So, You Just Gonna Wake Up in a New Buggatti?

There is something about the things we believe in and give energy to. If you want something to happen you need to speak those things into existence. The energy we care around us is very important and intricate to so many parts of our life. The energy we give off and have around us is also the energy many times that we receive in our life. There is a popular song now from the artist Ace Hood featuring Future and Rick Ross called “Woke Up In a New Bugatti“. The song is you’re the traditional “swagged out” and trite genre of hip hop where everyone brags about how much they have and what they are doing. The interesting thing about the song is many people want to and can even see themselves in a Bugatti or having the things they want from life but they don’t bring the true sense of energy to their lives to make those things come to fruition.

black-couple-moneyThe myth of rags to riches is something that has been a pervasive part of the world philosophy.  People talk and talk about what they want to do but they never ever move their energy and plan to make those things come to fruition.  Some of us have to channel our energy to a direction of what we really want. It’s just not wanting a new Bugatti its working towards the new Bugatti and having that positive energy in a direction to achieve that goal.  We can want a healthy relationship, successful career, money, intelligent children, educating people, feeding the hungry, writing that book or movie, or starting your own business. Whatever you want from this life we live doesn’t just happen from waking up and bumping into the perfect situation. The perfect situation if there can be one comes from righteous positive energy combined with mental and emotional preparation.

This positive energy isn’t just come from what we exude but the energy of the people, places, and things we keep around us all. If the people and situations are sucking the life out of you it is in your right to alleviate them from our lives. In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith portrays the character Chris Gardener who made it in the financial world against all odds. In the film he goes through trials and tribulations to get out of the rat race and make a better life for him and his son. During the movie Chris Gardener says “You are who you associate with. Look around at your 5 closest friends and that’s who you are. If you don’t want to be that person you know what you gotta do.”Gardener’s quote is something that has stood out to me the last few years of my life. I believe that life is all about energy either it be positive or negative. With that being said those who are in your circle are people who you share your energy with. The people around you overtime become who you are as well. Positive energy attracts positive energy and vice versa with negative energy.

We all know that some people come to the table of life with a little more money to the dice game. Some people get things afford to them that they may or may not deserve (there goes that word again I hate). The interesting part about life is that it is not always about where you end up but the distance traveled. Just because someone is playing with “house money” doesn’t mean they have followed that journey of life they may have just traveled the path given instead of the path they wanted.  A goal without a plan is nothing but a sleeping dream.

happy person with sun settingLike I have said before like the great Nas said “Life is Like a Dice Game”.  Most of us are not going to have the luxury or luck to roll a 7 or an 11 on the first rolls in life. Many of us start out the game of life rolling a 5, 9, and maybe even snake eyes. We aren’t all born with a wealth, a great parent base, the most athleticism, supreme intelligence, or effervescent beauty. It’s a reality that we have to really grab hold to and understand. We may start out with the ability to roll 7s or 11s often or even grab our point at an easier pace than others. The difference is our ability to be able to see understand what we can roll and bet on our life according to what we know. Just because you not rolling 7s and 11s frequently don’t mean you can’t win the game. If you pay attention to how the dice are being rolled one can put themselves in a better position to win. One has to figure out a way to generate some passes and points. One can still manifest their own destiny.

This game of life has always been about those who can fall and understand that getting back right up and believing is the most intricate part of it. Waking up in a Bugatti can happen to you if you desire it or anything else but the test of channel your energy with positivity and going hard on what you want will make that Bugatti come into essence.

The song surprisingly as it maybe does have validity to it because we can all wake up to our dreams but those dreams will never come true with positive energy and not trying but doing.  The question then needs to be asked: how many people really do believe they will wake up in a Bugatti?

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10 responses to “So, You Just Gonna Wake Up in a New Buggatti?

  1. We know good and well that most of us aren’t “waking up in a new Bugatti”. That shit is only impressive because our overly materialistic asses value “money over everything”. Money is a tool. Money should be treated as such. With that said, can we find enough value in our lives that allows for us Honda Accord pushers to not feel bad about not swimming in pools of Ciroc surrounded by a woman of multiple racial ethnicity injected with the HIV cure anti-viral?

  2. Good thing Ace Hood and Rozay made songs about the extreme essential portion of life that will make you wake up in your overpriced vehicle… hustle. The sad fact of the matter though is while many people can talk and dream, not many have the hustle in them to make it happen. Great post – especially about the people you associate with. Many entrepreneurs are the loneliest people in the world due to the rarity of good company… speaking from experience on that one.

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  4. It takes a great plan, commitment, and focused efforts to achieve the level of money and success necessary to get the things Rick Ross is discussing. We don’t simply wake up in riches; we have to earn them.

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