10 Songs You May Not Have to Set The Mood

The other day I was thinking about it but the art of slow jam and setting the mood for a romantic evening may be really getting lost. There is a clear difference between just putting on slow music and actually setting the mood. It seems like some artists have resorted to producing “Baby Making Music” instead of setting the mood. Last time I gave you 5 Isley Brothers songs that will help you step your game up.  This time I decide to help some of you all and give you 10 songs that you probably don’t have on your “getting the mood” right playlist.

Frankie-If I Had You

This song and album was one that fell under the radar when it dropped in the late 90s.  This song gives you a throwback feel of being in love but a 70s soundtrack. This romantic and mood setting song about a man describing to a woman how much he want to love and do for her if she would be his. Many times men can’t explain themselves with words but Frankie is able to paint a vivid portrait.

Zapp and Roger- Slow and Easy

Zapp and Roger have given some great slow jams over the years but this song has been  overshadowed by the popularity of their hits “Computer Love” and “I Want to Be Your Man”. In a time where people want to make everything fast paced and quick Zapp and Roger lets you know that loving making isn’t something that should be fast and hard but slow and easy.

Herb Alpert feat. Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith- Making Love in the Rain

During the mid 80s trumpeter Herb Alpert was rebranding his music for a new age group of people with assistance from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  Rain has always been seen as an aphrodisiac and something that gets people in the mood. This jazz infused R&B track with Janet Jackson lending background vocals doesn’t disappoint being able to take the mood to the next level be it raining or not.

Janet Jackson- 70s Love Groove

Janet Jackson is probably the queen of love-making music. “From Anytime and Anyplace” to “Anything” she has always been able to make a song to put on a loving making soundtrack. But, out of all of her great mood making music “70’s Love Groove” song is one her best. This song’s simple lyrics but in great Janet Jackson fashion her crooning/moaning over the track about throwback slow music sets the mood like none other.

Keith Sweat feat. Kut Klose- Get Up On It

Keith Sweat was known throughout the New Jack Swing era for whining for a woman on his songs but aside of the whining Keith always gave classic ballads. This duet that introduced girl trio Kut Klose was nothing but a classic that many people forget in the shuffle. The song displays how sometimes there doesn’t need to be a lot of talking and afraid of love but just taking a chance and going after it.


Bobby Brown-Rock Wit’cha (Quiet Storm Remix)

People see Bobby Brown getting in trouble and sometimes making a fool of himself that people don’t know or forget how much of a beast Bobby brown was in R&B. He brought us one of the best R&B albums of all time in My Prerogative but a track on their people really loved was “Rock Wit’cha” but many people have never seen how smooth the Quiet Storm remix of this track is. From the broken down intro to the slick delivery from Brown this song does nothing but show more about Rock’in with someone but also loving someone.

Xscape-The Softest Place on Earth

So much time has passed that when people think of Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris (T.I.’s wife) they forget that they were in the very successful Jermaine Dupri produced group Xscape. This song on their last project was something that most women can use a pitch to a man not only how much she loves him but how soft the love-making could be with her. The song also shows the power of a woman’s sexuality which isn’t show much with class today.

Freddie Jackson- Love Me Down

Freddie Jackson has a tremendous amount of hits but one of his joints I feel is the essence of love-making is this song. People really don’t talk/sing much about giving total love not just physically but mentally because that is the level of what real love-making will become and Freddie doesn’t make you have any confusing on this track.

R. Kelly feat. Aaliyah- Your Body’s Calling (Remix)

R. Kelly is the undisputed King of “baby making music” but he just doesn’t have songs about just getting down and dirty but songs take sensuality to the next level. The 12 Play album is arguably another one of the best contemporary R&B albums of all time and took the genre of “baby making music” to the next level. The original version of this song was great itself but the hidden gem of this album was the remix version featuring Aaliyah. This song show’s something about the balance between pure aggression and sexuality in love-making.

Chante Moore and Keith Washington- Candle Light and You

Chante Moore and Keith Washington had a string of great duets in the mid 90s but none more special than this song. The ups and downs of life sometimes can only be cured by being with that one person you love or care about. It’s sometimes just as simple as you too together enjoying the candlelight with each other.

These are just a few songs you need to get in rotation on your playlists to set the mood right but just understand that the art of love-making is something that combines the physical, mental, and spirituality of both people being intertwined.

What songs do you think are some unknown or forgotten songs that set the mood?

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9 responses to “10 Songs You May Not Have to Set The Mood

  1. Love all the songs you listed and couldn’t agree more.

    One of my favorite slow cuts(if not thee most favorite one is) Mary J. Blige and K-CI ‘I Don’t Want To Do Anything Else.’ Before I even knew they dated I could feel love between both of them just in the emotions in their voices.

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  4. Chante Moore definitely have some slow songs that set the mood quite nicely. I had no idea of her most latest efforts until my woman put me up on a burned CD. Of course R. Kelly and Keith Sweat are known for candlelight music.

  5. This here topic? Yessir! I fashion myself to be a USJGTD (Ultimate Slow Jams Get The Draws) mixtape afficionado. All these are good choices to add to the mix.

    But, we can’t forget about Atlantic Starr and “Let’s Get Closer”, or Scott Jarrett and “The Image of You?”

    Y’all about to start something, and have my uploading my mixes to Dropbox.

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