Push and Kick: The Transporter

As I have talked about before I am going to use my voice to highlight some great independent projects in film, television, music, etc. I will not just be highlighting African-American produced films but I do want to support quality projects in general. If you are interested in having your project highlighted in this new segment shoot me an email to fromashy2classy@gmail.com.

In this edition of Push and Kick I am wanting you to check and support Damon Colquhoun’s science-fiction film “Transporter”. This short science-fiction film project is staring Taimak (yeah Bruce Leroy from Last Dragon), Petronia Paley, Phil Oliver, Nelcie Souffant, Quadiri Bolare, and Arik Hartman. I was interested in this project because we don’t get a chance to see many black Sci-Fi films with a black cast. Definitely liked the diverse nature of this project.

They are looking for a small amount of support to finish the project. Check out the in-depth information on the project:

Taimak, along with veteran stage and soap actress, Petronia Paley (2 Days in New York), are starring in an all black sci-fi psychological thriller, Transporter. Transporter is about a gifted 19-year-old at a crossroads in his troubled life. He’s long dreamed of escaping his dysfunctional family and their monstrous family business. However, his manipulative mother is convinced that he’s the key to the success she craves. In order to gain his freedom, and earn redemption, he must outwit his mother, survive his envious and violent brother, and save his best friend. The film explores themes of escapism, ambition, envy, and culpability. It’s set in the world of human trafficking – and beyond. This black sci-fi film is as intriguing as Donnie Darko, but as gritty as Se7en.

The Transporter short film

This project was born out of Ron Howard‘s and Canon’s Project Imaginat10n. I’m one of the project’s winning photographers. While my image was technically a contest winner, it ultimately wasn’t chosen by any of the five celebrity directors to inspire their short films. I certainly wasn’t happy about that. But then came a fortunate twist of fate. Canon added a film contest to Project Imaginat10n where five non-celebrity directors will have their films exhibited alongside the films of the five celebrity directors. These films will be released under the banner of Ron Howard Presents… And it just so happens that I’m a filmmaker itching to make another film!

So I dug through the winning images, letting them inspire a unique narrative, then tapped into my own life experiences, and crafted a story that’s full of both darkness and magic, and most importantly, hope!

The Transporter short film2

Whether or not I win the Project Imaginat10n film contest, we plan on pushing this film to a wide range of short film outlets: festivals, TV networks, online, etc.

Thus, the journey continues.

The production will take place over the course of four days in early June 2013. We’ll be shooting on location in NYC, then going immediately into post production

Make sure you support and check out the Transporter Kickstarter CLICK HERE. Also take a look at the trailer below.

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