of a relationship. Your loyalty and love comes from superficial things from the way they look, money, and “swag”.  We chase after someone we feel will be this “fit” for us but what happens when the chase is over? If there is no purpose or substance to your desire for the person what will happen after you get them will it be everything you want? Will those superficial things be able to keep you loyal or in love with them? What about after you get that person do they have a good moral compass or have you sold out for those things you wished to have so bad? Are you loyal to your social template or loyal to who the person is? How much of yourself do you give up to have that person to fit your superficial template?

You want that control and power over everything in your life (we all do) but what way are you wishing to have that power and what are willing to do? How much are you willing to sell your soul for that power and success? What happens f you sacrifice so much of yourself that you don’t even know who you are anymore because you never had a goal besides getting to the top? Are you even able to fulfill the responsibility and burden of being at the top and having all of that power?

If you reach your goal (wish) without any purpose behind it your life becomes meaningless and empty. We may be “lacking” of preparation to obtain our wish. Are you are loyal to your fears but not loyal to who you really are?  Are we so scared to find out what the difference between the things we want and need out of life that we just end up in a position of continually wishing? Be very careful for these things you wish for because they may not turn out how you think.

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7 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Just Might Get It

  1. Why can’t you wish for what you want? Thats the only way you can make it happen if you go for what you know.

  2. Some people will never understand idea of wishes vs wants. People have to come to realization of the difference between most and make their needs their wants at some point

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